The speech of the FM in Madrid conference regarding the victims of the Religious and ethnic violence

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Ladies and gentlemen, Excellencies.
Distinguished guests
Peace, mercy and blessings of God
At the outset, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Spain, His Excellency Alfonso Dastis Khedidou, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Ayman Safadi, for organizing the third conference on victims of religious and ethnic violence in the Middle East.
This violence is religious in nature, but it is not related to religion because there is no religion that permits violence and allows harm to humanity.
Today, in this forum, we renew our solidarity against the terrorism that afflicts the States of the region, including: my country, Iraq, which is the first front line against the terrorists who came from more than 100 countries. They have reached 120 countries, all lined up in Iraq, and they have tried to destroy the social, The Iraqi community has stood united in its diversity in its confrontation with its Muslims, Sunnis and Shiites, Christians, Yazidis and Sabians, and all religions and nationalities that have been in Iraqi society for hundreds of years all united to confront terrorism in defense of themselves and on behalf of the world.
The city of Mosul, Anbar and Salah al-Din were to the last day in the grip of a preacher, and has been liberated, praise be to God, Anbar and Salah al-Din. Today the largest part of Mosul has been liberated.
I do not need to remind you of the tragedies that have taken place on our Iraqi people from all walks of life, and perhaps what happened in the Spyker crime, and how more than 1,800 young Shiites were killed. All Iraqis were victims of terrorism.
It is now only two years since the Paris Conference on Victims of Ethnic and Religious Violence, whose objectives are not to stand idly by in the terrorist organization's strategy to subjugate entire groups because of their ethnic or religious affiliation, The issue is in principle a matter of human existence, the survival of the cultural, ethnic and religious diversity in the region, and the responsibility of the international community. We appreciate the results of the conference, the plan of action Paris to address the tragic situation experienced by the countries of the region, which has taken four aspects: the humanitarian side, the political side, the judicial side, the cultural side.
In this context, I would like to refer to the most urgent measures taken by my Government in dealing with the current crisis in order to alleviate the suffering of the displaced, the victims of ethnic and religious violence,
The Higher Committee for Relief and Shelter was formed and accommodated 4 million displaced persons distributed in all governorates of Iraq, which established 60 thousand housing units in the form of camps ready to receive them.
The Special Committee was allocated a special budget of 500 million dinars for the purpose of providing the necessary humanitarian assistance, including food, medicine and first aid.
The Higher Committee has developed a plan to accommodate displaced students in schools and safe universities in the areas where they have taken refuge. It has also issued bank cards to most of the displaced staff so that they can receive their salaries.
Iraq signed the Joint Statement with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ms. Zeinab Bangora, on sexual violence related to conflicts on 23 September 2016 to ensure the psychological rehabilitation of victims and to legislate a number of laws criminalizing such heinous acts as well as finding appropriate solutions for children born Gross violations in such a manner as to provide a suitable ground for their rehabilitation and reintegration into Iraqi society.As far as national interests are concerned, Iraq's vision is a strategic option, a formula for saving stability and imposing security. The solution to the Iraqi crisis is based on a major political approach to develop comprehensive solutions to all contentious issues. The National Reconciliation Commission, in close cooperation with UNAMA Iraq (UNAMI) according to a strategic plan prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of Iraq.My country strives to:
The maintenance of diversity and pluralism through improved security, economic conditions, political participation and equal opportunities for minorities in the national State.
The administration of justice through the documentation and prosecution of crimes and the support of the National Criminal Court for crimes committed on ethnic or religious grounds.
To combat intolerance, extremism and discrimination in all its forms, and to develop and guarantee the legal system that is essentially the protection of the rights of religious and ethnic minorities in practice.Protection of cultural, linguistic and educational heritage; to ensure the exercise of religious rites, cultural rights freely and legal guarantees.
Create mechanisms to ensure political participation, representation in parliament, state institutions, government for leaders, and minority representatives in a manner that ensures the ability to defend their interests fully.
To condemn all terrorist acts, to discriminate against minorities by any party, to establish precautionary measures not to repeat them, and to provide necessary protection in their cities and areas of presence.
Your Excellencies
Iraq highly appreciates the support of the international community for the provision of humanitarian support, essential needs, such as food and shelter for the needy, and to help create conditions for the voluntary and safe return of displaced families from areas occupied by the terrorist to the liberated areas; July 2016 to support Iraq as the international community sought to meet the short-term funding requirements of Iraq in four areas: humanitarian assistance, demining, the Instant Stabilization Fund, The decision of the Enlargement of the United Nations Development Program, while the friendly countries that have fulfilled their commitments in this regard, hope that all participating countries will raise their humanitarian contributions, fulfill their obligations and agreed upon.
It is remarkable that 70% of the terrorist attacks hit the Middle East, 44% of the victims of terrorism globally are from the Middle East, and that Iraq is the country most affected by terrorism - unfortunately - the number one.
Nevertheless, the Iraqis continue their armed forces, including the army, the police, the masses, the tribes, and the Peshmerga, to sacrifice their entire land from the grip of a fervent terrorist, and the great victories and progress in the war against terrorism have been the efforts of their heroes who have shed blood in defense of Their country, on behalf of the countries of the world, and the peoples of the world have the right to be proud of the victories of the Iraqis against terrorism and the duty to support Iraq and its people, who make sacrifices in defense of the peoples of the world.
The total losses incurred by the liberated cities are estimated at more than $ 70 billion, including the infrastructure of these cities, such as road networks, bridges, dams, power stations, water, sanitation, telecommunications, hospitals, schools, institutes, universities and the agricultural and livestock sector. And other state service institutions.
To achieve the desired objectives, my country's needs are focused on supporting these issues:
First: the international community's support for displaced people to return to their areas of residence through the provision of basic infrastructure, reconstruction of their cities and the cooperation of international organizations to this goal within the national state and in cooperation with local governments.
Second: Encourage the United Nations and the international community to keep their minorities from leaving their countries and to assist national states in finding opportunities for stability and reconstruction.
Thirdly, a stronger international response to assist minorities and strengthen cooperation between international organizations and local authorities to implement projects needed by affected regions through special programs.
Fourth: Assistance in the establishment of specialized centers for the treatment of the wounded and the sick, as well as specialized centers for the psychological treatment of persons who have suffered violence and terrorism.
Fifth: Supporting the government's efforts to find mechanisms to cooperate with the social consequences of the rape of a female terrorist and the resulting children, and to create a legal system for their cases.
Sixth: Enhancing cooperation between international organizations and local governments to establish small and medium enterprises, providing training and building capacity for the rehabilitation of victims of violence in the private sector labor market.
Seventh: Provide technical capabilities for demining from liberated cities and provide logistical support to local authorities.
Eighth: Rehabilitation, construction of cultural centers, places of worship, museums containing historical and cultural heritage.
Ninth: The contribution of the countries participating in the conference to support the project of the donor conference sponsored by the Kuwaiti government for the reconstruction of liberated areas.
Dear brothers..
These remedies, and others, are temporary and temporary remedies that may not affect the safety of international societies from this global danger, which is rarely seen in history. Those who study wars will not find a war more virulent than the war of terrorism.
Terrorism has a philosophy and culture; unless we develop a philosophy and a cultural equation, we will not be able to stop this tide of terrorism. It will continue to rage across the generations and threaten every generation. Two days ago, we witnessed the attack on the city of Manchester in Britain and killed 42 people. .
How long will we wait, and get excited behind the events? We must take the initiative, and the world must feel that the country that is subjected to terrorism does not find terrorism against the people of that country against it only, but finds all the peoples of the world stand by that people against it .. If we all stood with the people of Palestine, The people of Iraq in this way to take terrorism a lesson that can not override the dignity of any people .. 
You are now invited more than any other time to stand by Iraq in the face of terrorism courage courageous stand ..
We are not asking that your children come to fight instead of our children. The sons of Iraq are paying the biggest tax in the war, which is blood. Today, the provinces that have been subjected to terrorism are witnessing the victim. The victims of the sacrifice provinces walk to Anbar, Salahuddin and Mosul to fight for dignity. These provinces ..
Everyone is fighting Arabs, Kurds, Turkmans, Muslims and non-Muslims, Sunnis and Shiites, and all other religions fighting against terrorism.
Our fight against terrorism is a strategic battle based on man and the enemy of man. There is no room for dividing the war on religious grounds. Those who believe in religion believe in respect for man, who believes in God. He is blessed and exalted. He loves what God loves. They claim that they belong to religion, and religion is innocent.
I wish your conference to be a great addition, and we see its effects, consequences and repercussions on terrorism.
I wish you success and success ..
Peace, mercy and blessings of God.