FM addresses the ceremony of the Ministry on the appointment of the Ambassador Mohamed Ali Al-Hakim as Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)

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FM  addresses the ceremony of the Ministry on the appointment of the Ambassador Mohamed Ali Al-Hakim as Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)


In the name of Allah the Merciful




Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.


I greet you all the most beautiful greeting, and I welcome you on this occasion, which brings you and us to this blessed ceremony, the inauguration ceremony of our brother Dr. Mohamed Ali Al Hakim for the post of Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.


I start my talk by saying:


((And cooperate on righteousness and piety and do not cooperate in sin and aggression))


Certainly, there is no place where the human being reaches the size of the international world, but expresses the will of a country of all its size, with all its political forces, all its ministries and all its social strata, which is not a personal endeavor separate from national will.


What has reached Iraq, and gain this site is an expression not only about Iraq, but its returns, and its effects will be reflected on Iraq, and reflected on our sister countries Arab or Islamic.


The international dimension is bigger than the largest country, and we look forward to the United Nations to make strides on the path to ascend and to overcome the tragedy that it has experienced over many years on many issues. One of them is: the question of Palestine. This is the nature of the international components moving, .


One day, there was no United Nations. The League of Nations was never satisfactory. It came from the mind of an American personality. But America boycotted the League of Nations. It was cut off from history. It was banned from history since the founding of the League until it was replaced by the United Nations. The first major player in the United Nations ..


These are the developments of organizations, states, governments, parties, and everything that does not remain the same. They are all moving beings looking for the best, and they are making strides, one of which is the United Nations.


It is not fair to say that diplomatic printing is not easy to acquire. Some may have a diplomatic mentality and a diplomatic ethic, but it is not like what is noticed, grows, grows up, and the merciful God when he says:


Because your dream is a dream that does not cost it


This means that there is someone who is like a solution, and another is like a trick. Diplomacy, and diplomatic diplomacy are the home that contributes to quiet and persuasive ethics other than the person who studies an academic study. I do not deny the academy a role in honing talent, but it does not compensate for the queen. To examine each competency in the exam, and the like, and determine in the applicant whether he had the potential to self-mountain, or just an academic.


I have already spoken with Mr. Ban Ki-moon about my freedom, my interest in the development of the United Nations, and not remaining static, as it was before, so we went out of his room and went out with me, "I told you that you were referring to me about two years ago, or a year and a half ago. When we met with Mr. Antonio, Guterres was impressed with his impression, well and well; Activity, effectiveness, performance, and stereotyping of Mr. Mohamed Ali Hakim.


We hope that this aspiration will be achieved, so that it will spread its shadow of justice and equality to all countries, And the peoples of the world.


Iraq is a founding state of the United Nations, a country with a long history, a civilized history that dealt with vocabulary, and early social justice ideas from 1792 to 1752 before the birth of Jesus Christ - peace be upon him - speaks of human rights, women's rights and many concepts of social justice, Water, how it is distributed on agricultural land, and threatens those who do not abide by cutting off water.


Civilization can not come overnight. A person can be an academic during 4, 5, or 6 years according to specialization, but he can not leap to the horizons of transcendental civilization overnight.


Do not be surprised when Iraq speaks about it, the son of the Iraqi Hawar has a high rank of civilization, and cultural understanding, a mother who can not read and write, but has a cultural heritage inhaling civilization inhalation values ​​..


We must strengthen our children and daughters that they inherited a civilization that raises the head, and we are not ashamed when we say: We are Iraqis ... not just self-pride and self-affirmation, but this is our history, our present, and these various social components.


This was not only a gain for Iraq, but a gain for all our brothers, our brothers from the Arab countries, and the Islamic countries, and was not isolated from the progress that happened in the rest of Iraq.


Iraq goes one step after the other, and goes on the road step by step along with steps in the security, military, and economic, and do not forget that we live in a very challenging circumstance, and we can not walk without taking into account the rigidity of the road .. Who walks in a bumpy road, full of thorns, and challenges.


The Iraqi will was stronger than the economic, security, and military challenge, and the challenges of accumulated corruption from the past.


I can say: Iraq went through two main axes to make its way with them. The third axis responded.

The first axis is the military effort: All the groups carrying arms under the general command of the armed forces, including the army, the police, the popular crowd, the Peshmerga, the counterterrorism forces, and all the tribal clans joined in. The word was one.


This is what the field equations produced.


Everyone bears the name of Iraq, they carry arms with their hands, and carry their lives to rest; to liberate Iraq.


This was a fundamental, important point.


The second axis is the political discourse: We do not deny that there are multiple political factions. We are not all in one party, or in one party or one. We are multiple segments, like all countries in the world that have enjoyed social pluralism. In different colors and trends, and when we follow the positions, the legislation in terms of the overall trend to go in one direction, and merged under one thing, which is its rejection of terrorism.


This second axis, in which Iraq has moved, has been reflected in the outside world in all countries of the world, as touched by the United Nations, the League of Arab States, the Non-Aligned Countries and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. One.


There was a reluctance at the beginning except for some social segments, some political segments of the data abstracts that were written, and then passed a second stage, so who wanted to come on behalf of a specific segment and specifically the popular crowd hesitated, afraid of negative reactions; Earth.


We will not give up any political force with a national action on the ground, whether the popular crowd or any other segment, and we are not ashamed, and we are not ashamed to demand it, because it is part of our society.


When the calamities inflicted on the Iraqis in the Sinjar area, for example, on the Yazid brothers, we filled the world with a scream. Everywhere we talk about them. When the attack on Turkoman women took place in the Tal Afar area, High share of discourse.


There are no social groups excluded from the Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Sunnis, Shiites, Isidis, and Sabians.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the Ministry of Iraq, not the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Minister, the Ambassador, the Prime Minister, the President of the Republic or the Speaker of Parliament.


They are all part of Iraq. Iraq is bigger than the largest figure in the government; unless Iraq is bigger than all our entities, we can not say: We made a state.


This is the ruling.


The ruling is bigger than the rulers, but bigger than the government, and all of them are united by the love of Iraq and the dedication for it.


And any greater bid than who carries his weapon in defense of the offer, and money, and sovereignty, and good ?!


These are teachers, we are students.


I say to you frankly: I do not have an emotional deal with anyone, not with a certain entity, or with a specific character at all. I look at Iraq as a great value, and look at the Iraqi citizen as the holder of this value.


There is security progress, and military clear, and this moved us a third axis, and what was easy to see now, and has become something familiar, the countries of the world are competing today to address the Iraqi file with respect; these echoes of the voice of Iraqis at home from the Iraqi national voice.


Our heroes on the fronts, and our sincere politicians, who kept away from the chatter, and exhausted themselves, and vowed to raise the name of Iraq, may Allah have mercy on him:


Let every voice be my voice, I am the spoken bird and the echo


It is not fair to have different political trends. This is an honor for us. No country today is reduced to a clan, nationality, sect or political power.


Iraq is inherited from our fathers, and our ancestors are multi-component, and we preserve it, and cherish it, and when Iraq remains the largest entity of its meaning between us and the Iraqi national and constituent parts, and we agree between the government, governments and rulers.


We hold on to Iraq the rule that will be passed from this generation to the next generations, and this must be crossed with him.


We had previously received the Vice-President of the Human Rights Council, and it was a good gesture, and good, and today - thank God - Deputy Secretary-General, and the management of the Executive Office of ESCWA.


I have to prove my experience with Mr. Mohamed Ali Hakim, an experience I can not say is short, but it is not very long. Since 2003, when I was in the Governing Council, Hakim was with me in the Governing Council.


I certify that he was a politician, a diplomat of print, not a typist. His nature is diplomatic.


We need to create a generation of specialists who specialize in their competence, do not cost, and have a personality, like other brothers who do not know what they have done for them, a duty that I owe to my country, Iraq, and future generations.


The discovery of the owners of capabilities, and their support is not on them, but is a benefit, a tax, and we must respect the efficiency, and appreciate.


He (al-Hakim) rose in addition to efficiency gradually ascended ..

My advice to all those who have aspirations - and this is their natural right - to provide the requirements to achieve, and we must hear the voice of time.


Man has portability, but to take his way, and gradually lengthened .. Look at many who had previous positions have stepped up gradually ..


We must spread the culture of gradual progress for all our sons and daughters, and we mix them, trust them, praise them where they deserve praise, and defend them where it is necessary to defend, and not ashamed to create a generation takes responsibility.


Our capabilities and our existing responsibilities are responsible for the advancement of the name of Iraq. The official must extend to the size of the institution. He talks about the size of the United Nations. There are problems in the United Nations, it must reconsider its contexts. There are many issues that are considered Muslim, United Nations.


When we develop correct concepts at the level of theorizing, and efficient personalities at the level of application, we hope to lift this injustice. There are now cross-country and other belligerents, and impose a siege on this state, and not allow that state ..


What is that?


Are we in the era of tribes and clans ?!


Even tribes and clans have values, and when they fight are reconciled .. This world does not fit to be the twenty-first century, this medieval world where robbery, prevention.


This world must leave us, and go.


Do not you see now the calamities that have been inflicted on Syria? This little child who was thrown by the waves on the coast, and say the same before the country, and the country ..


I am not calling for a certain regime or ruler, but I see the truth as I see it, and God's covenant is to say it as I see it. Perhaps I suspect, but I do not lie to myself, nor to anyone.


We urgently need to develop these institutions and organizations to reach a level that should reach the countries of the world.


The United Nations has played a role, and now it can play a bigger role.


Since I returned to Iraq in 2003 like the United Nations in Iraq (Sergio Demilo), which is the fullest, and helped us in the political process very much.


"Sergio Demilo offered Iraq a very great service and came at a time when we desperately needed a psychic like his soul. We were at a crossroads. This man came and we met several meetings in a bilateral way. He said: What can I offer you from the service?


What was the idea of ​​the Governing Council, the power to form a government, and the writing of the constitution only after I convinced Mr. Sergio Demilo with proposals, promised to commit myself, and the rest were agreeable. The Governing Council was formed, and the destiny of being the first president of the Governing Council. I wrote a draft, formed a committee to draft the constitution, formed the first government in the first month, looked at the League of Arab States and visited seven countries in seven days in the first month.


This was the first move, and I did not know, and entered the room and not in Bali that there is a thing called the Governing Council, and I was on his head first, and what I accepted, and refused, and all contemporary witnesses to it, and then Twaa stage, and now the new generation, especially that We are among the masters and ladies of the House of Representatives, as well as the Minister of Transport, and many dignitaries do not occupy you with the culture of consumption about building Iraq, it is not important what they say about us, but the important how to satisfy our conscience .. We believe in God - Almighty - Generation, and future generations, and cut the way Li dictatorships .. dictator dies but the dictatorship could go back again if we miss the opportunity.


The alternative to dictatorship is not electoral bargaining, but the alternative is to open up to our capabilities, our capabilities, let them make their way, and spread a culture instead of a culture of exchange of deals. This does not build the country.



Who knew Nelson Mandela when he was in prison for 27 years? But now his death has turned into a carnival attended by the world's greatest presidents.


He came to Oliver and said to him, "You are the Secretary of the Party, and then Oliver refuses." No, you are Nelson Mandela. Mandela says to him: I was in prison for 27 years.


The president of the republic is inaugurated and the presidency is abdicated. Those who have built their countries have died, and their actions have not died. Gandhi died, and Gandhi did not die, as did de Gaulle.


We need a culture, not a culture of speech, but a culture of action. The countries of the world built their governments when they transformed all their heritage, present, capabilities and capabilities.


We need to open up to this experience with our minds; to be equipped with this thought, concepts, and more with our hearts; to take values, emotions, and real feelings built by the country .. The country is built only in this way.


I would like to thank you again ..


I have to say: What happened in the Iraqi Foreign Ministry does not represent all my ambition, not a little, and my ambition is much greater, but the existence of the missing is better than nothing.


What has been achieved better than not achieved, and this is no longer the secret of success to a certain person, but returns to all employees and employees without exception.


All those who worked .. All those who wrote .. All those who criticized .. All those who started their missions, and their work in an efficient, and worthy, all shareholders, and deserve thanks and appreciation.


The unknown soldier is a brave soldier, but he is unknown, he has no name; so there is the unknown diplomat, the unknown teacher, the unknown soldier, And the unknown media, and political unknown .. The utmost magnificence that man, And waives itself in order to highlight the value of reality can express to the future, and extends to the geography of other countries of the world.


I am very grateful and thank you for this attendance ..


Peace, mercy and blessings of God.