Minister of Foreign Affairs Addressing the Ministerial - Level Conference to Discuss the Humanitarian Crisis after Al-Mosul Liberation Operations.

22nd September, 2016 12:28 AM | Written by |


In the Name of God the Most Compassionate.. the Most Merciful

Iraq endured, and still enduring the blood sacrificing which it is the most precious thing and Iraqis sacrificed their blood in order to liberate Iraq, and in order to defeat daesh. This prevail is for all your countries without any exception and Iraq still obliged to fulfill this message, and will continue its defense till liberating all Iraqi territories. So far, if we compared between 2014 and 2016. In summer of 2014, the terrorists were dominating %40 of Iraqi territories, but now there is only %10 left and - god willing - it will be liberated from those terrorists. Once again, I greet you all and since your names is mentioned for donation and to assist Iraq, I extend my gratitude and appreciation to all the hands that helped and expressed its feelings towards Iraq; since the financial support is as important as the other types of support. Iraqis determined to sacrifice their blood in order to liberate their country. From the beginning of our fight against terrorism and till now the terrorists were dominating %40 of Iraqi territories, but today they are conquered and deteriorating and only %10 of it is are left. These victories costs us a large number of martyrs and each martyr we lose is leaving a widowed wife  and orphaned children and grieved mothers and fathers behind. Its not only blood sacrifice but also loosing a large number of displaced persons who left their areas, village's and houses and immigrated to other areas. Daesh terroristic gangsters were forced out of large number of areas.. the Iraqi patriotic willingness insists and its accompanied with the solidarity of the international willing for the sake of smashing them till the end and till Iraqis achieve full victory and liberating the remaining territories which it is %10. Iraqi government is making its preparations for the next battle, which it is considered the termination battle in its final chapter in the city of Mosul.. you are aware that Al-Mosul city is large city and its full of multiple components in religion, nationality, belief but all of them are gathered by their love to Iraq, as being a graduate from Al-Mosul university, I fully understand Al-Mosul and the way that their people are thinking, and I know the Mosuli social fabric who appreciate its Iraqi nationality; this is will make a real infrastructure to reject daesh despite the execution ceremonies that daesh made before the people where they bring the youngsters, woman and elderly from time to time and the execution took place in front of them, but they remain strong and their willingness did not broken. Frankly speaking, I say " we need your assistance". Iraq is not a poor country, Iraq is rich by its oil resources and water resources and civilizational wealth and agricultural wealth but today is experiencing an exceptional circumstances; that is the reason behind our calling for you to stand with Iraq and Iraqis' in general will not forget who is standing with them especially in the times of hardships. The hands that extend to us and help us in the hard times will remain unforgotten in the memory of Iraqis through  the history. The battle of Al-Mosul will not be as simple as the one in Al-Fallujah; due to large distance of land and diversity of Al-Mosul communities; so that it will exert more efforts and more sacrifices. We take the initiative of blood sacrificing and funds sacrifice is required and it cant be neglected; so we expect from you to provide more and more aids and assistance and we hope that these aids you granted is converted to practical method and not to be delayed; in order to make its way directly to the need sources. Dear Brothers.. Iraq is not the largest country in the globe, but it’s the largest one in its demographic diversity, religious diversity, political and sectarian diversity. It is the truth, the feature that Iraq has. You are aware that daesh members nationalities who entered to Iraq reaches more 100 nationalities of the globe; so we are not fighting only for the sake of Iraq, but we fight for the sake of the whole countries of the globe, and we are honored to do so and to be a reason for communication with you. Once again I renew my gratitude and appreciation to whoever granted the aids and assistance and I hope the donor countries not to be late on releasing the donations. Just as they made the assistance decision, they should release it without any delay; since its amounts will be reflected on the next battle, the fateful and final battle in Al-Mosul.

Thank you for your listening. Peace be upon you and gods mercy and blessings.