Iraq's Speech delivered by Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs at the 4th Joint Ministerial Meeting of Arab League Council and European Union States in Cairo

22nd December, 2016 3:42 AM | Written by |

In the name of God, the most compassionate.. the most mercifu.l
Your excellency Tunisian minister of foreign affairs Mr. Khamees Al-Juhainawi.
Your excellency the top representative of foreign and security policy of European Union.
Your excellency secretary general of Arab league Mr. Ahmed Abu Al-Gheit.
 Esteemed attendees…
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.
At the beginning .. I am pleased to express my profound gratitude and tribute to the efforts exerted by each of the European Union and Arab League concerning their keenness to convene the fourth ministerial meeting in order to expand the cooperation horizons between the Arab League and the European Union.
Allow me to extend gratitude and appreciation to the European countries who provided support to Iraq in its just  and destiny war against terrorist gangsters of daesh. moreover, I thank the European parliament regarding its resolution numbered 2956 of 27/10/2016  which supports the Iraqi army and the security forces including the entity of popular mobilization regarding their exerted efforts and their sacrifices in liberation of city of Mosul from terrorist gangsters and I express my gratitude to the  refusing stands of Arab and European countries towards the illegal Turkish military presence in the Iraqi territories, regarding convening the cooperation council meeting which based on the cooperation and partnership agreement between Iraq and the European Union in 18 October, 2016, welcoming the launching of the Arab- European strategic dialogue, I also extend my gratitude to the states that supported Iraqi nomination to the membership of human rights council 28 October, 2016 and its election as a deputy head of human rights council in Geneva in 05 December, 2016.
Your excellencies.. the Arab peoples and European peoples are tied with a historical relations that its roots extends to a long centuries of civilized, social, cultural and humanitarian relations, and working on confronting the joint challenges which face our countries, especially fighting all types of terrorism, in addition to the economic crisis which affected our countries.
In the time that we value the role of the European union countries, and all the members who contributed in hosting a large number of Iraqi refugees, and non-forcing them to be returned by force is stress on the necessity of tackling this issue humanely in line with the refugees convention of United Nations outlined in 1951 and the special protocol of refugees situation in 1967, and the agreement of human rights signed in 1953, and the European standards regarding this matter, and we stress on the importance of enlisting at the cooperation between both parties the issue of displaced people in their countries which Iraq is greatly concerned about.
Esteemed Attendees.. I would like to stress to you that Iraqi victory achieved is shortened the time and efforts, it included many secrets including the government's determination to ensure the consistency condition among the different political blocs and preserving the social components of different religions , different doctrines, and different nationalities side by side with the military which worked together and their efforts integrated to liberate these cities, so the time of liberation broke the records.
Adherence of Iraqi security forces beside the adherence of political blocks led to playing a vital role.. this is one of the most important secrets for this operation.
The government is going forward in fighting all types of corruption, and this is also one of the secrets behind achieving the victory.. but Iraq still in need for support especially that we are on the edge of new phase called ( What after Mosul liberation?); the liberated cities took its share of efforts, and costs Iraq lots of efforts, time and blood, but after liberation, we must think what we are going to do to these cities, cities which waits for returning of its displaced people who expects to send their patients to hospitals and their sons to the schools; so our friends and brothers must remain beside Iraq to overcome the challenges that’s await to in order to normalize the situations.
As for the foreign intervention, Iraq suffers from an intrusion of one of its neighboring countries which it is Turkey.. that its troops entered to Ba'sheqa village in December,2015 in the time that Iraq is countering a joint enemy for the world as whole , we surprised with the presence of troops 110 km. deep in the Iraqi territories, we had been noted several times with the withdrawal and till now it didn’t happen! And the troops are remained in; so I hope to collaborate the efforts of all of us… we do not reject the Turkish violation in Iraq only; we reject the intervention of any country against another whether the intervention in Syria , in Libya or in Yemen or in any place.
Our true tragedy is Palestine, and leaving the Palestine issue, Palestinian sovereignty and the Palestinian right in practicing its domination and sovereignty on all of its territories behind is deemed as a humanitarian tragedy, and a point which dis-honor the world to remain at in the time that the world calls for human rights, animal rights and plants rights, to keep Palestine bleeding in such way; so we hope to see honorable and responsible stands to be registered, it is the time now to the world to fold and Europe to take the initiative beside the Arab countries especially the ties between the Arab countries and Europe is historical and lasted for centuries, and this paves the way to good exchange of  economic interests, and to extend the political bridges among them and to find a new state of civilization so that the world can launch a new era that diversity concept is to serve the civilization and the man as well.
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings..