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Foreign Minister Meets the the Japanese state Minister for Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister emphasises the need to have a bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the international forums and to sign Memorandums of Understanding concerning the exemption of the diplomatic and service passports holders from entry visa.

Foreign Minister Heads the Iraqi Delegation in the Meetings of the Pledging Conference in Support of Iraq, and Delivers a Speech

"What our forces is achieving in the fight against terrorism, also the liberation of Qayyarah, and before it the city of Fallujah, is a significant achievement. Now, Da'esh has become unable to fight our heroes; Da'esh is moribund."

United States Institute of Peace Hosts Minister of Foreign Affairs

HE Dr Al-Jaafari:" Saudi Arabia is a neighbouring country. We have exerted efforts in order to promote the Iraq-Saudi relations. There has been a diplomatic exchange. However, there were surprising and disappointing statements and behaviors."

Foreign Minister Meets the Iraqi Community in Detroit

Foreign Minister:" We have informed all states that Iraq is in no need of your soldiers to fight on its territories. Iraqis are making sacrifices in defence of their country and on behalf of your countries. Iraq is only in need of your humanitarian, service and military support so as to eradicate the terrorists of Da'esh."

Foreign Minister Opens the Iraq Consulate General in Detroit and Addresses the Opening Ceremony

Foreign Minister:" In the military operation, the fighters are Iraqis only. It's our people who are making those victories in the fight against Da'esh,"