Foreign Minister Meets Serbian counterpart

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 Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met his Serbian counterpart, Ivica Dacic, at the Serbian Foreign Ministry Headquarter.

 The two sides dealt with political subjects, the bilateral relations, as well as, regional and international issues of mutual interests.   

 The two sides signed Memorandum of Understanding on exempting holders of diplomatic passports from visa requirements, and having cooperated and coordinated political stances in the international forums.

  "Serbia's supportive stances towards Iraq whether in the United Nations, or through providing assistance for Iraq in the war against the terrorist gangs of Da'esh, or voting in favour of Iraq in UN Human Rights Council, all these supportive stances need to be thanked for," the minister said, looking forward for further Serbian assistance, adding:" Iraq is defending itself and on behalf of the whole world, not to mention that Da'esh holds a global threat. No country is safe from Da'esh violence."

 "The Iraqi armed forces are making heroic, great achievement on ground. The Iraqi forces have given those terrorists and those supporting them an object lesson in battlefields every day. Yesterday, the number of liberated villages in Mosul has reached to 438 villages, more than 700 booby-trapped vehicles were destroyed by the Iraqi armed forces, and 60 oil wells were liberated. The Iraqi warplanes continues to bombard Da'esh targets, this supports our forces on ground. The Iraqi forces have also destroyed 50 airplanes, killed 3300 of the Da'esh thugs, and captured 182 terrorists," his Excellency said.

 "Today several Memorandums of Understanding were signed and those memorandums form a basic step towards more results, and forthcoming initiatives," Dr Al-Jaafari revealed, adding that investment along with the security sector represent the mainstay of the political structure, and political relations.

 "The first indications of the end of the war on Da'esh there shall be leapfrogs in economic investment field and make use of importing weapons, as every country is in need of weapons and Iraq is from time to time exposed to threats. Iraq does not promote for wars, we do not want to launch wars with any country. However we must have weapons in order to secure our citizens, our territories and sovereignty. Thus we search for friends who can provide us with weapons, until achieving self-sustainment concerning the security sector," his Excellency added.

 The minister added that Da'esh gangs are to be terminated by the liberation of Mosul, as Iraqis are keen on persecuting those terrorists. "World countries must take under account that those terrorists might think of another way to perform their attacks. We do not think of saving Iraq only, on the contrary, we think of saving the whole world from Da'esh threat. If Da'esh found the opportunity and seized one country, it may resume its terrorist attacks. Therefore, the world has no other choice but to fully eradicate these gangs," H. E. Dr Al-Jaafari noted.  

 While, the Serbian Foreign Minister expressed the readiness of Serbia to establish and promote solid that gather Baghdad and Belgrade, pointing out that they want to assist Iraq, develop the Iraqi economy and the relations between the Iraqi and Serbian companies. Mr Ivica Dacic added that Serbia is to review the previous agreements with Yugoslavia, to see the implemented and the unimplemented agreements, commending the victories achieved by the Iraqi armed forces in the Iraq-led war on Da'esh.

 Mr Ivica Dacic said that Iraq and Serbia have agreed to make annual meetings one in Serbia and the other in Iraq, and these meetings re to discuss and consult all aspects, relating developing economy, finance, and military industries, as well as, education as a large number of Iraqi students are studying in Serbia. The Serbian Foreign Minister added that they encourage the bilateral economic relations, and seek to ease the travel of both countries' citizens, and therefore Serbia and Iraq signed the Memorandum of exempting the holders of diplomatic passports from visa requirements.