Official Spokesman

MOFA Spokesperson: UNHRC Elects Iraq as Vice-President of the Council

Iraq was elected vice-President of the UN Human Rights Council in the first meeting of the Council

MOFA Spokesperson: Iraq has Reservations over Africa-Arab Summit Resolution of Condemning (JASTA)

MOFA Spokesperson: "Iraq has reservations over the Africa-Arab Summit's resolution of condemning (JASTA), for its firm position in holding sponsors of terror accountable and bringing them into justice."

MOFA Spokesperson: MOFA Initiates Judicial Proceedings against Asharq al-Awsat Newspaper

MOFA Spokesperson: Ministry of Foreign Affairs has initiated judicial proceedings in the British courts against Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, which has purposefully defamed the commemoration of al-Arba'een of Imam Hussein.

MOFA Spokesperson: MOFA Expresses Satisfaction and Welcomes the Announcement of Armistice Agreement and Ceasefire in Yemen

Iraqi ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its satisfaction and welcomes the announcement of armistice agreement and ceasefire in Yemen, and considers itas a true step towards creating a peaceful solution for this current crisis.

MOFA Spokesperson: MOFA Opens 16 Consular Offices to Grant Entry Visas for Iranian Pilgrims across Iran

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened 16 consular offices, across Iran, to grant entry visas for Iranian pilgrims wanting to commemorate the fortieth of Imam Hussain.