Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs deliver Iraq's Speech at the Urgent Ministerial Meeting of Arab League Council to Discuss the Situation in the Syrian City of Aleppo

20th December, 2016 1:33 AM | Written by |

In the Name of God, The most Merciful.. The most Gracious.

Peace Be Upon You All and God's Mercy and Blessings.

Your Excellency, The Brother Khamees Al-Juhainawi the esteemed Tunisian minister of foreign affairs.
Your Excellency, Secretary General of Arab League, Esteemed Dr. Ahmed Abu- El-Gheit.

I would like to thank and pay tribute to Kuwait and to its people, its prince and its government regarding this initiative and to extend the warmest condolences to each of Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and to Somalia, I hope the sinful hands of terrorism not to extended again, we surprised of more Arabic sites in order not to be grieved by falling more martyrs –God forbid-
The condolences continue to our martyrs in Iraq who fiercely fights in the battles against daesh criminal members, and they engrave the most brilliant victories while they are carrying their souls on their hands from one place to another, and so the convoys of our sons in the Iraqi security forces and all of its  formations, popular mobilization, sons of the Arabic tribe and their efforts integrated to achieve this precious victory.
Dear brothers.. when we speak about Aleppo, it means that we speak about a city that settled in the conscious of Arabs and Muslims long time ago. Its not a normal city, that's why it faced  a big challenge just in its size, components and location.
As for the initiative presented by all brothers, we thank them and wish them the best of luck to be ended with coming up to an Arabic stand which represents the will of Arabs and Arab League.
Iraq is concerned of the crisis repercussions in Syria especially that the latest tragic developments which Aleppo is witnessed and dozens of innocent victims has fallen, Iraq calls for immediate seize of all forms of violence which occurred by all parties of the crisis, and the necessity for an urgent, vital ,Arabic and international reaction to settle the crisis in peaceful manner after the field and practical facts proved the failure of the military solution, and stresses on the necessity of exerting the utmost efforts to preserve the lives of innocent people from the hazards of fighting and open the corridors and provide the safe heavens and required relief aids to the families.
I pray to Allah – be blessed- to gave strength to the families and to the martyrs relatives and peoples the patient and consolation and to be prevailed with love and redress. And to lift the martyrs position in paradise and not to be grieved with more tragedies and martyrs.

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.