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Spokesperson: Iraqi foreign ministry condemns the terroristic attack on the Pakistani city Lahor

Spokesperson:stressing on the importance of uprooting the ideology of these extremist groups and make more international efforts to cooperate to defeat its supporting and funding sources

Iraqi ambassador to Paris meets officials in the French ministry of education and higher study

Iraqi ambassador to France Dr. Ismael Shafeeq Mohsen met the diplomatic consular in the French ministry of education and higher study Mr. Nicola Markis and the responsible of middle east and the golf cooperation council Mr. Arek kaghnih and the responsible of the international cooperation program Mr. Catrin Shabil in the ministry's headquarter in Paris.

The ambassador Shorash Khalid receives the Norway ambassador to Iraq

The ambassador Shorash Khalid Saeed received on 14 February 2017 the Norway non- resident ambassador to Iraq Mrs. Sisil Prejet Berya in the ministry's headquarter in Baghdad.

Iraqi ambassador to Algeria meets the Algerian minister of Education

Iraqi ambassador to Algeria Dr. Abdulrahman Hamid Al-Hussieni met the Algerian minister of Education Mrs. Noriya Bin Ghibret.

Iraqi ambassador to Seoul meets an official in the south Korean ministry of Justice.

Iraqi ambassador to south Korea Dr. Wade'a Batty Hanna met the general director of immigration directorate in the Korean ministry of Justice Mr. Jan Si Kon at his office in Seoul.

Iraqi ambassador to Oslo presents his credentials to the Norwegian king

Iraqi ambassador to Norway Mr. Shakir Qasim Shakir presented his credentials as an extraordinary plenipotentiary ambassador to the Norwegian king Harold the fifth, in the Royal palace in Oslo.

Iraqi ambassador to Moscow meets an official in the Russian ministry of economic development.

Iraqi ambassador to Russia Mr. Haider Mansor Al-Ithari met the undersecretary of the head of the Asia and Africa and Latin America Dep., the head of the mutual Iraqi- Russian committee Mrs. Naylya Jernykova in the ministry's headquarter in Moscow.

Iraqi permanent representative to United nations receives a number of Iraqi subjects.

Iraqi permanent representative to UN the ambassador Mohammed Ali al-Hakim received a group of Iraqi subjects reside in the United Nations, during a celebration to rehabilitate the representation headquarter.

Iraqi ambassador to kualalumpur meets the Malaysian minister of defense

Iraqi ambassador to Malaysia Dr. Basim Hattab Al-Tu'ama met on 6 February 2017 the Malaysian defense minister Mr. Husham Al-Deen Hussein in the ministry in kualalumpur

Iraqi ambassador to Amman meets the head of the head of the mutual Jordanian General Staff

Iraqi ambassador to the Hashemite Jordanian kingdom Mrs. Safia Talib Al-Suhail met the head of the mutual General Staff for the security forces the general Mahmood AbdulHalim frihat in his office in the Jordanian general headquarter of the security forces in Amman,.