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Minister Al-Jaafari: in the name of you all, I welcome Mr. Aljuhainawi as a brother, and friend of Iraq before he became as the foreign minister of Tunisia, and in the time that I personally stand that I rarely be in the press conferences that his attitudes in the Arab league as a minister of foreign affairs and chair of the foreign ministers term was honorable, and continued following up and an Arab moderator in brotherly manner and interacts with all. The meeting was opened for all horizons that we are looking forward its investment in the economic and security field, and to understand all troubles and the joint political visions.. I believe that the Iraqi – Tunisian relations is to witness a progressive steps for the next era; due to the existence of common interests and visions and common culture as well. Its true that Tunisia represents the African – Arabic wing , and Iraq the Asian wing, but the world in which we live in today is a world of communications ,and we reviewed during a serious of meetings with the brother Al-Juhainawi the achievements of the Iraqi security forces in our conversations at the Arab League and how the Arabic gathering is healed just as the political gathering, the army, the federal police, the popular mobilization troops, terrorism combat troops and peshmarga… these troops made a true triumph and how it defeated daesh while he government started three years ago to the current progresses now while in 2014 daesh terrorist gangs were close to Baghdad. The situation is changed now, and it developed despite all challenges that Iraq is facing, Iraq endured all these challenges: the economic and security challenges and today – Thanking God- Iraq overcome all these challenges and become an able to achieve the Iraqi dream. There is no doubt that these triumphs were not a way from the support of our brothers especially when they feel the danger of daesh; it’s a global danger and not a local only. We look towards each country from its finest sons and finest leaders and finest political powers, in love here we received it. We hope the Arab countries to make its way and build relations and strong economy and to extend the bridges between us and Tunisia for the interests of both countries, and may be more that this bilateral polarity and I hope to be fruitful to other countries and the success of this experience for us it considered an important record of interaction with other countries. Once again I welcome my dear brother for his visit to Iraq .. welcome . Mr. Khamees Al-Juhainawi: Thank you your excellency .. at first, I would like to extend my gratitude in person regarding your kind invitation to visit a country who is dear to Tunisia and dear to the Arab nation, and I am so glad of this visit and the important meetings which I conduct with the different Iraqi officials starting from his excellency the president of Iraq, prime minister and and important number of government members from important institutions in this dear country. The Tunisian and Iraqi relations is a historical relations, and Iraq was always in the heart of all Tunisians and all what had happened in this country we kept an eye to from close, and Tunisia kept its embassy open during all those times and the Tunisian flag flapping in Baghdad and there were no doubts that Iraq is to regain its wellness and position regionally and internationally. I would like to congratulate his excellency the minister and the Iraqi leadership for the impressive success and victories which made to defeat this common enemy .. the terrorism - a plague which hit all the Arab countries and each success in defeating this plague will assist in stability of all Arab countries. Iraq in its first front in this and it deserves all support .. we stated this in Tunisia and I am doing it here as well before the Iraqi media. The Tunisian – Iraqi relations horizons is multiple… first: horizons to support and enhance the economic relations which unfortunately had some inaction; due to the internal situation which Iraq is went through, and the internal relation which Tunisia is witnessed as well, but there is a common desire from the Iraqi and Tunisian sides to boost these relations. The commercial trade between Iraq and Tunisia does not exceed 10 million dollars, and this is normal and we will do more efforts in the future to initiate communications between Iraqi and Tunisian business men and to intensify and boost the commercial trade and provide partnership opportunities for business men from both countries. On the governmental level there were huge readiness to push forward our relations , and I ve noticed this during my interview with minister of transportation, and we saw that. There are many other sectors that I reviewed with his Excellency the minister of foreign affairs, and I would like to thank him and thank the Iraqi leadership for the generous hospitality that I and my delegation have felt, and for this positive spirit to boost the relations between both countries and for the minister's keenness for the Arabic issues which we have noticed in the last meeting two days ago in Cairo for the Arab ministers of foreign affairs meeting and how his Excellency is helping to bridge the points of view in the basic issues and stimulating the Arab brothers to focus on the basic issues in the upcoming summit to be held in Amman / Jordan, and in conclusion and before I finish my speaking, the document that we have signed is about diplomatic cooperation between both ministries of foreign countries. I believe that today their will be a new step forward of cooperation between the Tunisian diplomacy and Iraqi diplomacy which its well – established and has the useful staffs and capacities for the Tunisian diplomacy and it could be useful for the Iraqi brothers in the amount of information of analysis of our relations with European union and Iraq has a developed relations and analysis that could be useful to Tunisia. Once again I thank you your excellency for your receiving , your kind welcoming. Question to the guest minister: many of fighters that attracted to join daesh were came from Tunisia, and Tunisia is a brotherly – country and its stands are known in supporting Iraq.. is there are any plans that the Tunisian government has to bring those fighters to justice if they returned? Or if there are any awareness plans to the youngsters in order not to join these gangs which defeated in Iraq in the future? Mr. Khamees Al-Juhainawi: this is very important matter .. you know that Tunisia after 2011 has witnessed weakness in protecting its borders and a security vacuum as well; which gave the chance to the terrorist organizations to attract a large number of Tunisians. I have no specific numbers; because there is no specific authority can tell the accurate numbers of Tunisians, and there are some rumors the Tunisians spread.. some Tunisian officials in the first years after 2011 revolution they gave some statistics which it wasn’t real or reasonable and I am sure that our brothers the Iraqis have useful information that could be useful to Tunisia as well. Those were misled and the others were joined for economic reasons and the rest were criminals and we are keen to preserve the security of Iraq; since Iraq's security is as important as Tunisia security and I am positive the converse is correct. And we will intensify our efforts and cooperation between the Tunisian security and Iraqi security facilities via exchange of information, visits and commercial trade and how to eliminate this dangerous plague which threatens the security and stability of both countries, and those when return to Tunisia, they will be unwelcome.. there is a Tunisian code – and Tunisia respects codes, establishments – they will be brought to justice in fair way for those who commits crimes inside or outside Tunisia. There is terrorism code, and it consist of some articles that deal with such cases.. I believe in that in the talks which I have conducted with number of Iraqi government members we discussed the possibility of cooperation to protect our youth from being misled; beside that the work of terrorism combat not only deals with security cases only, it’s a cultural work and its important to education and economy sector, and to all aspects of life and other sectors that deemed important to the state between Tunisia and Iraq. There are many domains to educate youth the basic principles of Islam which its not related to such a plague that exploits religion. Now , there are Tunisian programs and I am sure that Iraq has the same. Question to the guest: the are planes owned by Iraqi Air Lines that kept by the overthrown regime in Tunisia, and till this moment including one presidential plane.. why Tunis doesn’t send it back to Iraq? Question to Minister Al-Jaafari: is there are any concluded conventions with Tunisia regarding handing over the prisoners, and prisoners exchange? And does this convention enlist those who involved in terrorism cases? Mr. Khamees Al-Juhainawi: as for the two planes, I discussed with the Transportation Minister this case and we expressed to our brother before that we are ready to deliver this plane, in the contrary we want to close this file and we don’t want it to be happen again, and these two planes since 1991 approximately become a burden in landing them in a very important airport in southern Tunisia, and we want to handed over to our Iraqi brothers which its their right as soon as possible and we will help them in this. Minister Al-Jaafari: there is a concluded agreement of convicted exchange, and when their sentence period ends they will be handed over normally, and we are as a constitutional state will abide with the Arab League convention and will act in accordance with this principle and those who completed their sentence / prison period, we are ready to hand them over. Here I must refer that we don’t see this brotherly country through those cast away what ever the reasons would be since terrorism is a real jeopardy issue. And we are confident that our Arab brothers have the same sense. The terrorist is not dangerous on us as a targeted country, but dangerous on Tunisia as well; since he understands bombing language only; so our relations with them in this domain have witnessed a very well cooperation on the middle and long term. Bringing those to justice and holding them accountable for their committed crimes against humans children or elderly , a women or man is a curable matter and we must go to this precautionary security level before they can commit these crimes. What can we do? And what is the type of culture which made those? The arena is still waiting to fill this vacuum and to present a culture that when youth feels that they have energy, they can use it in the investment, and we must humanize this thought so that to become more cautious on the blood of those innocent people. A long way are still a head and we must cooperate together. I believe that our battle with terrorism will not continue for short term, and soon will be defeated in Iraq and this triumph is not for Iraq only, but it recorded to all of our brothers and to the whole world that suffers from this terrorism. • Question submitted to the guest minister: as you know Iraq was fighting daesh on behalf of the world; to what extent that Tunisia to contribute in rebuilding Iraq? • Question submitted to minister Al-Jaafari: Iraq's security is part of the security of neighboring countries, and to what extend the situation aggravated in Syria? Moreover, there are demands to return the Syria to the Arab League, what is the Tunisian stance regarding this matter? Mr. Khamees Al-Juhainawi: one of the goals of this visit is how to enhance the economic relations, and there are a number of Tunisian companies who interested to participate in Iraq rebuilding process, and there are many domains that I discussed with the minister, and with a number of officials that I met in this visit, including power sector and other sectors that Tunisia may get the benefit from and to be useful to the Iraqi brothers in the rebuilding and God willing Tunisia will be one of the first countries who participate in this field. Minister Al-Jaafari: security of Iraq cant be isolated from his neighbors security and it happened regarding what happened in Syria and what effected by terrorism more than any other file, and more than any other period of time and its clear as sun in the daylight and we always more than one politician in Iraq has warned of the repercussions of the real time jeopardy at that time in Syria and terrorism sooner or later will attack Iraq and it become true. We cant haunting terrorists without improving the political situation and political relations and enhance relations in the whole Arab home; so that terrorism will suffocate and all its abnormal will be disabled. We spoke at the Arab ministers of foreign affairs council regarding its importance and we received good interaction from our brothers and Mr. Al-Juhainawi, the Tunisian minister of foreign affairs was an active member in this interaction, as he said shortly, and he was clear in this because he is anxious to do so. I believe all honorable brothers was positively interacted and some of them spoke directly/ I imagine that needs some time and efforts. We believe that the Arab League is not only a rulers league, neither governments league, but it is a league for states known with its common five parameters : ( sovereignty, land, nation, government and power), so we must work together to embody the concept of Arab countries. Its meaningless to argue with people, and stay away from the government if there was any conflict between one rule and another, and we must not neglect this case, since we have solid ties with Arab countries and its very important and strategic. There are countries spent long times in wars, but they succeeded to bind the cross the war distances and started pages of peace, like wars which happened in Europe and they crossed the distances and built very good relations. We focused in relations on the importance of activating the economic and security sectors and to get benefit of these two sectors; so that we can cross the brake off in relations and to start new page which bring the good to all Arab countries. Question submitted to the Tunisian Minister: is there are any old conventions for instating the visas to the business man and diplomats? Is it going to be done as soon as possible in line with launching the flights of airlines companies for both countries? Mr. Khamees Al-Juhainawi: agreement to exempt the diplomats is very new one and its not old, and the decision is lately taken due to the latest visit of minister Al-Jaafari to Tunisia, and now we are considering the possibilities to exempt the Iraqi travelers for the visa and we will do so and will find with the Iraqi ambassador in Tunis the ways to lift the visa, and as I said: we want to reopen the flights of the Iraqi Air Lines to Tunis airport, and to prepare the Tunisian Air Lines to fly to Baghdad and we cant discuss any cultural and economic cooperation between both countries with the absence of this important case ( absence of transportation), with regard to the visa case, we will put the mechanism and method to be acceptable for both countries; to lift the visa and facilitate it between both countries.