Minister of Foreign Affairs Speech delivered at the United States Institute of Peace

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In the Name of God... The most Compassionate... The most Merciful.
Peace be upon you and God's Mercy and Blessings…

We met here a year ago... in this institute. The session ran by Mr. John Nagrhrobonti at that time, today we do it again. We need from time to time to meet and communicate to exchange the important news about terrorism at any region of the world.
Iraq represents the first front line and it does not defend itself only, but defends the whole world and defends the whole sovereignties of the world countries.
Iraq faces three challenges: security challenge represented by terrorism, economic challenge and the administrative challenge that made a heavy inheritance from the last era.
Despite all challenges. Iraq is determined to continue and to achieve success. Last year we were facing a real bad security situation compared with this year, Dr. Al-Abadi designed his plan whether regarding the security situation or regarding the level of economic reforms level and adopting new administrative steps that takes its way to the state owned establishments, indeed …. The inheritance is heavy but the strong willingness of the patriotic government is great and come up with new results so that the government is formed and it represented the largest number of different Iraqi components, and included in its formation all categories of Iraqi people.
Today the political process is moving forward. Yes, it faces some difficulties but it insists to achieve its main goal, which it is establishment of democratic regime. As being obliged to establish a democratic regime, this imply that it must preserve the rights and will  of all political powers and take its space and freedom of expressing its opinion; so that we are determined to establish this democratic regime and access to freedom and the opportunity to all sons of our people to frankly express of their opinions.
Countering terrorism is on progress and it will not stop, you see from time to time we have a battle and there. But not isolated from the battles that took place in the rest of the world such as in France, Egypt and in other places in the middle East which suffers from countering terrorism.
 Terrorism is one and with days it attempts to extend to new distances; so that we must stand side by side with Iraq, moreover the successes that achieved by Iraq expressed its success of Iraqis and not only for Iraqis, but to the whole world. Despite the Iraqis were the main people who presented at the battle field and the most important thing is blood and Iraqi people are giving and sending his sons to the battle; in order to prevail and they did prevailed; so that all countries of the world has the right to be pleased for the Iraqi whom pleased while they become heroes in the battle field. And they achieved this huge achievement. In the same time there were tragedies are happening in Iraq and the one was the explosions occurred in Al-Karrada. I mourn the whole world and all the countries of the region and the Iraqi people for this tragedy; since this tragedy does not mean the loss of Iraq only. Each one of you has children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. The new war of terrorism  is known  as "war of markets" since the terrorists looking for market to bomb and they choose the important times where the people is buying gifts from the market in the" known Islamic Eid"  occasions to their sons, daughters and to their children where they met the bombs in its ugliest shapes and took lives of 300 person. I assure you that all the good feelings and passion that came from the presidents and ministers of foreign affairs and from many other International Organizations and the political powers reflects the good humanitarian expression just as the same feelings of their joyfulness when they hear about the victories of heroic security forces to defeat daesh, they also expressed their grieve when they knew about this tragedy which killed a large number of Iraqi citizens.
After we prevailed in Fallujah… Mosul will be the next, terrorism is almost to be rooted in the society of Fallujah but the strong will  of Iraqis and people there and the sons of other cities there where  efforts is gathered in order to defeat daesh, and they really did in a short period of time and with efforts less than its expected and with less number of causalities than its expected. All these factors refer to the united will of Iraqi people to liberate these cities from daesh.
Indeed, Mosul needs the momentum of efforts that we needed in Fallujah; since it is a big city and it is the second largest city after the capital "Baghdad", in addition to the period of daesh domination, which lasts for two years, and it is almost three, it needs efforts, plans. The people of Mosul are heroes and they are defending their cities and repeatedly in history were exposed to many occupations and violations but they insisted to liberate their cities long time ago. This happens many times in history.
Mosul now is the last bunker that we are about to defeat daesh at. Once again I say " the winning of Iraqis in defeating daesh is not an Iraqi prevail  only, it is an international prevail ; since daesh is considered a real challenge to different countries of the world, it's natural that the joyfulness prevail all the world when daesh is defeated; because the Iraqis are defending for their own and for other countries as well.
The Iraqi government insists and courageously moving forward to eliminate daesh and chasing them in bunker after another and in region after another, but at the time that I announced in Sep, 2014  that we don’t want anyone from the Global Coalition to fight in our country instead of us, and we don’t want your blood to be shed instead of our sons blood, I said we need three types of assistance: 
First: provide care to the displaced persons and the world did its part, the Iraqis don’t want to immigrate from Iraq or to be displaced from one city to another unless the exceptional circumstances. I extend the gratitude to all the countries who helped Iraq and prevailed its sons and I look forward to the day that they can return to Iraq with their own willingness so that they can contribute in building their country.
Second: the scope of providing the multiple humanitarian services, weapons, military services, aerial cover and so on.
Third: supporting Iraq in its rebuilding to the infrastructure, I gave an example concerning "Marshal Project" towards what happened in Germany after the end of the 2nd W.W. which had been helped by many countries and especially by USA, then started Germany a new page and built itself as a country and joined the membership of the western house. The people were interacted with its government. The Iraqi government suffers from the economic situation; Iraq is rich country but is experiencing an exceptional situation, it is obvious to all of you that Iraq is a multi- resources country since it is the country of oil, agriculture and two rivers. And the country of holy shrines, history and civilization since it’s the first country that civilization is emanated from 6000 years ago but it is now going through exceptional circumstances that the international community shall take its responsibility especially that Iraq is fighting daesh on behalf of the whole world and must stand side by side with Iraq.. I extend my gratitude to all countries that stands with Iraq and provided the different means of assistances such as relief of our citizens in each country and as the financial and humanitarian aids and some military equipments and trainings and advisors provision… I thank them and I appreciate their honored historical stance.
Iraq is looking forward rebuilding the cities devastated by terrorism; since daesh policy is to devastate any city that withdraw from in full manner, moreover, they implanted mines so that when the Iraqi army enters to each house they will be surprised by bombs ; it was not easy, this scenario costs the Iraqi security forces a lot in Fallujah that led to spend additional time to liberate it beside avoiding the humanitarian shields where daesh took some of these hostages. 
To be aware of two facts: countering daesh and protect the civilians of Fallujah in order not to be victims; because of daesh barbarity, which costs so much, despite that the Iraqi security forces prevailed and acted humanly in the battle field. It may be easy to describe this fact, but it is not in the battlefield and it achieved and the same plan will include the same policy.
 Iraq preserves its democratic identity and wants the democratic regime to maintain the democracy to enable the opportunity to all the political powers and have access to its right freely and to express its opinion; so that you see the demonstrations in the streets and it expresses its opinion regardless if it is correct or incorrect, but it’s a natural right, otherwise we cannot name this country as a democratic one unless its people and the political powers practices their   role in free manner.
This strategy determined by the new Iraqi regime; so that no police sent or security forces were there to suppress the demonstrations, on the contrary, they maintained the safety of the demonstrators and provide them with security coverage and in the same time maintained  the respect and preserve of order, which some parties misunderstood this role.
Our communication with the level of our relations followed the strategy of the Iraqi diplomacy relations with countries of the region in the Middle East and with the world depended on the philosophy of establishing the relations between Iraq with any other countries that to based on the mutual interests and mutual hazards and basically that we have the relations and we don’t ask ourselves that " why we have relations? However why we do not.
The relations is fundamental in this world, the world of telecommunications, world of interest exchange and the world of joint hazard and joint terrorism. Daesh become known in the entire world, so why we don’t ask" why we have relations, however why we don’t have relations?
We are interacting with the world in love and trust building manners and the world exchange us with the same kindness and trust. The world visited Baghdad and we visited them in different regions of the world whether in Europe, America, Africa all over the globe.
Iraq is located in the most important region of the world, and it surrounded by many countries such as Turkey, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Each one of these countries has its own political regime there is the Islamic Liberal regime, Islamic Wilayat Al-Faqih regime, royal regime, Amiri regime and republican regime.
Iraq should interact with each one of these countries without neglecting its identity, and without interfering in the internal affairs of these countries as we interact in more than this. May be there are some knock out conflicts such as between Turkey and Syria but we have relations with Syria and so does with turkey. There is divergence between Saudi Arabia and Iran, but we have relations with both of these two countries.
Our relations methodology depends on extending the bridges and non – interfere in the internal affairs and staying away from the axis policy.
Once again, I extend my gratitude and appreciation to you and to all the countries that stand side by side with us in this battle especially that this battle is not the battle of Iraq with another country, yet it is a wide - range humanitarian battle that have the capacity for all the international, regional, patriotic and local parties. I wish you all the best of luck.