FM delivered a speech at the celebration held by the Ministry on the graduation of political science students in a number of universities in Baghdad

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In the name of of Allah the Merciful


Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.


God said - blessed and exalted - in the text of his book:


((God commands you to lead the secretariats to its people and if you rule between people that you judge justice that God is preaching to you)) (Women / 58)


But the policy is the values; so this Quranic text explicitly refers to justice, which is the cornerstone of political action, not injustice, And deceptive.


We extend our gratitude to our sons and daughters in this place that is intended to be a window of political relations with the world. Here we make foreign policy, and here we extend our political wings to deal with all the countries of the world.


I congratulate you this graduation, and I hope to see you in a promising future soon, and turn into stars shining in the skies of Iraqi politics.


Politics in Iraq is related to the history of Iraq, its civilization, thought, social structure, beliefs, and all things. Therefore, politics varies from country to country.


Opposition political thought differs from the political thought in the field of governance in terms of theory and practice. In the opposition, those interested in the political field are preoccupied with the change of the existing government and the work on finding an alternative system. This was the main preoccupation of Iraqi politicians during the last period until 2003.


In the field of government, political thought differs from theory and practice; we must embody this theory as a living embodiment.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible in the theoretical and practical aspects besides the other state institutions of Parliament, the Council of Ministers and other facilities, but in practice, or the body directly responsible for the implementation of the State's policy is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If the policy as we want it to make Iraq deal with these words without being locked in this region, or that, and this state, or that.


Some politicians have known that he deals with everyone - unfortunately - with the art of deception, but some of them dared to look at this speech .. Daisley, and many political thinkers the enemy of deception, dodging, and the like is part of politics, even in some areas of dealing Politically, unfortunately, some politicians have begun to repeat this statement: "I have a political answer." That is, a false answer, while we believe that politics requires more than any other jurisdiction to deal with honesty and credibility.


Speech must be true, truthful, credible in practical practice, faithfully transmitted, and made every effort to apply these things.


The politician may not be able, or may fail, or may suspect, all possible, but to lie, is incorrect, not a policy.


Perhaps more than the frequency of his name in the field of political deception, lying is Mikafli, and I think it turned into a phenomenon, but I can say: It is rare to see some of the contemporary political systems that plagued part of the methodology of Mikafli .. Mikafli is enough, and justify all means Justifying any other means, or any other practice, is that the motive, purpose, and style must be consistent with these three elements with Some of them in political performance.


The motives, the goals and the methods must be human. Therefore, those who sail in the field of politics must use the strongest values, the best means, and achieve the best humanitarian goals.


We have the right to say: Iraq differed after 2003 from what it was before, as people in different regions of Iraq stood queues to vote on the Constitution, and even the Iraqis in the capitals of the world, And we insisted on the need to accomplish it, although the circumstances were difficult, and some countries tried to intervene; to hinder this step, but the national will insisted on the need to implement these steps, and Iraq sends a message to all countries of the world that heard explosions, Red blood color in TV There is another voice, the voice of the elections, and another color, the color of the coexistence of all the vehicles of the Iraqi people.


The constitution is not a simple matter, it is not a sign of it, but that does not mean that the constitution has no observations, but the comments on the constitution do not justify its violation. Yes, the constitution is not a holy book. It is not a Bible, nor a Torah. The constitution is subject to change and change. The constitution makes a political reality, and the political reality develops. It changes the constitution. So when we date the constitutions in the world, it is written in its first version to what has reached it several times in the most prestigious countries in the world. Its constitution has not changed, but it has changed In a constitutional manner provided for in the Constitution.


The phenomenon of elections. We used to hear that the results of the elections 99.99%, this is a representation prepared in advance, which is a formality issue. Today, the governorates are witnessing local elections and federal elections in all of Iraq. This is a new phenomenon that we hope will remain and develop. The experiences of the elections that have passed; to summarize the mistakes, not to say: Hfrha, reduce the error to a degree that does not affect the overall election results.


The expression of opinion is a political imprint. It does not constitute anyone. It can not question the existence of freedom of expression in the press and satellite channels. Everywhere the Iraqi citizen speaks politically, whether he is political or not, .


Peaceful exchange of power, the world has witnessed multiple electoral seasons.


Since 2003 and 2004 until now, Iraq has witnessed several elections. Governments came in a peaceful manner, and power was transferred naturally from the government of the Governing Council to the interim government to the transitional to the national stages, and the whole world is witness to this; and the latest good returns, good for many countries The world, and they are looking at Iraq with respect.


Some countries may be concerned that this is a cause of social awareness and reaction among their citizens, and that they look forward in their countries to move when they see that Iraqi women participate and reach the size of the parliament. Now there are 82 women in the House of Representatives. Six women ministers, which caused political imbalance in some of their societies; this was not even in the countries of Europe; then Iraq is progressing forward, and good forward.


The federal experience is a new experience in Iraq, and now we have a territory, multiple federal administrations, and this is a new experience on Iraq, even new to the region.


The rights of the various components: the beholder accurately, and the secretariat to the House of Representatives finds the components of the Iraqi people are reflected in the whole parliament, find the components of religious, sectarian, national and political .. No component but has a presence in the Iraqi parliament .. This is a political experience we cherish.


Observations on experience do not mean that they are free of errors, but we must mention the pros, we cherish them explicitly, and we must point out that there are errors; because not mentioning mistakes is either ignorance or deliberate disregard.


It is not required of us not to make mistakes, but we are required not to hide the facts, and not to lie, and if we make mistakes we say wrong, and when the share say: we hit.


No one is afraid when he makes mistakes, but we are afraid of lying, deceit, and deception.


We have many problems, there is a real will to resolve, and as long as there is an honest, honest, and strong will that wants to be resolved, the vocabulary will soon respond to them. At the same time, there is a situation in which Iraqis, which is co-existence. We do not want a Platonic society.


There is a multiplicity of existence, we are not from one religion, not from one doctrine, not from one political direction, and one nationality, and one belonging.


How do we reconcile this pluralism with the unity of the movement of society?


To find a state of coexistence .. The ability to coexist between the Iraqi people; and as long as there is a willingness to live with each other, even in the circles, and families, there is no fear of Iraq.


We do not wait for the views to be 100% identical, and each one stands at his or her own conviction and is not prepared to exceed them. This means that the movement of that vessel will stand, but that he is willing to go beyond and coexist with the other. To match 100%; so what we fit by the good, and do not adapt to live, and adapt to it.


This is a safety valve, because you are a wonderful new candidate from the Iraqi political production filters, and a wealth. You bear the future and assume responsibility for building the present.


Politics is the art of managing the variable.


What does "art" mean?


Means that practical experience is not separated from culture, that is, based on theory and philosophy.


Put your theory, and enough to apply the largest part, if you can not apply 100% .. The art of managing the variable, what you see today will not remain so, as it was not so recently.


Politics is not static as geographically, but politics variables, and has to do with the mood of people, and the relationship with the government; so we are in front of a dynamic dynamic, and does not settle on a certain formula.


Iraq's foreign policy since it was addressed has drawn its line, and its status is based on the following foundations:


First: Establishing relations with the countries of the world: It is no secret to anyone that Iraq was in a state of isolation, and there was a state of contraction, and the lack of openness of Iraq, and not to visit Iraq, and not to invite him only a few limits; We have a relationship with every country in the world, and no one is asked: Why do we evaluate the relationship, but why do not we establish the relationship?


The original is to establish relations with the countries of the world, and we have seen results now when terrorism tried to distort the image of Iraq, and some countries tried to sympathize with him.


Second: the Iraqi openness has dispelled this picture, and the policy of opening up to the countries of the world has yielded political, media, financial and security repercussions.


It may be easy to develop a theory of openness to the nations of the world, but the difficulty lies in the application.


Who is responsible for the implementation of foreign policy?


They are employees of the Foreign Ministry. The person may not be efficient in his production, and it is difficult for him, but he should not impede the movement of embassy staff, or Or the center, from production to consumption. This is a kind of administrative corruption that some countries have hoped for.


Third, the establishment of relations was a theory based on bilateral polarity, between Iraq and the countries of the world common interests, common dangers, and exchange of views, and this is not far from culture; so the ministry was characterized by its employees that they are intellectuals, and rely on cultural interaction with the countries of the world.


Iraq is a civilization, a culture and a human vision, and does not reduce its land, and the Iraqi citizen is bigger than his land, and the Iraqi people are bigger than his land. So I say to those who emigrated from Iraq for certain reasons whether in the previous stage or now, The change, which was the escape from dictatorship and executions, and not without an Iraqi house of a martyr, I take responsibility for this word, and not without a capital of the capitals of the world, but the assassination of Iraqi citizens from different political backgrounds, and today there are immigrants; It was an escape from the hell of the regime, its executions, the hardships, the siege of Iraq, and the wars that Iraq experienced. The current migration is not an escape from the regime, but rather a regime. The Iraqi citizen leaves Mosul and goes to Dohuk .


Why are they migrating?


They migrate to escape from the hasty, from the base, and from terrorism ..


The finest creation of God migrated from all directions .. Read the history of the countries, even the prophets emigrated, the Prophet - may Allah bless him and his family - migrated to Medina, as well as in other countries the secular countries who established their cities migrated, Lenin was in Berlin when the Bolshevik Revolution 1917, and entered Moscow by train from Germany to the Soviet Union, and De Gaulle was in Britain, and many other world leaders, but all the world's leaders when they face a dictatorship, and they are facing the existing systems of iron, and fire, there are those who kill, there are those who imprison, By himself; He fulfilled his career.


So this is a heresy that we classify the Iraqis as Iraqi Iraqis, Iraqi Iraqis, Iraqi Iraqis, and if he comes out of his land does not mean that he left his homeland, does not mean that he came out of his responsibility ..


The Iraqi citizen at home plays a role in building Iraq, and the Iraqis who are abroad are playing a role, especially as we are experiencing a crisis of information. When the Iraqi rise to its mission and resonate with the voice of its brothers,


Fourth: While we stressed the need to establish relations with all countries of the world, we avoided the policy of axes .. We are dealing with the regional basin, and we know that there are intersections between the countries, may be formed axes, but we move away from the policy axes, and deal with all countries.


The Iraqi common, regional and regional variable from state to state depending on the nature of interests, geographical and societal realities.


This is a very natural thing, and we have to deal with it.


Fifth: We avoid interfering in the internal affairs of all countries.


The voice of the Iraqi foreign ministry was frank and loud in the corridors of the international community. The issue of intervention in Yemen was raised. The Iraqi voice in Sharm el-Sheikh: We do not allow ourselves to interfere in the affairs of Yemen. We do not stand with this state or that state. It is not our policy to intervene. In the internal affairs of other States.


Quite frankly, there is a rupture between some of the neighboring countries, and we are working to solve them, but we do not allow ourselves to stand with one state against another.


We have a strong relationship with Iran, and a strong relationship with Saudi Arabia .. These countries intersect, but Iraq adheres to one of the constants of foreign policy , Namely: to maintain relations with these countries without being a promoter of these differences.


We have put into account the possibility of working to restore the leading role of Iraq, and that Iraq occupies its position with the love of God of yes, history, civilization, literature, poetry, modern schools, everything in Iraq ..


Iraq lived as a cradle of civilization - this is not a narcissistic issue - but because God blessed him with the Tigris and the Euphrates, and he was thinking how to turn this barren land into the land of blackness, and we have oil.


Why is there no serious, real work and a race for oil investments for the reconstruction of Iraq?


Foreign relations have been based on relations, not only for the same relations, but this is a good goal; not because of the investment in the economy and in the field of political relations, and we have seen the excellent benefits, and distinguished in the corridors of the United Nations, the League of Arab States , The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Non-Aligned Movement, and in all forums the voice of Iraq has arrived.

The good positive returns touched by all Iraqis, and all interested in the Iraqi issue .. It means no secret to anyone that these achievements are not arbitrary, but came thanks to the efforts of a huge, continuous and painstaking by all employees, starting from the information officer, which oversees the reputation of the Ministry, The organization of the entrants to the ministry, all organized around a single regime is to uphold the name of Iraq, and to work in the interest of Iraq.


The wonderful thing is that this bouquet of roses, which we were looking at with all kinds of opposition, is now in the ministry of Muslims and non-Muslims, Sunnis and Shiites, Arabs and Kurds, and multiple religions.


The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not a ministry of a specific doctrine without the rest of the doctrines, and no nationality without the rest of the nationalities, nor any affiliation without the rest of the affiliations, the external expansion in all areas for all Iraqis, and proud of them, does not differentiate between one of its employees .. Yes, differentiate between the citizen and The less efficient, the honest citizen and the faltering. This is a natural measure that is applied in the countries of the world.


Iraq has achieved an Arab consensus, and the Iraqi position on the entry of the Turkish forces, which happened two years ago not only in front of the size of Iraq, but in front of the size of the Arab, and this is the first time in the history of the Arab League unite the word of Arab countries, as said former Secretary General of the League of Arab States ).


In order to criminalize terrorist ideology and to make it a crime in the first place, it must criminalize the schools and information tools that promote it, and at the same time include the marshes in UNESCO; Which means we are safe, and we have provided protection from the violation.


Iraq's standing today in international forums is respected, and the Iraqi discourse is audible, and it is especially visible that the world's main concern is terrorism, the successful position, and the Mubarak, which was achieved by the government with all its components.


The unity of political understanding of the various political factions, as they do not disagree on the issue of denouncing terrorism, and the need to exert efforts by all; to return to the incubator of the mother country, which combines Arab, Kurdish, Turkmen, Sunni and Shiite.


We have focused on only two points: working until the regime of Saddam Hussein was changed. The alternative is the ballot box, especially since the regime has differentiated between us in killing, execution and displacement. Terrorism also did the same, He did not differentiate the distribution of his guilt on all Iraqis.


You know what happened in Halabja in 1988, and the Anfal who hit both cities in Kikyawi. By the way, the world does not accept recognition at the time. After the fall of the regime, Ali Hassan al-Majid confessed to television.


Since 1988 to 2003 is 15 years, the world silent.


Is this neutrality ?!


Is this humanity ?!


Saddam Hussein's regime in the central and southern governorates of Iraq has killed 365,000 Iraqi citizens. This figure is twice that of the Hiroshima and Nakasaki bombs, claiming 160,000 lives.


365,000 people die in a way that is even worse than atomic weapons. Because the atom is killed in one moment, as the temperature in Hiroshima rises to a million degrees Celsius, the cities are melted, but in mass graves a pregnant woman and a child are thrown into the dirt.


This has not happened in the whole world!


But the world was hit by concrete, and what he spoke, as well as in Anbar where the uprising of the martyr Mohammed Mazloum; then all the Iraqi people suffered what they suffered .. Wars on the one hand, and deprived all of wealth, and paid a tax, and the price of these achievements on the other.


These achievements are not from the industry of a person, not from the industry of a certain mass, but from the manufacture of all Iraqis, and must be maintained by all Iraqis.


We do not deny the existence of errors in the experiment, but the error motivates us to work to address these mistakes, and maintain the unity of Iraq, and sovereignty.


I look forward to starting with all seriousness reading, culture ..

Culture increases the size of your political performance .. your culture, your performance, and your wall a relationship is concluded, and a typical diplomacy is always the behavior of the people closest to you grow this queen.


Having a certificate does not mean that you become a politician; politics is a practice, the reality is adapted to its problems, solutions are put to it, and you try to cross from the edge of the problem to the solution. This will depend, to a large extent, on your merit and your ability.


We can come with a doctor and an engineer from abroad, but we can not bring a politician because the politician, unless he is enriched with the soil of the homeland and sacrificed for it, can not perform his task. The politician must be in the spirit of patriotism.


I wish you all the efficiency, ability and ability, and I look forward to sailing in the field of political practice from the beach of being graduates; to reach the level of leadership, and raise our heads with your abilities, and your capabilities.


Peace, mercy and blessings of God..