Foreign minister delivers Iraq's speech in the ministerial meeting of the 147 session of the Arab League in Cairo

7th March, 2017 9:21 AM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari said in a speech he delivers in the ministerial meeting of the 147 session of the Arab League council in Cairo "Da'esh targets all the world not only Iraq especially the Arab countries, so they have to follow up with Iraqi situation step by step and the field developments and make clear speech about Iraq".

About the victory of  Iraq against Da'esh terroristic gangs, the minister explained that this victory achieved by Iraqis from all sects Sunni and Shiite, all religions, all nationalities, all the political sides, and this dream comes true in Iraq, but needs a clear eye to see the reality on the Iraqi fields.

Dr. Al-Jaafari added "the battle isn't between two sects of between two nationalities but the battle is between all Iraq against all terrorists, so it is a humanitarian battle carried bearded by all Iraqis, and took its responsibility, and will continue by Allah will achieving the wanted results".

His Excellency referred to that the Iraqi people blow up to activate with the religious Marjie'a calls, which always approved that it is the Paternity compassion or all Iraqis from al sects, religions and nationalities, and the popular mobilization had a great role to defend Iraq.

Explaining that they saved civilians and the movements of our forces is careful because their existence when they put us int eh difficult choice to commit with the time table and to scarifies those, then we preferred to have longer time to save blood, but Da'esh is using all the prevented ways, few days go they used chemical weapons, even the battle is difficult but our forces are trying to finish it as soon as possible.

His Excellency praised the Arab League decision to condemn the Turkish interference in the Iraqi fields saying: "in the same time when we valued the Arabic gather to refuse the Turkish interference in the Iraqi fields, but we wish more support, and more pressure on the neighboring Turkey, to withdraw and respect the Iraqi sovereignty, considering the Turkish behavior an Overrun of sovereignty to all the Arabic nation.

Dr. Al-Jaafari called to get up with a practical steps in the Palestinian case, explaining: we are Palestinian and Palestinian is we.

His Excellency stressed on that Iraq supports the international efforts to restore security in Libya, and adopting the political choice, and respect the will of the Libyan people, stressing on that the war in Yemen doesn't serve the Yemen people interests, expressing the Iraqi attitude by saying: "this war has no winner of loser, both are losers, Arabs are bleeding, and Arabs' dignity has been injured. "

His Excellency also called to return Syria to its position in the Arab League, Syria is our responsibility, and we as an Arab League don't represent presidents abut also our Arab people, and Arab political systems, and Arab states that are based on the people base, this people must be respected, stressing "we mustn't get used to the absence of any Arab state, Syria mustn't be absent as long as it is apart of this nations."

Pointing: the weakness of any Arab state is weakening of all of us, stressing on the secret of our strength is by our unity.