Minister of Foreign Affairs speech in the international ministerial conference in Brussels regarding the Syrian crisis and supporting the displaced people

5th April, 2017 11:50 PM | Written by |

In the name of God.. the most compassionate. The most merciful.
Your excellency .. the Chair of the session, Ms. Federica Moghirini.
The esteemed representatives of partner states and organizations.
Esteemed attendees...
Peace be upon you and Gods' mercy and blessings...

At the beginning. I extend my gratitude and appreciation for your kind invitation, and for giving me the chance to participate in the conference of Brussels; to support the future of Syria and the region, and I thank the higher representative of the E.U. for security and foreign policy, Ms. Federica Mogherini on giving the Syrian crisis and the required priority and take the initiative in this conference.

I brief my speech in the following topics:
1-    Iraq and since the beginning of the crisis outbreak  in Syria in 2011 was and still being a representative factor in ending the crisis in Syria, and frankly declared that the political solution is the only way to be done in Syria, and Iraq called the international community to adopt a political solution that contributes to stabilize  a multi – democratic system that meets the legitimized needs of the Syrian people, and preserve Syria as one united country and strong and stable.
2-    Iraq completely agrees with the E.U. objectives towards Syria, and as its declared in the ratified strategy that read by the E.U. and adopted by the foreign affairs council on 03/4/2017, that Syria should be unified, democratic, diversified, comprehensive, secure and stable country and Iraq agrees with the E.U. that there is no military solution to be used in Syria and the political solution among the disputed Syrian parties should be done through negotiation, dialogue which it is the only method to seize the internal infighting.
Iraq praises –also- the will of the E.U. in the serious participation in rebuilding Syria after adopting the political solution, Peace and democracy achieving; in accordance with what had outlined at the strategy of the E.U. which stating the procedures that represents increase the traditional procedures and to resume cooperation's with Syria and to raise funds.
3. the success in achieving security, peace, stability and democracy in Syria has its positive results – indeed- on the region and on Iraq as well and on the world, and one of the most important results in countering terrorism and to establish the democratic experiments and human rights in the region; and this will definitely lead to put an end to the immigration and asylum seeking phenomena.
4. Iraq sees that the success of the E.U. strategy of the political solution and peace and stability and democracy in Syria requires the work from now to dehydrate the terrorism sources and seize arming and funding the armed terroristic groups and collective cooperation in a serious manner regarding this issue.
5. for the interest of Iraq also stabilization of a multi- democratic regime in Syria that expresses the rights and ambitions of the Syrian people to determine his destiny and to build his country and the victories achieved in Syria against daesh and against the other terroristic gangs will support the security and stability in Syria and in the region and in the world; so the political, economic and military support to Iraq is a support to the peace, security, and stability of the region.

Here, I would like to prove what is regarding Adlib and the crime committed there.. it is a shameful and disgraceful crime and we live today in an era that we suppose to advocate and defend the human rights in general and animal rights and environment rights and the rights of every creature, I believe through the Iraqi experience during the last years in more than one area that has adequate experience with the terrorists and their evil attitudes to falsify the truths and facts; I call for conducting an international investigation to bring the involved parties who committed these criminal actions since those and through our experience in Iraq commits horrible actions and attempt to hide it and accuse other parties.

In this event, I would like to seize this opportunity of holding this meeting to adjure you the increase of financial, humanitarian and military support and to assist Iraq in achieving the ultimate victory to eliminate this terrorist organization.   

Our security forces and all its factions, the army, federal police, popular mobilization and peshmerga and sons of tribes and the support of the global coalition forces are making magnificent sacrifices and courage to liberate our invaded provinces and it has succeeded in restoring the confidence of its people in all liberated areas.
In conclusion, I thank you again and wish all success for this conference and I hope it achieve the aimed objectives.

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.