Official Spokesman

MOFA welcomes the decision of the United Nations General Assembly to reject Al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist entity

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry welcomes the UN General Assembly decision rejecting changes on Al-Quds, a victory for international legitimacy, the Palestinian cause and its supporters from the majority of the world's nations.

MOFA issues a statement on the occasion of declaring the Great Victory

On the occasion of announcing the day of victory, Iraq thanks the role of the International Alliance and brotherly, friendly and neighboring countries in particular, which had a heroic attitude in supporting the Iraqi armed forces of all kinds in its war on Da'esh terroristic gangs

FM heads the Iraqi delegation participating in the extraordinary Islamic Summit held in Istanbul regarding Al-Quds.

Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry: Al-Jaafari heads the Iraqi delegation participating in the extraordinary Islamic summit held in Istanbul on Al-Quds.

FM reserves on the decision of the Arab foreign ministers regarding Al-Quds.

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari expressed his reservations about the Arab decision issued at the meeting of Arab foreign ministers yesterday in Cairo

A statement: MOFA calls the American ambassador to Baghdad.

" Iraqi Foreign Ministry calls the American Ambassador to deliver him a protest note on the decision of the American president regarding Al-Quds".