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Chargé d'affaires ad interim to Khartoum meets speaker of Arabic parliament

The Iraqi chargé d'affaires ad interim to Khartoum Mohammed Thamer Hasan met the speaker of the Arabic parliament Dr. Mishal AL-Silmi on the sidelines of the second work session of the second legislative term of the Arabic parliament.

Iraq ambassador to China meets Chinese Prime Minister

The ambassador of the republic or Iraq to China Ahmed Tahseen Bamarni met the Chinese Prime Minister Mr. Le Keqiang at the government headquarter to remark the Chines national day anniversary.

Iraq ambassador to Kuwait meets Kuwaiti minister of interior

The ambassador of the republic of Iraq to Kuwait Mr. ALaa Al-Hashimi met the Kuwaiti minister of interior Khalid AL-Jarah at the ministry's headquarter and discussed bilateral relations and means to develop it and enhance common cooperation and establish the best relations between the fraternal countries.

Iraq ambassador to Turkey meets member of Turkish parliament

The ambassador of the republic of Iraq Mr. Hisham Al-Alawai met a member of the Turkish parliament represents the national movement party at the Turkish parliament headquarter.

Iraqi permanent representative to Geneva heads two meetings of reviewing human rights conditions in Argentina and Gabon

The permanent representative of the republic of Iraq to Geneva ambassador Mouaed Salih headed the second the third meetings of the (28) session of the Universal periodic review mechanism regarding reviewing the comprehensive national report of human rights conditions in Argentina and Gabon.

Spokesperson: FM holds a press conference at the ministry's headquarter.

Foreign Ministry Spokespersons Dr. Ahmed Mahjoob held a press conference at the Ministry's headquarters on November 13, 2017, on the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Qatar and the efforts to grant access to visitors and other matters.

Ambassador Shorash receives Italian ambassador to remark end of diplomatic term

Ambassador Shorash Khalid received the Italian ambassador to Iraq Mr. Marco Macelo to remark the end of his diplomatic career

Iraqi ambassador to Jordan join Sabian Mandaens celebrate Ezdihar day

The Iraqi ambassador to Jordan Safia Al-Suhail joined the Iraqi Sabian community celbtreation of Ezdihar day in the capital of Jordan

A statement on the circumstances of transferring a number of MOFA staff to other ministries and institutions

Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains details of the decision issued by the Higher Committee formed by the Prime Minister

MOFA strongly condemns the run-ins that targeted US and foreign citizens in Manhattan

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the abortive incident that targeted innocent citizens in Manhattan, USA, which caused a number of casualties and injuries.