Missions News

Iraq's Ambassador to Canada Delivers Statement to the Iraqi-Canadian Economic Forum

Iraq's Ambassador to Canada, Abdul Kareem Tu'ma Mahdi, delivered a statement to the Iraqi-Canadian Economic Forum held in the Capital, Ottawa.

Iraq's Ambassador to Spain Meets Mayor of Madrid

Iraq's Ambassador to Spain, Alaa Al Hashimi, met Mayor of Madrid, Ms. Manuela Carmena, at her office in the capital, Madrid.

Iraq's Ambassador in Sofia Meets Bulgarian Minister of Culture

Iraq's Ambassador to Bulgaria, Dr. Qahtan Taha Al Janabi, met the Bulgarian Minister of Culture, Wajdi Rashidov, in the capital Sofia.

Iraq's Ambassador in Kiev Participates in Planting Tree of Peace in Ukraine

Iraq's Ambassador to Ukraine, Shoresh Khalid Saeed, participated, along with a group of Foreign Ambassadors accredited in Kiev, in the planting tree of peace campaign

Iraq's Ambassador in Canberra Meets Australian Foreign Undersecretary

Iraq's Ambassador in Canberra, Dr. Hussein Mahdi Al Amiri, met Australian Foreign Undersecretary, Rick Wells, in the Capital, Canberra.