Press conference of Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ibrabeem Al-Jaafari after meeting with his French counterpart.

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Minister Al-Jaafari: within these hours which we held a press conference included large number of global coalition members representatives and friends of Iraq as well.
The sons of our armed forces continue their fighting efforts in the battle of honor in more than one front to liberate the city of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad. and the results were; based on the coordination, global cooperation and high spirits of our armed forces members for its different kinds and of the Popular Mobilization, Peshmerga and sons of  Iraqi Tribes.. All their efforts targets the liberation of Mosul, the city that suffered when it was violated by the daesh during this period. The city which have witnessed execution ceremonies of women, youngsters, children and elderly.
Mr. Holland the president of France addressed the participants with an enthusiastic statement who mentioned in it the spiritual, political aspects and the determination in supporting Iraq and standing by its side, moreover, the statement of Mr. Haidar Al-Ibadi was a distinguished one, he honestly transmitted what is going on the Iraqi scene and the determination of Iraqis in the government and the parliaments over moving forward to accomplish this mission and to clean Iraq from daesh dirt.
The meeting included a large number of participants after these two statements which opened by my colleague and friend, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. John and we discussed some issues after it and we listened to all the participants, they stressed on supporting Iraq and highlighted the courage of Iraqi Security Forces and the necessity to direct all efforts towards the liberation of Mosul city militarily, and to provide the available services and working on the humanitarian aspect and thinking about the phase of post – daesh; since Mosul city is devastated. 
We focused on the issue of Mosul rebuilding process and exert the required efforts in order to rebuild the city so that the IDPs could return to it similarly to what happened in Al-Anbar and in Salah El-Deen.
The IDPs cant return since there is no schools for their children, all areas were devastated and waiting to be rebuilt again; so, today we extend our sincere gratitude to all who extended the hand of assistance (financial assistance) to Iraq. And supports Iraq In the political, spiritual, media fields, as for today, there were some countries encouraged and provided new assistance; in the name of the people of Iraq and its parliament and government.. I thank you all for what you give of efforts.
I extend my gratitude to France regarding its stand and initiative and to the British Stand for its determination over the necessity of criminalizing the terroristic thought, moreover, I thank Germany for forming the German – Iraqi Council to restore stability to the liberated areas from daesh on 07/10 of this month, all parties deserve the gratitude from our side.
I hope to continue our efforts towards the country which defected by daesh or vulnerable to threats of daesh, they will find all countries and the people standing to defend its dignity and the dignity of humanity.
Its true that the daesh members come from more than 100 hundred nationality, but they don’t represent your countries neither your parliaments nor your peoples.
Through your support to Iraq you represent the humanity with its deep roots and represent your peoples.
Iraq via its 6000 years lasting history before the Christianity is subject to threats and you are today contribute in defending Iraq and maintain its civilizational history.
Thank you my friend Mr. john Markero over the efforts you exerted.
-do the international community have any plans for post - daesh? Since that many generations of terrorist appeared started with Al-Qaeda , Al-Nusra then daesh and is there are any fourth generation of terrorists?
Minister Al-Jaafari: indeed, the war we are at against daesh is a distinguished world war, and all the world could be a possible threat by terrorism without any exception; so we must identify the real equivalence to counter daesh, which it is the  mobilization of all our capacities and energies.
It is incorrect to think that daesh will be defeated once its fail down  (and it will be – God willing)-   in Iraq we must chase those terrorists in any spot of the world … there should be a culture of daesh confrontation and considered as an international danger. So the response must be globally, and all the peoples of the world today have this culture – the culture of human rights defense, especially the women's rights when the world witnessed what daesh members have done against them by rape, burn them a live and children killing. These imagery were engraved at the souls of all the world, and reflected on its parliaments and governments and they should be united , this is the real equivalence to counter terrorism and to spread love and trust instead of culture of terror.
-    Mr. Holland said " they must be identical in countering process and in chasing the terrorists who are going to flee to Syria from Mosul to Al-Raqa.. is there are any specific plans or strategy adopted by Iraq in order to prevent the daesh from reorganizing their selves, can we avoid this?
-    Minister Al-Jaafari" they are fully aware of the extend of the organic interaction between the terrorists' factions whether in Syria or in Iraq, or in the other areas that they moved to and damaged it and conducted their acts of terrorism there,  unfortunately France was one of the victims of these attacks such as what happened at Niece Stadium, and the terrorist attacks at the Canadian parliament and in the other parts of the world.
-    Terrorism does not differentiate between country and another, neither between religion and another , nor between believe and another..  if terrorism succeeded to spread out devastation they will do it; so we have no other option but working as one international coalition, as I saw today, the global community stood united and appeared as social and international community to chase down the daesh and to stop before doing so. Our victories in specific areas is not isolated from other areas. And the loss in any country means the loss in other areas.. Terrorism is one phenomena and it cant be divided and there must be an equivalent and to prevail over terrorism should be an integrated process as well.
-    French Minister of Foreign Affairs: after Mosul liberation, it will be the turn of Al-Raqa, with whom you are going to coordinate? Now you are coordinating with Iraq, but regarding Syria, are you going to coordinate with the Syrian government concerning Al-Raqa?
-    French Minister of Foreign Affairs" we are making every effort to make a political solution in Syria, but the time now is not suitable for it, to respect the Security Council's resolutions for instance especially those identified the steps of the transitional phase which allows to prepare the permanent peace restoring conditions. All these efforts are discontinued now.
The sole opportunity for us to get out of the Syrian crisis all stopped now; because there are no negotiations and because the party who targets the Syrian groups that revolted against the Al-Asad regime since the launch of the Arabic Spring is subject to bombing every day... I don’t mean the terrorist groups of Al-Nusra or daesh, but what happened in Aleppo is the civilians who subject to bombing operations on daily basis, and the moderate opposition groups is subject to bombing and so does for the humanitarian assistance entry and that what we discussed yesterday in Berlin and discussed by President François Holland , And the chancellor Merkel and President Buten.
I consider the mutual words among these three leaders were strong and honest, seizing the fire is considered preliminary stage to start negotiations. Instead of bombing the civilians, we must work together to fight daesh. This is deemed the priority.
•    (Question to Minister Al-Jaafari): what are the guarantees you included in the stability restoration plan for the Sunnis in Mosul?
•    (Question to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs): among the participants we saw the Iranian Ambassador, and it appears that you said to exclude the Iranians, what is changed?
French Minister of Foreign Affairs" I discussed with my colleague Mr. Ibraheem Al-Jaafari and we reached to the point that the Iranians must be represented here, and mustn’t exclude any party and this is what happened; so this initiative requires a preparation, consultations, communications and the most important point is the participation of all parties.
Iran is one of the largest states in the region, and it performs a large role and it must bear its responsibility towards the region. This is considered as a point of strength and gives more momentum to this meeting that will be followed by holding more meetings as I said.
The answer for your question and to my colleague is" I said yes, Iran was there since its role is a necessity.
Minister Al-Jaafari: Al-Raqa is a multi religious and sects and nationalities and it has some political trends, but the city of Mosul is known by its homogenous and harmony with its situation.
Go back before the year 2014, you will find that Mosul didn’t experienced any local infightings.
What promoted the war in Mosul and abuse its security is one party .. the terrorism.
The City of Mosul is integrated with all its components, and they have no problems of coexistence, and the same for other provinces surrounds Mosul , they cooperate with each other.
As for the Popular Mobilization, and to be feared of, there should be no fears of the Popular Mobilization which today sacrifices with its members in order to liberate the city of Al-Mosul.
Al-Mosul city is a large city and big similarly to Baghdad, I saw the streets of Al-Basra and its neighborhoods and mosques who they pinned with the imagery of the martyrs for those who fall in Al-Fallujah and who went to other provinces; in order to defend for the honor of the city and to protect it from looting operations and to prevent the promoting of any sectarian culture, they went there just like when they go to Fallujah which it’s a city of Sunna to defend it.
I hope that mass media to be aware of this fact.
"Any one says to you that the Popular Mobilization commits crimes is not true, and if they can let them show their evidences!, all these armed forces enrolled with the Iraqi Security Forces and its affiliated to the Prime Minister according to the constitution since he considered as the General Commander of Security Forces, bear in mind that the Popular Mobilization will return to the Governmental utilities and to their jobs and any one of them who wish to stay at the Military Forces, He will take his role according to a legislated law passed by the parliament, and practice its role as one of the categories of the Iraqi Security Forces.