Foreign Minister Receives the Secretary-General of the Arab League

15th March, 2017 1:21 PM | Written by |

 Minister of Foreign affairs Dr Ibarhaim al-Jaafari received on 15 March 2017 the Secretary-General of the Arab League Dr Ahmed Aboul-Gheit, at his office in Baghdad.

 During the meeting, they reviewed ways of cooperation, and coordination in solving issues of mutual interests in favour of all Arabs.

 "Iraq is committed to support the Arab League, develop its work, and to be an essential and productive member of the League. Therefore we are keen on having a significant presence that would make the League a stronger entity without reducing its volume with only one country or with one bilateral relationship; on the contrary, it must accommodate all Arab countries which would move the Arab League furthermore," the minister said.

 His Excellency added that Iraq is working very hard with its Arab brothers and with the leadership of the Arab League in order to reduce the current tension in the region, and find solutions for each crisis facing the Arab soul, expressing:" we are looking forward for the stance of the League of Arab States because it is closer to Iraq than others. This could make its share of terrorism menace even more and it's even more threatened, God forbid. We also look forward for our Arab brothers to stand by our side, prove that they are standing by Iraq in everything and make the voice of Iraq heard. There are some thugs who joined Da'esh and came to Iraq; we do not consider them as a representation for their peoples, nor countries, yet they represent a specific Arab nationalities. We want to hear the supportive humanitarian Arab call that supports Iraq, stands by its side and provides assistance for Iraq which is passing through exceptional circumstances."

 HE Dr Al-Jaafari emphasised that Iraq's victory is a victory for all Arab states, and a victory for all humanity.

 His Excellency clarified that it's hoped that the amount of terrorism's hotbeds would be reduced, and turn the previous page, regaining the unity, dignity of the Arab nation and spread the culture of charity instead of spreading the culture of hatred and revenge that was waged by Da'esh. 

 This came in a joint press conference with the Secretary-General of the Arab League Dr Ahmed Aboul-Gheit.

 Regarding Arab affairs, Dr Al-Jaafari said:" concerning Syria, I still believe that it's inappropriate for Syria –with its long history and sacrifices- to be excluded from the Arab League. We do not distinguish between Arab states. Iraq hopes that Jordan's summit would witness qualitative changes."

  While, the Secretary-General of the Arab League Dr Ahmed Aboul-Gheit pointed out:" Iraq has fronted the terrorist gangs of Da'esh and regained control over the Iraqi territories. This represents a distinct pleasure for me". Dr Aboul-Gheit congratulated the Iraqi Government for the achieved military successes, expressing his grief for the innocent souls of civilians and Iraqi armed forces that were perished in this war. We duly support Iraq and wish the best for it. We will come back to celebrate regaining all the Iraqi territories from those murderers."

 Relating to the Turkish violation for the Iraqi territories, Aboul-Gheit said:" the League of Arab States has more than one resolution demanding the Turkish Government to withdraw its forces from the Iraqi territories and not to interfere in the Iraqi inner affairs. No state can cross the borders of its neighbouring state without a request from that state. And if they said that their presence is based on the agreement of the Iraqi Government, well it's obvious that the Iraqi government has publically reiterated for many times that it refuses the Turkish presence. We hope that Turkey would response for. The League of Arab States supports Iraq's demand in this concern."

 The Secretary-General of the Arab League referred to the League's unanimous resolutions that address terrorism, adding that on 22 March 2017 a conference for countering Da'esh is to be held in Washington, and the League of Arab states is to participate in this conference.

 Dr Ahmed Aboul-Gheit asserted that Iraq has strong, skilled army and security forces that are ready to sacrifice the soul for the sake of Iraq. "I see the Iraqi soldier in the television, in newspapers I read about their sacrifices. They are acting as real soldiers that belong to an army with performance, and discipline. I was not surprised that Iraq is achieving these military progresses and that is to regain the control over its Iraq's all territories with a moral and material support from the international community. I hope, when I get back again to Iraq again, that I will celebrate with Dr Al-Jaafari in Mosul," he added.

 Aboul-Gheit expressed his wishes that good would pervade in Iraq. "I hope for the Iraqi people further success and ultimate victory in the fight against terrorism and have a normal life in its cities, and villages. I hope that Iraq would be back again capable of effectively contributing to support the League of Arab States," the Secretary-General asserted.

 Concerning finding a project similar to Marshall Project that Dr Al-Jaafari is calling for in order to reconstruct Iraq, Dr Aboul-Gheit said:" I find it a glamorous idea. I think that the Iraqi Government can take the initiative of putting forward this idea on the up-coming summit, and through having Arab consent, we will seek the consent of the international community in order to achieve this idea."