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MOFA thanks the countries, organizations and all who Console the Iraqis for the earthquake

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry expresses its deep thanks and gratitude for the sincere and noble feelings expressed by the brothers and friends

Spokesperson: FM holds a press conference at the ministry's headquarter.

Foreign Ministry Spokespersons Dr. Ahmed Mahjoob held a press conference at the Ministry's headquarters on November 13, 2017, on the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Qatar and the efforts to grant access to visitors and other matters.

A statement on the circumstances of transferring a number of MOFA staff to other ministries and institutions

Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains details of the decision issued by the Higher Committee formed by the Prime Minister

MOFA strongly condemns the run-ins that targeted US and foreign citizens in Manhattan

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the abortive incident that targeted innocent citizens in Manhattan, USA, which caused a number of casualties and injuries.

MOFA deplores the announcement of the region of Catalonia secession from Spain and emphasizes support for the unity of the country

Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs regrets that the authorities of the province of Catalonia declared unilateral separation, which contradicts the principles of the Spanish Constitution of 1978