Foreign minister receives his Germany counterpart and hold a press conference in Baghdad

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Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari received the Germany foreign minister Mr. Zeghmar Ghabreal on 19 April in Baghdad.

During the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relations between both countries, and the prospects of strengthening them to serve the interests f both friendly people, also they reviewed the field situation in the battle of Iraq against Da'esh terroristic gangs, and the victories of the security forces by its different formation,  army, Police, Popular mobilization, Peshmargha and the sons of Tribes, both sides discussed the Germany role after Da'esh and liberating all cities from Da'esh terroristic gangs to rebuild the infrastructure.

The minister expressed Iraq's appreciation to Germany attitude in supporting Iraq, financially and Logistically, stressing on Iraq's keenness to develop the relations between both countries and opening different prospects in the economic and trading fields between the two countries, and stressing on the necessity of the security and intelligent coordination especially in countering terrorism and defeating its Incubator.

His Excellency "we discussed the Iraqi funds issues frozen in some Germany banks, and the necessity of releasing them, because of the need to it, and getting it back to Iraq as the owner", calling the Germany side to receive the wounded of the security forces to be treated in the Germany hospitals especially that Germany has a high experience in the surgery field, according to the first and second world war, and  has an excellent experience in treating field and the importance of opening a Germany consulate in Al-Basra.

From his side, the Germany foreign minister said that we stand by Iraq, and our support is through providing the humanitarian aids to places and people who need it, and achieving establishment in the liberated areas, and we participate with the coalition against Da'esh, and we in cooperation with our European friends support Iraq and its army to restore security to the country and today we seal-Mousel as the last stronghold for Da'esh in Iraq, and as expected will be liberated soon.

Mr. Zeghmar Ghabreal referred to his country's will to participate in rebuilding Iraq and helping it to achieving reformations, stressing that " it is necessary to us to support the Iraqi government in its seek to save Iraq's unity as a state, and we presented to Iraq in 2014 one billion Euro, and presented to the Iraqi government an conditioned loan with about 500 million Euro for rebuilding Iraq, and stressed on that they are ready to provide more assistance".

After the meeting, they held a press conference.


Press conference of Iraqi minister of foreign affairs and his German Counterpart
Minister Al-Jaafari: I extend gratitude to the government of Germany for the efforts made in more than one field, and for the support provided to Iraq in the humanitarian, military and logistic fields and for its supportive attitudes towards Iraq in the United Nations when Iraq submits the project of the monuments issues, Germany was on the side of Iraq and it supported this initiative.
We looking forward to Germany's participation in the rebuilding process, especially that it has experience in the WWI and in the WWII.
We hope to open multiple horizons in the economic and commercial cooperation fields between both countries and we stressed on the necessity of the security coordination and intelligence cooperation in the terrorism combat field and in elimination of its intellectual sources.
We discussed the frozen Iraqi funds in some of the German banks and the necessity to release it due to the need and to return it to Iraq as its legitimate owner , we also asked Germany to receive the members of Iraqi security forces in the german hospitals especially that Germany has good experience in the surgery field because of the WWI and the WWII, and it has an excellent experience in the field of patient treatment and we stressed on the necessity to open the german consulate in Basra.
 I congratulated Mr. president Frank Steinmeier, which was the foreign minister of Germany and during the period that he ran the ministry, there was cooperation between the Iraqi and German ministries of foreign affairs.. and we will cooperate to achieve the joint goals.
I renew my welcoming to Mr. Zeghmair Gabriel in his visit to Baghdad and I hope that to reach together to deepen the relations between Iraq and Germany and to open the mutual investment opportunities between both countries.
German Foreign Minister: Thank you for the warm welcoming and good hospitality and for the support to organize my visit to Baghdad.
Today, we conducted several talks firstly with the CSOs representatives and we visited a church and then we conducted talks with Mr. President and Mr. Speaker and now .. we are here and we conducted joint talks and today in the evening we will meet the representatives of the relieving international organizations, such as: the representative of the UNDP.
Our objectives are we stress on our stand with Iraq and to help Iraq to go out of the disastrous situation.
Our assistance and support firstly consist of: providing the humanitarian support in the areas and people who are in need.
Second: restore stability in the liberated areas from daesh domination.
Third: participating in the coalition against daesh, we and our European friends aims to consolidate, strengthening the Iraq army and support it in the training field in order to restore security to the country, and today we can see in Mosul, the last stronghold of daesh in Iraq. Its expected to be liberated soon from daesh denomination, and we should provide the support regarding the reforms in Iraq and support this process in order to stability achievement and to settle the post – crisis situations and providing the humanitarian support and countering daesh.
  We want to participate in the rebuilding of Iraq and provide assistance in reforms and it's important for us to support the Iraqi government in its security maintaining and unity maintaining as one united country and conducting the social reconciliation inside Iraq and so that Iraq become a country who embrace different components: Shia, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians and other minorities and other cultures to be maintained as well.
Concerning the IDPs, its important for us to provide them with new coexistence opportunities in their country and to help in the rebuilding and supporting the economic development since we have to provide to the youth a future opportunities; to stay in country and to not to join extremism, and we should remember that Iraq is rich and full of opportunities and massive capacities and resources and Iraq must get advantage of these huge capacities for development in the economic, social field and this is couldn’t be done without going through the reform process and this process is more important than funds and than any other international support.
Building the country without corruption with general administration with high efficiency, and with an independent judiciary is very important. And this is the important steps in the country development, and without theses steps no investors will come to Iraq, but with achieving these steps, the high capacities of Iraq will be get advantage of and so for the Iraqi competent manpower.
We support these reforms, countering corruption and building an independent judiciary system and reasonable governance.
Question submitted to the German minister: we want to know the method of support to Iraq and when it will be provided and how you will contribute in supporting the unity of Iraq during the war against daesh terrorist gangs?
German Minister: since 2014, we gave a billion Euro and we gave loan to the Iraqi government without conditions amounted 500 million Euro, I stress again that we are ready to give financial aids, but as I said: it's not enough to give funds in the areas of rebuilding and stability restoration to Iraq, it's about reforms that Iraqi government should do. And must do.
Question submitted to Minister Al-Jaafari: do you expect more support from Germany in fighting terrorism?
Question submitted to the German Minister: is Germany going to boost its military efforts in Iraq?
Minister Al-Jaafari: there is no doubt that support provided from Germany is not small, whether in the financial or logistic field and it supports the fair causes that Iraq demands in order to consolidate its position in the United Nations.
We highly appreciate it but fighting daesh is not a limited type of fight and the destructive ability of daesh which destructed Iraq and Syria before, and it threatens the whole middle east and the world as well, and they committed bombing in different areas of the world, their danger is high and expanded; so in the time that we thank Germany for its attitudes and support, but we look for its double efforts to support Iraq in all levels, the security, financial and military levels as well, and also the support for the Iraqi stances in the United Nations.
German Minister of Foreign Affairs: our talk today, and at any talks that Germany consolidate its military efforts and the basic efforts must be exerted in the area of rebuilding and providing future opportunities, we can see that in Germany the discussion must be conducted regarding the security field and the media covers the military efforts only, but the matter that we must provide the assistance and train the Iraqi security forces and this role must be played here and we stand with Iraq in this field.
As for terrorism-countering, we must refer to the military efforts and the better life without daesh, and provide the opportunities to the youth is a priority.
As for Iraq, many asks in the western countries: what is the military situation and what are the available military aids? 
We didn’t talk and we cant neglect the military efforts and we can see that in Mosul, and the Iraqi army is fighting there, and give sacrifices especially that the army is trying to protect the civilians whom used by daesh as human shields, and give huge sacrifices and this is deserve all respect and gratitude.

•    Question submitted to the German minister: Iraq suffers from financial crisis in the mean time and the liberated areas need more than 50 billion dollars for rebuilding.. is there will be a bigger role for Germany to rebuild these areas?
German minister: the financial loan is without conditions, and ready since two years but it didn’t use yet, and this loan must be used to rebuild the schools and to provide technical training to build the infrastructure and to encourage Iraqis to return home.
Question submitted to the German minister: the purpose is to support stability and what we can do; not because we are german, but as Europeans as well and help the country to maintain its unity and not to be divided in case of the Kurds separation and because of the problems between the Sunnis and Shia.
The purpose of this visit is how we can support the whole Iraq and not be part of the regional effects from other countries in the region, and what is necessary to achieve what is necessary for achieving growth and social and economic stability; so that the people can go back to the natural path of their lives; and by then there will be hope to the Iraqi person, the money is not necessary for this context.
I believe Germany helped Iraq financially highly and I think hat its important for the USA as well to take responsibility towards better future, and to exert efforts to restore stability in the region, as the Europeans wants to take the initiative in this phase to defeat daesh out of the country , but what we have learned from the experiences in other countries is collecting funds to the country is not enough! Because of the local investors and those who make the difference is the international investors; because the look towards the country from another angle, can we trust the administration of this country, and is it free of corruption? Or it is the country that I should pay money to win the investment licenses and I cant know what is going on in the tax system after that and so on.
What we can achieve is not the peace stability only, but establishing a stable framework in the economy field; so we must invest in reforming the country and to win more authorities which are independent and fair since it’s the most important tools to win the confidence of the society.
We must gain the confidence of the immigrated Iraqis who wants to return to their homes; because they want to trust their government and their judiciary system and to build the confidence of the international investors as well; so we are always focus on the funds collection .. yes, funds plays major role, but money alone is not enough to change the situation in the country; so I support the efforts exerted by Iraqi government and reforms that tries to pass via the parliament, and we want more than training the military and we want to train the judges and governmental employees and I believe that with presence of serious government with its work and this is what the Iraq needs to build the confidence.
Minister Al-Jaafari: I would like to refer to one matter; as the minister said: there is no doubt that the real infrastructure to confront this situation that Iraq is going through is: social reform and combating corruption and the unity of the political stance and I believe that what had happened is not a little, the political speech among the political powers is united despite the avialible diversities among us, but it all goes to a united stance against daesh, and addressing the whole world ; so there is no dispute in the state powers: such as the legislative, executive and the different political powers are going shoulder to shoulder to enhance the united Iraqi stance politically and consider this case as priority.
I think that the different military factions united its stand under the command of the General Commander of Iraq security forces, Mr. prime minister Dr. Haidar Al-Ebadi and they fight under one slogan which it’s the "Iraqi Security Forces" which they achieved the victories and gain the respect of the whole world and they stand with us: so the political process is in progress in Iraq and we cant neglect the role of the financial support especially that Iraq is going through exceptional circumstances where it suffers in this time from reduction of financial budget due to drop of oil prices and the expensive cost of the war; this led to be as pressure factor; so the world are aware that especially Germany; when they go through two world wars and it highly aware that the country when go to war will face financial hardships; so we look forward providing assistance from these countries to Iraq.
The Iraqis did all their efforts to unify the Iraqi political and military stance and the financial support remains important from the friendly countries.