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MOFA Spokesperson: MOFA Condemns the Terrorist Attack in Pakistan's Lahore

Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns and denounces the terrorist attack committed by takfirist groups against Christians, celebrating Easter in Pakistan's Lahore

MoFA Spokesperson: Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Strongly Condemns the Terrorist Bombings in Brussels

Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the terrorist bombings in the Belgium capital Brussels, which targeted civilians at Zaventem airport and a metro station.

Foreign Ministry Calls Upon the International Community to Pay Serious Attention to the Current offense in Taza Khurmatu

Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls upon the concerned international organisations and the international community to pay serious attention to the grave developments of using chemical weapons, mustard gas, by Da'esh in Taza Khurmatu town, which represents a crime against humanity that targeted defenceless civilians.

MOFA Spokesperson: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Condemns the Terrorist Attack that Targeted Ankara

"Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its profound condemnation of the terrorist attack that targeted civilians in the Turkish capital, Ankara. While the ministry extends its deepest sympathy and condolences to the Turkish people and government; it reiterate standing by Turkey against these occasional barbaric attacks.

MoFA Spokesperson: Condemns the Criminal Attacks in the Tunisian City of Ben Gardane

"Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the criminal attacks that targeted the Tunisian police and military checkpoints in the Tunisian city of Ben Gardane. The ministry reiterates its solidarity with the fraternal government of Tunisia and its people in countering terrorism, extends its deepest condolences to the families of victims, and wishes quick recovery to the injured.