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Statement by the Prime Minister on the Events of Mosul


        Prime Minister, Nouri Al Maliki, announced on June 10, 2014 the state of maximum alert all over Iraq, demanding the parliament to declare the state of emergency to face up to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (DAASH).

The prime minister said at a press conference in Baghdad after a cabinet meeting that "the government decided to declare the state of maximum alert in Iraq," urging the parliament to "hold an urgent session to declare the state of emergency in the country in order to face up to DAASH". He stressed the need for the support from the United Nations, the European Union, and the Arab League and the importance of neighboring countries' control on the borders.

        The prime minister called on all ministries to "take care of the displaced families", praising the citizens and tribal people who volunteered to defend Iraq and take up arms to defeat terrorism, stressing on the concerned authorities to support this gesture of the tribal people and take the necessary actions to put it into power by mobilization of all political, financial and popular capabilities to defeat terrorism and bring life back to normal, reiterating that he will not let Mosul and Nineveh under the terrorists.

        He also added that "the Council of Ministers adopted resolutions to facilitate the work of the security services and re-structure and reorganizing them and redraw the plans necessary to cleanse Nineveh from the evil and the abomination of the terrorists," noting that "the Council has provided all the powers and financial needs required, and all the gathering processes and formed a special crisis cell, to follow-up localization, mobilization and armament operations and take the necessary procedures."

        "The Council of Ministers instructed all the ministries and government institutions to carry out their duties to auspice the displaced families and the mobilization of its capabilities in this field to alleviate the suffering of the citizens who have been forced by Daash terrorists to leave their homes," he said, adding that this suffering will not be lengthened.

        The Prime Minister explained that "there will be serious work by the security services and military leaders to assess the previous stage," stressing the need to "take advantage of the experience in starting again and mobilize all national capacities to end Daash in Nineveh and other provinces," insisted on punishing those who have defaulted or weakened in the performance of their duties, calling on neighboring countries to cooperate with Iraq to control its borders and prevent the infiltration of terrorist groups and cut off arms from their supply lines.

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