Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Press Conference held with his Kuwaiti Counterpart

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Minister Al-Jaafari: in the name of you all, I extend the highest welcoming words to his highness Sheikh Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Subah in his second home –country visit to Iraq.
These results wouldn’t see the light without the unity of good efforts exerted by the members of both work teams of Kuwait and Iraq, they worked hard for a period of time; to reach to what had been achieved.
This serious efforts is blessed by Allah who led us to make these dreams to come true that we always wished long time ago, and so the both brotherly countries Iraq and Kuwait worked hard and built the relations between both countries step by step.
I invest this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Kuwait regarding its political stands expressed in more than one international occasion, and in the different international conferences which supported Iraq and courageously spoke to support Iraq and to stand by its side with the other brotherly countries, our friends of the rest of the world.
I thank its humanitarian support to Iraq especially in these times which Iraq is experiencing, and to its financial assistance.
We highly keen to build a solid and strategic relation with the neighbor country (Kuwait); in order to be a model for our relations with the other brotherly countries.. Today the Iraqi – Kuwaiti relations is excellent and based on a wide society base prevailed by joint understanding sphere. And exchange of interests and real adoption in all the international conferences, and its sideline meetings to support Iraq.. As for the convening of the joint committee's meetings for the sixth time, I praise the convening of this conference, and highly evaluate that without the extending of these blessed efforts which crowned today by these blessed results.
The spirit prevailed the meetings, the serious and strong will of all concerned ministries was excellent mark to achieve fruitful results.
We seriously working on put an end to all files considered important to both countries in all fields, especially the file of frontiers, prisoners of war and missing persons, and Kuwaiti possessions files.
The discussions focused today via the sessions which lasted for these days to follow – up the achievements of this year, and finding the mechanisms to activate the agreements and executive programs that outlined by both countries, in the fields of security which it is very important and highly important especially that Iraq is fighting to defend itself and on behalf of the world the fiercest enemy that known in history; because of its terrifying actions; to promote the fear in the souls of civilians in different world countries.
The economic files, and investment give the relations a special favor among the countries of the world, and so does for the rail transportation, borders outlets, expanding the aerial transportation, industrial cooperation, the cultural field and other files for cooperation.
We hope that the Iraqi – Kuwaiti relations to be promoted to the level of interest exchange, and to be a model of relations for the rest of the world countries and especially to the region countries.
The relations among countries is a sign of love, trust, and exchange of interest.. we wish to Kuwait all the good and success and to fulfill more achievements.
Peace be upon you and God's blessings.
Sheikh Subah Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Subah:  at the beginning I would like to on behalf of the members of the Kuwaiti delegation to extend our gratitude, appreciation regarding the hospitality and kind escorting that we have from our brothers in the republic of Iraq.
We honored today to make fruitful and successful meetings by God's permission – topped by the meeting with the president of Iraq, Dr. fo'uad Ma'soum and the prime minister Dr. Haidar Al-Ebadi , and speaker of parliament, Dr. Saleem Al-Juboori, and we convened talks with my dear brother, Dr. Ibraheem Al-Ja'afari the foreign minister, we stressed on the steadfast Kuwaiti stand to help our brothers in Iraq in order to overcome the effects of terroristic criminal actions, and its repercussions which led to the displacement of Iraqi people in different areas. Today we are in need of intensifying our joint efforts in order to counter terrorism and its different formations and eliminating it.
The bilateral relations between both brotherly countries achieved a continuous progress; this reflects the keenness of both countries and their leaderships to enhance and develop the cooperation in all fields to contribute in upgrading the solid and old – aged relations between both countries, and both brotherly peoples, moreover, I would like to point out to the bilateral talks conducted a while a go with my brother Dr. Ibraheem Al-Ja'afari which reflects the brotherly spirit and distinguished relations between both countries, and I don’t want to add what mentioned by brother .. the minister Al-Ja'afari regarding demonstrating the items of our joint committees work today but that we discussed the fields of bilateral cooperation between both brotherly countries and the wide participation of different sectors and sides which amounted 28 entities from both sides, and crowned today with the signing of four orbital papers to advance the relations between both countries, in the fields of culture, industry, security, aerial transportation added to 49 agreements and memorandum of understanding between both brotherly countries hoping the continues cooperation with and its upgrade in bilateral relations and maintaining this honest spirit, and fruitful cooperation; in order to serve the interests of our brotherly countries and peoples,  we are looking forward convening the 7th term of the top joint committee between Kuwait and Iraq and to receive you in your second home country (Kuwait) in the next year, and with many happy returns.
•    The Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides convened meeting in last October in New York at the United Nations, these meetings focused on the joint maps between Iraq and Kuwait.. the Kuwaiti side submits its consent to the United Nations, but Iraq supposedly to submit its consent on Firday, the day after tomorrow, we wanted to know the Iraqi stand and reason of delay?
•    Some region countries played a negative role towards Iraq since the change of the political regime in 2003 till now, can Kuwait plays an important role to convince these countries?
•    You spoke about different cooperation fields with Kuwait including the cultural and industry sectors, what about the Iraqi and Kuwaiti sea ports?
•        Is there are any intention to alleviate the restrictions regarding the entry of Iraqis to Kuwait since its considered as a brotherly country, and this matter is related to the social relationships which is going to erase or eliminate the impacts of the former invasion?
•    Iraq today is waiting for a UN resolution to be lifted from the custody of chapter seven; this requires a positive stand from the neighbor Kuwait.. through this active steps between both countries, how did you find the stand of Kuwait.. the neighbor country regarding its stand submission to the UN in its forthcoming meetings in order to present its final report; which leads to the contribution of lifting Iraq from the custody of chapter seven.
•    Why some of Arab gulf countries and especially the stand of KSA towards Iraq is bad over the establishment of relations which based on the mutual respect between both neighboring countries?
Sheikh Subah Khaled Ahmed Al-Subah: as for the negative attitude of the region's countries towards Iraq.. I stress that all the neighboring countries to Iraq are members in the global coalition to counter daesh terroristic gangsters and they have their participations; since stability and security of Iraq is part of the region's security and stability; from this point we are keen to participate in providing the assistance to defeat the criminal terroristic thought.
As for Kuwait's role in giving the humanitarian aids, its our duty towards our brothers, friends and partners in humanity in general, and regarding the Kuwaiti role militarily, Kuwait is an active member at the global coalition to counter what so called daesh.
Kuwait hosts a number of countries to fulfill its duty to assist Iraq in defeating daesh; and Kuwait largely contribute in supporting Iraq to defeat this criminal terroristic hazard.
As for alleviating the restrictions of visa entry to Kuwait, this item is enlisted in the agenda of all our meetings and in the minutes that we signed today, both countries are attempting to overcome all hardships to streamline the movement between both countries.
Today we signed an air transportation memorandum of understanding; because we are keen to streamline the movement between both countries.
In this occasion I thank my brothers in the republic of Iraq to facilitate the entry of Kuwaiti visitors to the Iraqi territories, and we appreciate this work, regarding the entry to Kuwait, we are reviewing all potential capacities to stream line the movement between both countries.
Excluding Iraq from chapter seven: we say and act.. you remember three years ago when your Kuwaiti brothers played a huge role to terminate Iraq from chapter seven in many resolutions, without claiming any credit or meaning any harm.
If Iraq become free, stable, and secure this means that we are secured and stable; we will hold no efforts to help our brothers in Iraq- God willing- in the upcoming time.
As for the stand of some Gulf countries, I assure you that the Gulf states which it is already represented in Iraq and they present here and have their embassies opened in Iraq are keen to maintain its relations with Brotherly Iraq.
It may there are some differences in the points of view, this is natural but the Gulf states keen on the security and stability of Iraq; since its part of the region and I assure you that their participation in the global coalition to counter the terrorist gangsters is part of this importance that these countries performed to Iraq's security and stability.
Minister Al-Jaafari: regarding the maps, it will be ratified by the Iraqi government, and its ratified at the meeting minute in New York, and we have no hesitation regarding this issue, and we are keen on the Iraqi commitments; so the Iraqi council of ministers reviewing this request and we support their decision.
Regarding Iraq's termination from chapter seven, I believe that the Kuwaiti stands were positive and I mentioned that in many events.. yes, I respect the question that our hope to keep Kuwait its positive stands towards Iraq and support it, and Iraq will not forget this support especially in the hard circumstances and taking into consideration that Iraq and the challenges faces despite the exceptional economic circumstances, but refused stopping and is carrying on to fulfill the mission, and determined for Iraq and on behalf of other countries of the region, the world as whole.
Iraq deserves the interaction with others, and not only Kuwait, but all the neighboring countries shall support Iraq and appreciates its stand, and Kuwait already did and continue its efforts. We hope that Kuwait to continue giving various support to Iraq since its neighboring and brotherly country.
Once again I extend the gratitude and appreciation to his excellency the deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs. Hope to meet again to continue reviewing all matters that strength the relations between Iraq and Kuwait.
Thank you your highness Sheikh Subah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Subah
Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings…