Foreign Minister Meets Accredited Consulars USA, Russia, Iran, Kuwait and Egypt in Basra

10th August, 2016 4:21 AM | Written by |


Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met the accredited consular of USA, Russia, Iran, Kuwait and Egypt in Basra.

His Excellency asserted:" Iraq is facing the terrorists of Da'esh who have come from more than 100 states.  All states must prove standing by any country that is facing security challenges, thus providing humanitarian support, and assisting those countries because war on terror, today, is a global one and targets all humanity."

"Today, Iraq has made a universal achievement in countering terror. The world must be proud of the victories against the terrorist gangs of Da'esh," the minister added

"Basra is Iraq's economic gate. It is a city of multiple resources; yet, in reality, Basra is still a poor city. Basra made countless sacrifices. Thus, we should turn the page of sufferings, of which the city has suffered," H.E. Dr Al-Jaafari asserted, calling for the necessity to paying attention to Basra and raising it to a higher level that matches its rich resources.

 His Excellency expressed pleasure at the presence of a number of accredited consulates in Basra, which may open new horizons of cooperation with Iraq, referring:" the world today is living in rapprochement and cooperation in spite of geographical distance. All states should collaborate in activating mutual interests and facing joint risks. "

The ministers called upon those consulates to bridge between their states and Iraq, and cooperate with governmental department so as to provide experiences, services and coordination of investment in many fields.  

While, the accredited consular in Basra expressed their support for Iraq in various fields, commending the efforts exerted by Iraqis in the war against terrorism, indicating that they are working for strengthening relations with Iraq and opening horizons of mutual cooperation, as well as encouraging their companies to work in Iraq, particularly, with the provision of great investment opportunities. They asserted their continuing commitment in supporting Iraq, considering it a strategic partner in countering terrorism, congratulating the opening of the Basra consulate office due to its great impact on providing consular services to Iraqis and to accredited consulates in Basra.