Foreign Minister Participates and Delivers Iraq's speech in the Bringing Da'esh into Justice Meeting, Held in UN Headquarter, New York

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On the margins of  the 71st UN General Assembly in New York, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Ibrahim Al-Jaafari attended the Bringing Da'esh into Justice Meeting.

During a speech he delivered, the Minister asserted the need to consider the takfiri thinking, its ideology, and the barbaric practices of Da'esh crimes against humanity. His Excellency asserted also the need to assist Iraq in regaining control over territories of conflict and crimes of genocide, not to mention the heinous violations for human rights against Yazidis, Christians, Shia Turkmen, Shebek etc.    

The speech included emphasising on having cooperation in field of arresting the leaders of the terrorist gangs of Da'esh and bring them into justice, calling upon countries from which those terrorists have come to follow them up, arrest them and bring them into justice. His Excellency called upon the international community to provide the broadest possible assistance, so as to reintegrate and rehabilitate the victims of terrorism and extreme violence into society once again via programs of rehabilitation and training so as to enable them from getting rid of their psychological and physical sufferings.

"Iraq is studying the appropriate international and national mechanism to bring perpetrators of human rights against different components of Iraqi society into justice. Iraq is having consultations with its partners so as to render justice and bring them before the competent courts," his Excellency indicated, stressing:" Iraq is passing through fierce wave of an unprecedented scope waged by Da'esh, which is daily targeting all Iraqis. These terrorist gangs are trying to destabilize stability, dismantle national unity, create discord among Iraqi people, and spread extremist ideologies that are irrelevant to Islam and the human nature."

In the Name of God. The most Compassionate, The most Merciful
Your Excellency Mr. Dedieh Renders, deputy prime minister and minister of external affairs and E.U. affairs in Belgium.
Honorable Mr. Boris Johnson the member of parliament and state minister of foreign affairs and commonwealth in United Kingdom.
Esteemed ladies and Gentlemen
 My country delegation is glad that each of United Kingdom and Belgium and the other member states participating in this high level event; in order to express the unity of the international community in condemning the heavily violations of human rights which committed by daesh terroristic gangsters in Iraq and trial its perpetrators.
Terrorism and looking to its beyond – borders nature and diversity of its forms and resources are making an international challenge which effects the different aspects of life; because of this international attributes is challenging the legal and moral frames that govern the international community.
The Takfiri extremist and violent thoughts are making direct threat to the international peace and security, and negative impact to peace, social coherence and stability of states.
Iraq is fighting unprecedented and strong violence of daesh terroristic gangsters which daily targets all its spectrums, components and its population combination, and aims to destabilize its situation and dismantle the patriotic integrity and set up turmoil among Iraqis and spread out the far – radical thoughts that it is against the principles of Islamic religion and humanitarian nature.
The terroristic groups in Iraq adopted the violence strategy against civilians through committing savage and criminal acts such as killing, and bombing the public locations and targeting the religious gatherings which the victims there is merely unarmed ancient civilians, especially children, woman and elderly.
These gangsters kidnapped, enslaved, tortured, displaced and killed many people from the sons of religious minorities, especially the Izidis, Christians, Shia Turkmen, Shabak and forced them to change their religion without their consent and exercise the sexual abuses against them, moreover, their criminal acts reached to the Iraqi antiquities.  
I am glad to hear Nadia Murad speaking, to participate in this meeting on this level, and to hear the voice of Iraq, the voice of grievance especially that she was successful to mention the grievances that happened in Iraq to all its categories of Muslims, non- Muslims , Sunna and Shia, and all regions. It is normal to stress over the grievance that happened to the Izidis since they are one of the Iraqi components and it’s a historical component that exist in the Iraqi society thousands years ago, but I have simple reminder that the council of ministers mentioned more than one time the Izidis with all just and speak about them a lot, on march.15.2015 they take a decision regarding the extermination of Izidis, Christians, Shabak and Shia Turkmen.
The speech of Iraqi foreign ministry , and you are all witnessed that is not without mentioning the Izidis and the violations committed to woman, children and to the Izidi society in Sinjar and in other areas.
Thanking your response to our crisis in Iraq, meanwhile, I believe that you agree with me to highlight the strong thoughts, but regarding the feelings.. its not enough to solve these problems and must take serious working steps and it must be recorded as basic working step to move forward in the right path.
Daesh crimes committed against all Iraqis without exception, I would like to say that there are shia virgin females were raped and burnt alive in public in tala'far.
The Iraqi homogeneous coexistence prevented converting this crime to society situation since Iraqis are living in harmony.
The Shia, Sunna and Muslims and non- Muslims will not accept over this civilized concept, and the Religious Marjaia played great role represented by Ayat Allah Al-Seid Ali Al-Sistani in boosting this relationship and avoid any religious or sectarian set up.
Nadia Murad the Izidi women is represent the raped – Iraqi woman phenomena, and I hope to intensify our efforts and move to practical steps and Iraq extends its cooperation with the International Community to put an end to these crimes.
We in Iraq give major concern to the victims of terroristic operations who vulnerable to physical and psychological damages due to these terroristic operations or victims of warfare operations or military errors.
Iraq considers the international and national appropriate and practical priorities concerning bringing daesh terrorists to justice and trial them, and making justice and implementing the criminal justice and bring justice to the victims of terroristic operations in Iraq requires from the Iraqi point of view the following steps:
1.    Considering the Takfiri thought, and approach of Takfir (judging persons as unbelievers) and the barbaric practices conducted by daesh terroristic gangsters as crimes against humanity.
2.          Restoring domination on the Iraqi territories that the discrimination crimes and horrific violations for human rights that took place at against the Iraqi citizens of its different components ( Izidis, Christians, Shia Turkmen, Shabak and others), regarding this issue, the Iraqi government continue its performing to its responsibilities in restoring the Iraqi territories that still under daesh terroristic gangsters domination and take the necessary precautions to maintain stability and national reconciliation in the liberated areas from the terrorists gangsters with the assistance of the Global Coalition.
3.     Capture daesh gangsters leaders and bring them to justice, which its considered a mission that needs serious cooperation among the member states of the United Nations, especially the countries that some of its subjects are belong to this criminal entity.
4.    Assisting Iraq in building its national security forces and judiciary capacity building and in order to preserve the evidences from being destroyed, especially the technology related to the criminal evidences and forensic medicine and rebuilding the infrastructure of the destructed areas and provide the services needed in order to facilitate the return of its aggrieved people.
5.    Follow up the countries that foreign terrorists  belong to and committed crimes, and capture them and trail them.
6.    The mass discrimination that committed by daesh terroristic gangsters against the different Iraqi categories must not go without punishment and accountability, Iraq will work on national and international level to bring them to justice and punish them with extreme punishments.
Finally, the Iraqi government calling for the international community to provide the largest amount of assistance to reemerge and rehabilitate the victims of terrorism and extreme violence once again in the society through rehabilitation programs and training programs so that they can get the remedy of the psychological suffering effects and physical effects that happened to them.
Thank you.