Subject/ Health Insurance Contract

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Subject/ Health Insurance Contract

Tender No.  2/2016


Method of Contracting: Announcement of a Public Tender

Estimated Cost:  6,008,798 Six Million Eight Thousand and Seven Hundred, Ninety-eight USD only.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq announces a tender to contract with Health Insurance Companies to cover treatment fees of the ministry's employees and their families working at our missions abroad, based on the provisions of item (First) of article (17) of Foreign Service Instructions no. (1) of 2010.Accredited companies in the field of health insurance who wish to participate in this tender may visit our mission (Embassy) in Paris, Address ( 64 Av Foch 75016 – Paris) to receive all tender documents and requirements in return of  paying an amount of ($100) non-refundable. Accredited and reputed foreign companies are exempted from this condition according to the provisions of item (First/ B) of article (4) of the Law of Executing Governmental Contracts number (2) of 2014.


Please note that the deadline to receive biddings is on Wednesday, 12:00 p.m. the 23rd of Nov.2016, at our embassy in Paris whose address is mentioned above to answer any inquiries submitted by the bidding companies.  Biddings shall be submitted in closed and sealed envelope to our embassy in Paris and a receipt will be given to confirm the receiving envelopes with an expiration period not less than 180 days starting from date of tender closure. Biddings must be accompanied by preliminary deposit of (1%) of value of the estimated cost. We would like to inform you that a conference will be held at our embassy in Paris on 14-11-2016 to answers any questions and queries by the applicant companies.  


The biddings will be opened by the Tender Opening Committee at the same day of tender closure. Bids that shall not meet the conditions mentioned in the announcement or those stated the documents of tender, will be excluded. The winning bid shall pay the announcement and advertisement fees. For Further information, Please contact us via the following e-mail address: [email protected] Or visit our website:

Ministry of foreign affairs