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In the Name of God, The most Compassionate, The most Merciful Allah says in the Holy Quran – Surat Al-Zumar 18 "Who listen to the speech and follow the best of it. Those are the ones Allah has guided". I would like to thank the republic of Mauritania and The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan regarding hosting this term, I also Thank Mr. Ahmed Abu Al-Gheit and my dear brother Dr. Ayman. Dear Brothers.. This summit which started today in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is surrounded with many dangerous challenges which spread out here and there! And its also accompanied by great pending ambitions that awaits for who is going to explode the capacities; to pave its way to real life. In Iraq, the battle started since for almost three years, and today the Iraqi security forces wining it, and it distinguished in this period with savagery killings in the invaded provinces and terrorists committed in the day light before the whole world barbaric crimes such as the crime against Mrs. Lina by her sinful sun "Arif" when he gunned her down with two bullets in her chest and killed her, she is his mother.. you can imagine this crime of sun who killed his mother and five of the criminals of adults who direct their rifles to kill five children and this scene is spread as video clip that the whole world watched. How can we imagine for those sinful criminals to be in the government of a wealthy country (Iraq) and with its size, what type of state would be? The three invaded provinces, which it is Al-Anbar, Salah El-Deen and Al-Mosul, is the provinces of sacrifice which bled during the last periods and other provinces also sacrificed by their suns and by all of what it have to help other provinces such as Al-Basra, Annaseriah, Ammara and Adewaniyah, Al-Samawah , Al-kut , Karbala, Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf , Al-Hilla, Baghdad and Diala and it also included all Iraqi provinces.. it’s a wide battle in participation and deep in soul. All sons of these provinces were marched in serious manner and gave their best sons in order to achieve the victory. Iraqi blood were mixed together from different religions, sects, nationalities and areas they belong and they made brilliant progress that exceeds all expectations between 2014 till 2017 to engrave the liberation epic for these three provinces. The Iraqis sacrificed every thing , and they give all the precious and the brothers must provide the financial support to sustain the victories and rebuilding and to support the economy. And the Prophet Mohammed (PBO) (( Islam is promoted by Morals of Mohammed, Sword of Ali and Funds of Khadija). This three factors carried the secret of victory at each nation, and the secret of victory is the winning at each battle. Iraq is rich, and you know that, and it’s a generous country. Iraqis were known for their generosity, sacrifice, and giving. Dear brothers. This victory is achieved by massive sacrifices of Iraqis who their blood is shed the land of Iraq with red and still give a large number of martyrs and our brothers must involve in. We don’t want their blood to be shed; blood of Iraqis are in the front to give, but you can participate in financial, moral, media and political support and to stand with Iraq and send a letter of love to all Iraqis stating that their brothers are with them in the field of confrontation. Huge challenges were ahead of us not only in Iraq, but generally in the region, and today it urges our entitled conference " 28th Arab Summit". Their kind of challenges was promoted as culture concept which harmed our sons in different regions despite all of what God has granted us such as moral wealth and great financial resources, but poverty is spreading and sickness and ignorance as well! Then they haunted by daesh because of their ignorance then they mobilized with targets they need. We must be aware of the priorities .. the governing regime in Iraq today differs than the former one who made local wars against its sons and against our Kurdish brothers in the north of Iraq (Kurdistan) in Halabja and Al-Anfal and with our Sunnis brothers in Al-Anbar (the revolution of the martyr Mohammed Al-Madhloum) and with the southern region when the Shabbania uprising broke out and gave causalities and when the former regime buried people alive and their number were more than 365 thousand martyrs including pregnant women and children. Iraq today is spreading love among its people components, and its love and culture extended to its neighbor, brothers and to its dears. no country is suffering from any official or non-official Iraqi aggression now. This is new Iraq. But Iraq is attacked but it didn’t attack any country.. the new regime in Iraq ensure to its citizens and neighbors to give all love, brotherhood, and peace. You know that the Turkish forces were entered in an Iraqi area called (Ba'shiqa) since two years were entered deeply in 110 km inside Iraq and it didn’t withdraw, and Turkey now facing the Iraqi / Arabic decision of rejection and calling for the necessity prompt withdraw from Ba'ashiqa ; all Arab countries were agreed on taking this stance and crowned by the Arab League resolution. Concerning Palestine.. Iraqi stance is the same historical stance that we didn’t change.. we believe that we should continue our support to our Palestinian brothers while they are facing the most atrocious enemy in the conflict region between Arab countries and Israel. Its wrong to believe that Palestine is sole Palestinian fate! Its not a Palestinian nor Arabic nor Islamic fate only, but it’s a humanitarian fate which humanitarian will is embodied in while it faces the barbaric actions from the Zionists, we must outline in our priorities that Jerusalem and our holy sites is vulnerable to violation constantly and the crime cannot be divided because of its multi –areas. Concerning Syria.. it’s a genuine Arab country and it has an old history and extended civilization, its time now to not ban any Arab country from attending here in the sessions of the Arab League, and we must not to ban its loyal sons and representatives of its countries regardless any types of conflicts.. the conflicts urge us to think of the methods of finding the solutions in civilized language and with dialogue; but the boycott and banning will worsen the issues and make it more complicates.. its not from point of strength to make enmity with anyone .. the Arab home must be present at the Arabic Tent, and it must represent all its components without exception; so, we must think seriously on the methods of gathering all members of the Arab home and to solve the Syrian crisis with the best possible methods of solutions. As for Yemen.. we said in Sharm El-Sheikh: we are against any military intervention, and we expressed that with the time that this is a no winner's war; both parties are losers in it.. any drop of Arabic blood shed is a loss for all of u and each woman to be widowed and each kid become orphan and each man harmed it will be a loss for us as whole; so its time to review this issue with courage. We must review what is happened .. we stand with the peaceful solution and with the political legitimacy and with elections and with whose elected and its true, but in case of any conflict, the political solution is preferred and when the political solution fail the second option is the political solution and when it fail, the political solution should be taken as well. We must not think out of the political solution when any other solutions fail. What I say for Yemen it applies for Libya as well.. we are with the political solution and with legitimacy, our efforts must be integrated together. My brothers.. I started my address with Iraq and I conclude with Iraq.. Iraq is every day making new victories and these victories is for you too and the crimes of daesh terrorists were reached to deliberately making new shields of humans and take the as hostages inside the tunnels in order to be killed and buried under the rubble.. its an intended criminal action and new invented barbaric action out of any humanitarian action. I tell you that Iraqi people from all of its provinces are unified an immune from terrorism.. all provinces of sacrifice that come and take the initiative to sacrifice such as Al-Diwaniya prove were also joined other provinces in order to express its interaction and support to its other brotherly provinces and to its dear people in Al-Mosul. Iraq today witnesses a patriotic phenomena with no dispute and no wars no conflicts among its people.. it’s a unified war between the Iraqi patriotism and daesh barbarism .. between those who enjoy the savagery, atrocious and suicide spirits and those who carry the heroic martyrdom spirit and sacrifice in order to save the humanity .. this is what is happening now in Iraq. I look forward to see our Arab brothers and the Arab summit conference to deliver a message stating " we are standing by your side with moral and financial support". I say it again: Iraq is rich country and multi resourceful, but its going through exceptional circumstances and everybody knows this fact.. and its truthful who said "during hardships.. brothers will be distinguished". Thank You and Peace be upon you and Gods mercy and blessings.