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Foreign Minister Concludes his Visit to Washington and Meets the Iraqi Community

Foreign Minister:" I realize that being in diaspora makes your voice earn an exceptional value to raise Iraq, through becoming a real ambassadors for Iraq because real Ambassadors are those who defend Iraq and care about Iraq's security."

Foreign Minister Meets his Hungarian Counterpart

Foreign Minister asserts the need to sign the consular Memorandums of Understanding between the two countries, which includes lifting the entry visa for the holders of the diplomatic and service passports.

Foreign Minister Recieves his German and Australian Counterpart

Foreign Minister emphasises the need to exert further efforts and cooperation in the fields of drying up the sources of terrorism, preventing its spread, criminalizing the terrorist ideology and its media outlets, and protecting the interests of people.

Foreign Minister Directs the Iraqi Embassy in Washington to Pay Students' Dues

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Ibrahim Al-Jaafari directed the Iraqi embassy in Washington to pay the dues of scholarship students' until solving this problem via the Higher Commission for the Development of Education in Iraq.

Foreign Minister Meets his Slovenian Counterpart in Washington

HE Dr Al-Jaafari: :" Iraq adopts the policy of openness that is based on the principle of mutual interests and facing joint risks, with all states."