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Foreign Minister Receives the quadratur of the Jordanian Consul General

HE Al-Jaafari highlighted the importance of cooperation and coordination concerning the extradition of wanted persons, who are living in Jordan, to the Iraqi judiciary, especially that those have a significant role in supporting terrorism and money-laundering cases.

Foreign Minister Receives UN Representative of Secretary-General

Dr Al-Jaafari urges the United Nations and the International Organisations to:" reflect the reality of the ongoing events in Iraq, to recognize the world of the heroic deeds of our forces, which are fighting against Da'esh, and not to allow the distortion of Iraqis' image."

Foreign minister Receives Turkish Ambassador to Iraq

Foreign minister underlines the need to drive the Turkish forces out of the Iraqi territories, emphasising:" This violation is unjustified, and represents a breach for Iraq's sovereignty, and the principles of good-neighbourliness."

Foreign Minister Received US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

The minister emphasised the importance of standing by Iraq especially that Iraq is defending itself and fighting on behalf of the whole world, and is facing terrorists who have come from more than 100 states.

Foreign Minister Receives the Swiss Minster of State for Foreign Affairsi

Dr Al-Jaafari called on Switzerland to transfer the frozen Iraqi funds in Swiss banks to the Development Fund for Iraq, and called for continued support and assistance in various fields.