Foreign minister the vice president of the human rights council of the United Nations delivers Iraq's speech in the opening of the thirty four session of the council in Geneva in Switzerland

27th February, 2017 7:28 AM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari the vice president of the human rights council said in Iraq's speech which he delivered on 27-February 2017 in the opening of the Thirty four of the council in Geneva; "we decided to go away with an affixed steps toward the human rights diplomacy, as our history supports us, and we through it built our political system, as after 2003 we built the best relations with all countries under a democratic political system, and its constitution has been chosen by the people, included the greatest human rights, as the rights of all components are included".

His Excellency explained that Iraq of the countries that suffers from terrorism, and actually fighting terrorism, and Iraq is a country that makes achievements and fighting on behalf of all the world to defend human and his dignity  so Iraq isn't a terroristic country, but is a country that defeats terrorism, referring to that some international sides tried to support terrorism through the theory of Gearing and serving and make use of some tendentious media which seek to confuse our efforts in fighting terrorism in different ways and distorting facts and accusing the popular mobilization with violations against human rights without any evidence, and by doing this it is serving terrorism only.