Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Addressing the conference of the Mediterranean dialogues (Rome – Med)

2nd December, 2016 12:42 AM | Written by |

I came from Iraq.. and I know very well that the eyes of a lot of peoples and nations of the world are looking towards Iraq; the presence of a fateful war not only that there is a crisis, but we have moved from the stage of the crisis, which it was in Iraq to the victory that excited all loving, all those seeking for freedom, and those who encounter terrorism. In this year, I participated in the Rome Conference as the representative of my country, Iraq, which is fighting now a days for his own defense and on behalf of all the countries of the world, especially that daesh members belonging to more than one hundred countries of the world and deployed in the various continents and countries. As Ministry of Foreign Affairs which represents the political, and diplomatic interface of the new Iraqi state, the diplomacy that encounter terrorism after Daesh announcement to its alleged state in June 2014 .. the Iraqi ministry of foreign affairs adopted the diplomatic concept to counter-terrorism for Iraq, and on behalf of the world in the war against terrorism, first, Secondly, Iraq and Islam is irresponsible for the terrorist production of Daesh, and thirdly the risk of the return of terrorists to their countries, and the fourth to restore stability to the liberated cities from terror of Daesh, Fifth addressing environmental factors conducive to the spread of terrorism, and finally countering the terrorist ideology of the knowledge and intellectual base which stands behind the terrorist practices. We usually stress in our message in Iraq, that we directed to all countries of the world that Iraq lies in the first confrontation line with terrorism, this war is considered as a world war which did not start in Iraq, and it will not end in. I stressed that the role of the international coalition beside its importance in the fight against terrorism since the first day of the emergence of Daesh terrorist gangsters that Iraq is fighting for his sake, and on behalf of the countries of the whole world as well; and so we moved, and we asked for assistance, and support in our fighting against terrorism through diplomatic channels. Iraq did not ask for soldiers, and did not ask for members from the world's countries to fight instead of his own soldiers, but the sons of our armed forces of various components soldiers are the ones who are defending Iraq, they sacrifice their lives in order to liberate their cities. Yes, we asked for service – kind support, and for humanitarian, political and media support; because it concerns us greatly, especially that Iraq is passing through exceptional circumstances in his war against Daesh gangsters, faces a decline in the budget level; because of the low oil prices, the rising expenditures of the war militarily against Daesh. I must prove that our speeches are well resonated in many countries of the world, become at the top in USA , Italy, which have stood with us in well and efficient manner so far, they gives a lot of aids, whether on the level of training, or supplies. The different views of the world to terrorism to the difficulty of making an agreement at the international level to cooperate in fighting this phenomenon, as some of them are classified it as a fight for freedom, as its happening now in Syria when Jabhat Al-Nusra decided to separate from Al-Qaeda; to give itself a space on the patch of the international game, so they replaced its name to mystify the international public opinion that it has become something brand - new and peaceful entity, but despite that change but the content of these organizations are one and so does for its policy, which its violating the human rights, and I believe that the fiction of exclusion and marginalization that was mentioned by some institutions, and by foreign figures in considering terrorism that swept Iraq after 2003 has fallen with the announcement of Daesh default state in 2014. The Chinese thinker known as the "Sun Tzu" says: If you know yourself and know your enemy , no need to fear of the result of a hundred battle; you will win, but if you know yourself, and do not know your enemy, every victory you achieve will receive a defeat in return, but if you don't know yourself, and don't know your enemy, you will be defeated at each battle. Iraq today in its direct confrontation with Daesh is able record series of victories in the various areas that he presented in starting from Jurf Al-Sakahr between Karbala and Hilla, south of Baghdad, and through Baghdad, clearing Baghdad belt areas, and other areas that the Iraqi security forces were able with all its components, whether the army, or the popular mobilization, or peshmerga, or the sons of all the tribes where all their efforts are merged, and united to defeat Daesh gangsters. Ladies and gentlemen .. As you know, throughout history that the military entity might harden on its enemies sometimes, and may engaged in actions could be closer to the brutality factor, but the Iraqi security forces were able to deal humanely with the inflamed areas, especially that these civil areas are dominated by daesh , and perhaps this is why the time that troops need is longest to liberate these cities in order to ensure that to maintain the safety of citizens, taking into account the fact that using a brutal methods, which its making the citizens of women and children as human shields; to protect themselves, and their sites. There are a range of indicators that we have observed in the war on Daesh, including: that 70% of Iraqi territory have been liberated from these criminal gangs, we stress that Daesh now do not have a border outlet going abroad of the Syrian and Iraqi territories, the international coalition mission is targeted the leaders of Daesh which they are the deputies of Al-Baghdadi such as "Abu Ahmed Aladnani" . the proportion of attracting the foreign fighters have reduced to 60% according to the current database for foreign fighters in cooperation with Interpol and the countries involved in combating terrorism. We did not have full knowledge of the former financial revenue for Daesh, but now we have a clear picture of the amount of support, financial resources provided by some countries, especially those who sympathized with Daesh. Daesh is complexly rejected by the Iraqi people in all the areas that have suffered of .. fighting extremism and terrorism will not be through the reproduction of the experiences of others; because Daesh is trying to develop its theory from country to country; and then we as a parallel act is to introduce the sophisticated methods consistent with the evolution of the work of Daesh, and intensify the political efforts as intensifying military efforts as well in Iraq, it really achieved an excellent victory. Iraq witnesses a state of political solidarity among all its components, and he united his speech, and head toward refusing Daesh. and achieved victories, and supports the Iraqi government .. We can not dispense the role of the security solutions, Iraq has great experiences, and it become many in this area through directly dealing with terrorism, which struck Iraq since 2003. It is necessary to renew the procedures, and restrictions on the financing sources for terrorists of Daesh, especially those who gained through the donations of the sympathizers. The terrorist escalation in Iraq does not stop on its borders, but it goes beyond whether at the regional sphere, or international sphere; therefore what is required from the geographical neighboring countries is that they should take into account the historical and humanitarian role played by Iraq, and to avoid any focus of Iraq that could distract him from its humanitarian mission, which its defending the whole world. Post - daesh phase it concern us so much since developing the plans for the Liberation of Mosul which outlined in three scopes, the first: the setup for the Liberation of Mosul, and the second: entry in the battle field, and the process of cleansing Mosul from daesh gangsters, and the third phase: the post-liberation of Mosul. Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad, and this multi-categorized city; so you should think about them, rebuilt, and I said in 2014 when I addressed the United Nations since then about the importance of preparation for the third phase, which is how to rebuild the infrastructure of the liberated areas. The most important challenge which faces Mosul in the present time is a humanitarian challenge; as a result of the legacy of Daesh terrorist gangsters of what they left behind the humanitarian crisis .. You know very well that there are a large number of citizens of Mosul fled outside the city, some of them have migrated out of Iraq, and all of those IDPs when they return to Mosul as their brothers returned in Al-Anbar, Salahuddin they want hospitals to their patients, and schools for their children; so we move on the part of the strong security focus of military and security aspect which achieved by the Iraqi security forces, on the other hand we are looking forward to have the international support for Iraq in this hard circumstances; to overcome the obstacles for the IDPs. We are with the creating of immediate solutions for the IDPs, and the restoration of stability in the liberated areas by the FFES Fund, and re-expanded stability restoration through FFES, and we believe that the participation of international expertise in stability restoration represents the best options available in this area, and of course we need to continuously review to the priorities in the light of challenges occurred due to the battle of Mosul. All of Iraq is supporting the government towards the liberation of the Iraqi territories from the control Daesh gangsters, and the political dialogue, and the nature of the challenges in the liberated areas it is up to the will of the inhabitant, and this is the governing theory in these areas after it is released, it will leave this area management for the people of the provinces themselves; to choose the provincial council they want and a legislative council, or mini-parliament, electing their governor who is like the president of the local government. In the end, I thank the Italian government and people, and those who is in charge of this conference and the attendees, as my sincere thanks extended to all the countries that stands with Iraq, and contributed in achieving the victories. Peace be on you and Gods mercy and blessings.