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General Company for the manufacture of refractories
Other Headlines

Iraq's Ambassador in Colombo Meets Ministers of Economy and Development of Sri Lanka

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Colombo Mr. Qahtan Taha, met Minister of Economy and Development of Sri Lanka Basil Bajika.

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The Turkish Foreign Ministry Issues a Statement Welcoming the Formation of the New Iraqi Government

Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement on its website numbered 290 in 09/09/2014 welcomed the new government to take over in Iraq

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Iraq's Representative to UN Opens UN Diplomas Course

Representative of the republic of Iraq to the UN, Ambassador Mohammed Ali Al Hakeem, opened, for the second consecutive year, the 69th UN Course for Diplomats u

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Embassy of Iraq in Moscow Celebrates the Seventieth Anniversary of the Establishment of Relations between Iraq and Russia

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Moscow celebrated the seventieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, whi

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Government of Maldives Condemns Terrorist Crimes

The government of the Maldives condemned the crimes committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS under the pretext of Islam to spread horror and breach

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OIC welcomes the formation of New Iraqi government

Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Conference, Ayad Ameen Madani, welcomed the formation of the new Iraqi government

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Iraq's Ambassador in Prague Meets Czech Foreign minister

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq, Hussein Mu'alla, met the Czech Foreign Minister, Petr Drulák.

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The Qatari Government Welcomes the Announcement of the New Iraqi Government

The State of Qatar welcomed the formation of the new government after gaining the confidence of the House of Representatives before.

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