Foreign Minister Opens Basra Office for Consulate Services

10th August, 2016 12:04 PM | Written by |


Minister of Foreign Affairs opened an office for the ministry in Basra to provide the consular services, with the presence of a number of accredited consuls in Basra, as well as a number of parliamentarian and province officials.

The minister said during the opening ceremony:" for Basra, it's not enough just to open a consulate in order to facilitate citizens' tasks. We are still looking forward to provide further for this city. Basra has multiple resources such as agriculture, oil, and its strategic position. Basra is the window to the Gulf and is blessed by various boons. On Basra, Tigris and Euphrates meet, that's way it's not enough to just open a consulate in Basra."

"I hope that we can find ways to provide further more for this city. I hope that the new consulate in Basra would have facilitate some difficulties suffered by the city, thus allowing the citizens of Basra to complete their papers in their town instead of coming to Baghdad and traveling long distances. The opening of this consulate defines our love and pride of Basra," his Excellency indicated.