Press conference of Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ibrabeem Al-Jaafari after meeting with his Belgian counterpart in Brussels.

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In the Name of God the most Compassionate… the most Merciful. I salute you all in this meeting.. here we start the 2nd term of the joint Iraqi – European Cooperation Council to meet with Ms. Fedrica Mogharini by which we discussed the different political affairs regarding Iraq and its situation and the region regarding daesh fighting results. Its natural that the case of Al-Mosul takes the priority in dialogue whether in the bilateral meeting with ms. Mogharini or in other meeting that held. An overview was conducted of the sub-committees work which include the democratic committee of human rights, we defined and discussed its work then we moved to another committee, the economic and commerce committee, and energy and transportation committee and we heard the options of the European support. Its clear that Iraq needs support and Iraq when fights in Mosul is fighting in the same way in other regions and faces a joint danger and this danger is broader than Iraq. The members who enrolled with daesh their number is huge and they came from the democratic world so that the meeting was fruitful and in my consideration I believe it was good opportunity to hear the points of view and to identify our real needs. The success of the military campaign in Al-Mosul is regarded as cross cutting way in the security aspect and in other aspects which will get the benefit to Iraq and the world since daesh didn’t start in Iraq and it will not end in it, and daesh attempts to continue its destructive actions in more than one region in the world, we must be aware of its size; Iraq when fights daesh is to defend itself and other countries especially that daesh members belong to more than one hundred countries.. who can prevent those members to return to their countries and to practice this destructive work; so that Iraq humbly speaking that it defends the civilized world and defend the countries of the democratic club. I praise from this location the attitude of the Iraqi Armed Forces when it maintained all humanitarian criteria such as what happened in Fallujah when they sacrificed more blood in order to maintain the safety of the civilians. The Iraqi Armed Forces spent more time and adhere to all precautions because we know that the contra party is attempt to be shielded by civilians in order to impede the military operation. The Iraqi Security Forces and its all factions including the Popular Mobilization, Peshmerga, Sons of Tribes they abide the military morals in order not to cause harm to any one, and in order to liberate Mosul with the least amount of causalities… indeed a city like Mosul has its own privacy and it differs from other cities in number of population and diversity of its community , it contains multiple religions, multiple sects and nationalities and multiple social categories; so we need here to exert an additional efforts. Iraq in such circumstances needed assistance, even that Iraq is rich and has multiple resources, but today Iraq is experiencing an exceptional circumstance, war expenses and military expenditures are high.. Iraq pays it from its state oil revenues.. I said now because of oil low prices compared with high spending in expenditures, and reduction of revenues in Iraqi economy have imposed on Iraq to reach to critical financial conditions; so , I would like to thank countries that contributed in assisting our country and looking forward to continue its financial support and other types of support, Iraq is in its battles, As a European Union.. you have the right to be proud of the victories achieved by our brave men in the Iraqi Armed Forces; because this victory is not only the victory for Iraqis.. but it is for all powers of good and peace – loving countries against the joint enemy daesh. Today, Iraq has evolved to the level of democratic countries who respect its all obligations, Iraq today has initiated its democratic process, and went through multiple stations starting from the elections, constitution basic amendments, we respect the constitution and we abide it and even if we have some amendments on the constitution .. we don’t violate it but amend the constitution in constitutional method. moreover, we respect the legislative power which represented by the Parliament, and we process the matters in parliamentary method even if there are some remarks on the parliament action not from the corruption and breaching points; so we discussed with all parties the basics of constitution respect, and respecting the multiple powers, we stress that the parliamentary process in Iraq is progressing side by side with establishing the economic base and restoring the security aspect. Iraq determined to combat corruption, the Prime Minister announced since the beginning of the first term two years and months ago over the reform on all fields; despite the terrorism challenge and the occupation of city Al-Mosul, continue the economic reform process. We are looking for more support from the democratic states especially from the European Union; we hope that the support to achieve security and stability.. its true that the assistance given to Iraq were generous but certainly who observe the military operations, Iraqi citizens displacement and damage caused will be aware that we need more assistance , Iraq will not forget who stand beside its side especially at the time of hardships and will remember the friendly states that provided its assistance to Iraq, in addition to that the world knew very well that the states under daesh domination will gain the presence of all the world states, and daesh shouldn’t be alone with the people who occupy and the government who fights them as well on the contrary daesh will face all the patriotic governments and it’s a highly influenced lesson that the states are not fighting alone but all countries are fighting and they have humanitarian momentum which prevails the whole region. Once again I renew my gratitude to ms. Mogharini regarding this meeting, regarding the statements and discussions took place between us in more than one occasion, it was really fruitful meetings. Daesh loss for Al-Mosul doesn’t mean that the end of daesh! What is the Iraqi government plan regarding daesh eradication, how will you treat the civilians who prepared the suitable environment for daesh? Where daesh fighters will go? Did you coordinate with Syria regarding this issue? Did you secured the Syrian – Iraqi borders, is it true that there are risk of attacks to be conducted in Europe after defeating daesh and what about the role of Turkey? Minister Al-Jaafari: we should seriously consider that daesh is an expression of culture, and this is considered the most dangerous part of terrorism, this culture targets the mentality of youngsters and attempts to seduce them with specific thoughts to enroll in its side. This case is considered as the most dangerous challenge in the contemporary terrorism; whereas they practice this work and they die for these thoughts and believe that they are doing the right thing and they sacrifice their lives for its sake. There is no doubt that these terroristic organizations promoting in the mutual atmospheres any natural differences in order to get advantage of and they attempt to disintegrate the communities, this is remind me with the European experiment in the 30 years war between the Catholic and Protestant occurred from 1618 till 1648 when they were fighting each other. but terrorism arise and entered among them and distracted them, and convert this war to infighting war for 30 years.. it was a German – German war then it converted into other wars. This case is the most dangerous matters; so our responsibility is not considering that the end of daesh in Iraq means the end of terrorism! Terrorism once disappear in a region arise again in another; since its based on culture. The easy access of telecommunications and using the explosive devices and exploiting the human targets, since the are not targeting the military bases, but they target the civilians in the local bazaars, and in the hospitals, in the mosques and temples; that why we called it the "War of Temples", and " War of Markets". You witnessed what happened in Al-Karrada few months ago, the people were shopping before the Eve of Al-Eid in two days while daesh bombed a a large number of civilians and till now the occasions centers which hosts Al-Hussein sessions that considered the dearest occasions on the heart of Iraqis and how daesh members practice their criminal actions against them, and take the advantage of any humanitarian Iraqi gathering and bomb it. Regarding our side, it took a long time… the planning in Al-Fallujah, how to protect the civilians and get them out of the daesh pressure, the same scenario will be adopted in Al-Mosul. The government is keen on avoiding the people of Mosul the risk, especially that daesh is using all methods of destruction to harm the ancient people there. Regarding the protection of borders with Syria, Syria is a neighboring country and terrorism arise in Syria before Iraq, and we said before that if terrorism is not eliminated in Syria it will spread out to Iraq and it really did, and we advised before the whole world don’t be busy with the case of the govern and the roller, and leave it to the Syrians and fight in the real war of the danger exist in Syria ( the War against daesh), started with the generation of daesh, then it spreads into Al-Nusra generation then to daesh generation – unfortunately, the world took five years to discuss the rolling fate and these terroristic generation increased from one generation to another, and bused the region and exported terrorism to other regions. Regarding Europe: I don't wish to be grieved with disasters but daesh reached Europe and to Canada and an attempt in Australia while I was passing through I heard that there were attempts and they get caught there. Regarding the Turkish role: we are bonded by borders with turkey and by history and by vital resources ( sources of water, joint interests, foreign commerce.. the Turkish commerce in the Iraqi market reached to 18 billion dollars two years ago, and we are with making the best relations, when they faced the military coup, we supported the government and said " we are at your side, and we refuse any military replacement, the time of military coups is gone for god" We are standing with democracy.. yes we accept the change initiative in any country provided that to be a democratic change based on the people's will, we didn’t expect that the Turkish reply while their military vehicles moving and looming with invasion, from almost a year ago we had our attitude concerning the presence of the military vehicles which accompanied with military elements to Ba'ashiqa and I submitted this incident in the security council and in the Arab League and had the Arabic unanimous decision of condemnation and rejection of such act of violation and till now we strongly condemn and reject this violation while we strongly maintain the relations with Turkey provided that Turkey has the same desire as well. Our relations with all the world including your states are based on the state to state relations, and not government to government.. neither roller to roller, but state to state which means it based on the grass root - level relations with other states; since the roller is subject to change and governing is changing too but the people did not change and its interests are steadfast .. from this civilized prospective we maintain relations between Iraq and other countries, it’s the time of human relations and economic, service and understanding that should prevail.