Foreign Minister Meets the Ambassadors of Pakistan and Afghanistan

1st September, 2015 3:04 AM | Written by |

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met ambassadors of Pakistan, Mr. Mohammad Iftikhar Anjum and Afghanistan Mr. Abdul Jamil Parvani accredited to Iraq at the ministry Headquarter.


  During the meeting, the exerted international efforts to fight terrorism were discussed.

 The Minister asserted the need to concrete the international efforts to combat the common global threat of ISIL gangs, noting that:" ISIL is globally targeting all aspects of life which requires a humanitarian support to each country affected by this threat".

 "Iraq is benefiting all International meetings and forums to make the sacrifices of Iraqis in the fight against the terrorist gangs of ISIL reach to the whole world and to underscore the ugliness of crimes committed by terrorism" his Excellency added.


 While, Pakistani ambassador, Mohammad Iftikhar Anjum handed over to Dr. Al-Jaafari an official invitation to participate in Islamabad conference that is to be held in next January with the presence of many other states to concrete efforts in the fight against terrorism, stressing his country's keenness on the participation of Iraq due to its great influence in the fight against the terrorist gangs of ISIL.