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وزير الخارجية يتسلم نسخة من اوراق اعتماد السفير الفلندي

وزير الدولة البريطاني يجري اتصالا مع وزير الخارجية

وكيل الوزارة يفتتح اجتماعات اللجنة الاقتصادية العراقية-اليابانية

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Spain Renews Support to Iraq's Government

Spain renewed its support to the Iraqi government in its efforts to achieve comprehensive democracy participated by all members of the Iraqi people.

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Iraq Embassy in Cairo Organizes a Seminar on Terrorism

Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Cairo organized a seminar discussion on political and security dimensions and religious thought and practices of so-called Da

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Canada Condemns the Terrorist Acts of the Terrorist Groups

Canadian Foreign Minister Mr.John Baird, condemned the terrorist attacks carried out by criminal organization Daash in a number of cities in Iraq.

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Iraq's Ambassador in Astana Presents Credentials to the Parliament's Speaker

Ambassador Rajih al Moussawi presented his credentials on 14 October,2014 to Ms. Akja Nuberdiyeva , Speaker of the Turkmen Parliament, as a non-resident Ambas

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Iraq's Ambassador in Belgrade Inaugurates the Iraqi Cultural Week

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Belgrade, Mr. Falah Abdul Hassan Abdul Sada inaugurated the 5th.Iraqi Cultural Week under the title of (With Culture We

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Iraq's Ambassador in Copenhagen Meets Number of Danish Ambassadors

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Denmark Mr. Albert Issa Nadhar met a group of Danish Ambassadors to brief them with the situation in the Iraq.

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The International Socialist Organization Calls for Defending Human Rights

In a Statement by its head, George Papandreou , the International Socialist Organization called the whole humanity to take effective position to defend human r

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Iraqi Ambassador in Berlin Meets German MP

Iraq's Ambassador in Berlin, Hussein Mahmoud, met member of the German Parliament of the SPD party member of Foreign Relations Committee, Niels Ann.

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