Foreign Affairs Ministry Adopts Strategic Plan Last for 2018

1st September, 2015 4:31 AM | Written by |

Foreign Affairs Ministry Council adopted at its session held on 24 August, 2015 strategic plan last for 2018 that is based on constitutional principles and paragraphs of the government program. A team of specialized technical staff from the ministry started making this plan pursuant to the directives of his Excellency Dr. Al-Jaafari from early February, to complete the reforms and activate all actions of the ministry.

    The plan has identified strategic priorities for Iraq foreign policy that aims at strengthening Iraq's sovereignty, security and stability via adopting a policy of having positive open relations regionally and internationally, to achieve the interest of Iraqis, support their government's policies, and highlight the importance of Iraq's fateful battle against terrorism also shed lights on the need to provide an International support. 

   The strategic plan also set out the course for a comprehensive administrative reform in the ministry via adopting efficiency standards in forming and disturbing the ministry's staff on its various departments and missions. It has paid a special attention to the Iraqi community around the world and the consular services provided to them, giving greater consideration to investment, water, environment and human rights issues.


His Excellency directed to form a permanent committee that monitors the implementation of this strategy by the ministry's departments and missions.


Dr. Ahmed Jamal

Official Spokesman