Press Conference of Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs and his Serbian Counterpart

23rd January, 2017 1:45 AM | Written by |

I thank minister Al-Jaafari , the Iraqi minister of foreign affairs.
Minister Al-Jaafari: Peace be upon you.. I pay tribute and greetings to my friend the Serbian minister of foreign affairs, I thank him for his generous invitation, I enjoyed the time being together to review the joint affairs of republic of Iraq and Serbia.. we reviewed many issues that all goes for the interest of both countries and for the countries of the region.
There is no doubt that the supportive stands of Serbia towards Iraq whether at the United Nations or to aid Iraq in countering daesh terrorist gangs that oblige us to extend our gratitude and tribute regarding these stands.
I wish that Serbia to continue providing more aids especially that Iraq is not defending his self only, but he defends the whole world.. now daesh is constituted as a global jeopardy; all countries of the globe are vulnerable to its attacks; so Iraq is defending his self and from another side , is defending all countries of the world without exception .. Serbia's attitudes is always supportive , it voted for Iraq to be a member at the human rights council in the United Nations and we thank them  for this attitude, and we thank them for other supportive stands.
Iraqi security forces are brave and they achieved fantastic heroic achievements on the ground, and taught daesh a lesson and so does for who support them, the latest news till yesterday are: liberation of 428 villages, destruction of more than 700 bombing vehicles by Iraqi security forces, liberation of 60 oil wells and Iraqi air force continue its regular raids and strikes specified targets; which made a real air support to our troops on the ground. Moreover, destruction of 50 drones aviated by daesh and killing 3300 daesh members and capturing 182.
The displacement phenomena, it always accompany the wars and you in Europe have experienced it during the 1st /2nd world wars, and you opened the gates widely in the spheres of these two global wars, you received refugees.. its hard for us to see some of the Iraqis in these countries, but we cant stop them; since the constitution forbid us from doing so, we hope that these immigrants to return to Iraq; because Iraq needs them and they need Iraq as well and they love Iraq and Iraq loves them, they are our ambassadors to the world and we love them and work to put an end to the reasons of immigration and their displacement abroad.
 The previous generation of immigrants were immigrated to flee of the oppression of the former dictatorship that represented by "Saddam Hussein", whether current immigration and displacement because of daesh, we are looking forward improve their living standards .. I whereas addressed the world countries to contribute in rebuilding the infrastructures to restore Iraq's stability and to return the displaced to their countries.
No one is more keenness than the cities fellow citizens to rebuild their cities, and no one is more efficient than them to rebuild their schools, hospitals,  facilities; and it all need us to encourage the return of the refugees.
Once again I extend my thanks, at the outset to the republic of Serbia for its honorable stand towards Iraq, and we are looking forward more support, and exchange of intelligence information that plays an integral role in the wars especially the war against daesh is intelligence information is more important and exceptional.
As for the minister of foreign affairs, I thank him and met before at the United Nations and it was fruitful meetings, we reviewed the affairs of both countries (Iraq and Serbia) and I hope to continue convening such meetings for the good to both countries.
Today, we signed these memos and we come to an agreement in this regard. I hope it will constitute a basic step for making more results in the future initiatives.
Is it possible for you to declare what are you signed?
 Serbian foreign minister: Today we signed the agreement to exchange discussions.. currently there are consultations exchange among the countries in some issues that could be political, economic, security or consular issues.
Our desire is to cooperate between us to build friendship relation that always exist before since the times of non – aligned countries in the time of president "Tito" , and this is for the future ; so we have said: we will meet again once a year to follow up matters between us and to develop it.
Six months ago we met in Venezuela, and in the United Nations in New York, the Iraqi foreign minister and I and we agreed to meet each other once a year, to review the joint interests.
We want to help Iraq, and develop the economy and relations between the Serbian and Iraqi companies and work as friends and cooperate in all fields.
    You will meet with the Serbian minister of defense, are you going to make weapons deal import from Serbia?
    Serbian foreign minister: Iraq is an attractive environment for investments; due to its natural and economic resources.. will we witness shifting in the diplomatic and economic relations between you, and what is going to happen in the near future between both countries?

Serbian foreign minister: we want to develop the relations between both countries in all fields and empower companies to cooperate in the military fields and other fields as well.
We are happy with the triumphs achieved by Iraqi security forces against daesh; daesh the disease that could infect the whole world.
We want to cancel the visa permit and will review the agreements conducted between former republic of Yugoslavia; to see which one was valid and active and which is not; to discuss it.   
           We knew that there were big Yugoslavian firm worked in Iraq, we are confident that the development in relations will be fast; since the platform of the relations is already exist, and both the Iraqi and Serbian peoples clearly fought to gain their freedom.
Minister Al-Jaafari: the economic investment beside security aspect is constituted as the main wings that done by the political entity and political relations.
We are at the times we are going through to counter terrorism on behalf of the world, and we are hunting terrorism and daesh from one province to another till achieving full liberation in the same time we are moving towards developing the economic relations despite the high priority that government is given to the security aspect, but it doesn’t neglect the economic files … naturally the more we advance in security .. the more will take care of the economy.
The security cooperation aspect continues, but the economic cooperation aspect will be longer; so it normal that the countries who have the chance to invest in Iraq is the same that they stand with Iraq in its exceptional circumstances, and assist Iraq and enhance the Iraqi experiment.
Iraq went through multi-wars: the 1st / 2nd / and 3rd gulf wars and its infrastructure broken;so Iraq needs to depend on all methods that lead to improve its economic situation and rebuild its infrastructure.
With beginning of ending the countering with daesh, there will be jumps in the economic investment fields, and get benefit of weapons importation; no country has no army and no army without weapons.
From time to time, Iraq exposing to threats.
We are not promoting for wars, and we don’t want to legislate the wars with any country of the region, or with the far countries. But we must have the weapons to ensure our ability to safeguard our people, our country and our sovereignty from any hostile acts.
We are in search of friends who provide us with this chance, and we continue till we can achieve the self – sufficient in the security aspect.
What are the results of daesh elimination from Mosul?
Minister Al-Jaafari: regarding us, we are in fight with daesh, we started with them from the area of Jurf Al-Sakhar and we extended to Salah Al-deen and then to Al-Anbar and finally at Al-Mousl.
Daesh war is not a traditional one.. we are fighting a group of those who hide in the region, and this region has small groups of fighters depends in its fight on the terrifying of civilians to promote horror.
Daesh as groups will end in Mosul, our people is determined to hunt these groups and finish them, the world should take into its account the other areas that those fighters are going to.
We are not only fighting daesh in Iraq, and let them live in other areas; since the peace is not partitioned, and terrorism too is not partitioned as well.
The terrorists wherever they go they considered danger, and when the strikes become heavy on them a while ago they flee to Libya in the north of Africa; and this arose the panic and horror in the neighboring countries to Libya such as Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt.
They have the right to concern regarding the existence of these terrorists; the world should put into his account this fact.
We are not only thinking of rescuing Iraq only, but we think of rescuing all countries who vulnerable to Daesh.. the existence of Daesh in any region would give the chance to the terrorists to resume its existence once again. And experience the same acts of terror; so the world has one choice .. getting rid of daesh .. once Daesh threatens the whole world, they should all fight it.