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Ministry News

Foreign Service Institute Hosts Former Minister of Planning

The foreign service institute hosted on 17 January 2017, the Member of Parliament and the former minister of planning Mr. Mahdi Al-Hafidh, and he delivered a lecture entitled (insight on development and economy and its impact on the political field) in the workshop held by the institute.

Iraqi ministry of foreign affairs organizes blood donation campaign to support the Iraqi forces in its war against Da'esh terroristic gangs.

Iraqi ministry of foreign affairs organized blood donation campaign to support the forces of fighting terrorism, army, police, popular mobilization, Peshmargha and sons of tribes that scarify to liberate Al-Mosul and defeating terrorism.

MOFA Spokesperson: MOFA Pays Tribute to UAE for the Martyrdom of 5 UAE Citizens in Kabul Bombing

MOFA condemns the terrorist attack in Kandahar, and pays tribute to the UAE Government and its people for the martyrdom of 5 UAE citizens, reiterating its rejection for all forms of terror and violence.

Under Secretary Receives Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs

Under Secretary for Bilateral Relations Affairs Mr Nizar Khairallah received the Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kentaro Sonoura, on 10 January 2017, Baghdad.

Under Secretary Receives Russian Ambassador

Under Secretary for Legal Affairs and Multilateral Relations Mr Omar Barazanchi received on 10 January, 2017 the Russian Ambassador to Iraq Mr Maxim Maximov, with the presence of Head of Europe Department, Ambassador Shorsh Khalid, at the ministry Headquarter.

MOFA Spokesperson: MOFA Strongly Condemns the Coward Attack in Arish

Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the coward, terrorist attack in Arish, northern Sinai.

MOFA Spokesperson: MOFA Welcomes Ceasefire in Syria, Considering it Significant Step

Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes with satisfaction the ceasefire agreement in Syria. It supports and encourages all efforts and negotiations that resulted in the conclusion of this agreement.

Iraq- Kuwait Supreme Ministerial Joint Committee Holds its 6th meetings

"Iraq highly appreciates the support provided by Kuwait in the Iraqi war on terrorism, and ,"Under Secretary Mr Omar Barazanchi said, asserting that the Iraq-Kuwait relations are witnessing positive developments

Spokesperson: MOFA Accords no Importance for al-Jubeir Statements

This Approach has left Saudi Arabia with absence of positive and constructive means of communications with the peoples of the region, which adds another odd to the continuity of tension and crises, especially in Yemen and Syria; an approach with no tolerance in Iraq.

Under Secretary Receives Head of ICRC Delegation in Iraq

Under Secretary for Legal Affairs and Multilateral Relations Mr Omar Barazanchi received the Head of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delegation in Iraq, Katrina Ritz, on 25 December 2016, at the ministry Headquarter.

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