Undersecretary Participate in the Forum of Arab - Russian Cooperation

6th August, 2015 2:11 AM | Written by |

Iraq participated in the second session of the Forum of Arab- Russian cooperation meeting at the level of Foreign Ministers held in the Sudanese capital Khartoum for the period 2 -3 December 2014 with a delegation headed by Mr. Nizar Khairallah the Undersecretary for bilateral relations, and with the participation of a number of Arab foreign ministers and Secretary-General of the Arab League Dr. Nabil Elaraby in addition to a delegation from the Russian Federation.

        The meeting focused on two main axes the first dealt with the regional and international issues and the urgent need to combat terrorist organizations through joint procedures adopted by the international community, according to the United Nations Charter, and the second dealt with the bilateral cooperation between the Arab countries and Russia in all areas.

        On the sidelines of the forum, the Undersecretary and his accompanying delegation visited the embassy and met with employees and explained to them the latest developments in the political program of the new Iraqi government and the attention of the leadership of the ministry staff in developing and assessing them on the basis of efficiency and giving.