International Speeches

Foreign minister the vice president of the human rights council of the United Nations delivers Iraq's speech in the opening of the thirty four session of the council in Geneva in Switzerland

foreign minister: "we decided to go away with an affixed steps toward the human rights diplomacy, as our history supports us, and we through it built our political system, as after 2003 we built the best relations with all countries under a democratic political system".

Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Addressing the conference of the Mediterranean dialogues (Rome – Med)

In the Name of God the Most Compassionate.. the Most Merciful.

Iraq Signs a Joint Convention on Having Cooperation and Coordination in Issues of Sexual Violence in Conflicts, with the UN

Foreign Minister calls upon the international community and donors to enhance national expertise, built capabilities, and spread awareness and education in fields of enabling and improving the rights of women, indicating:" what happened in Iraq is a combined expression that represents the various violations of the terrorist gangs of Da'esh. They have abused women so as to uproot the values from the society; as women are the makers of the future."