Foreign Minister Receives Head of UNAMI

2nd September, 2015 6:55 AM | Written by |

Foreign Minister DR. Ibrahim Al-Jaffari received on 31 August, 2015 Head of UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) Mr. Ján Kubiš at the ministry Headquarter.

During the meeting, they reviewed the UN mission's work and means to support it in order to provide services and help to Iraq in its war against the terrorist gangs of Da'esh.

The minister said:" Iraq is representing the humanitarian UN window to the world due to its ongoing confrontation with terrorism", pointing out that this struggle demands to mobilize international capacities, benefiting from their effect globally to provide the necessary support to Iraq regarding the security, intelligence, logistics, water and other files.

"Iraq has no need of foreign fighters, because, Iraqis are sacrificing themselves to halt the flow of terrorist fighters, coming from 80 states", H. E. Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed, noting that Iraq doesn't have to provide documents proofing that it's fighting on behalf of the whole world and that Iraqis are sacrificing themselves to degrade this global threat.

Dr. Al-Jaafai explained that Iraq is facing a humanitarian crisis beside the economic one due to the drop in oil prices and the cost of fighting terrorism, emphasizing;" Iraq is a rich country and is not soliciting for support, yet, is calling on the world to bear the responsibility of deterring this joint humanitarian threat".

His Excellency praised the UN efforts in the framework of supporting Iraq and achieving its stability, the minister also emphasized the need to enhance support and aid provided to Iraq in various fields. 

While, Mr. Ján Kubiš assured that UN is continuously providing all kinds of support to Iraq through its contribute to the success of several issues, saying: "the Executive Director of Counter-Terrorism Committee, Mr. Jaen Paul Laborde, is going to visit Iraq to promote cooperation with Iraq in the fight against the terrorist gangs of Da'esh".


"The meetings of the United Nations General Assembly that is to be held in New York, this month shall discuss providing further necessary support to Iraq and concerte international efforts to confront Da'esh", noting that he will discuss with regional countries a number of important files relating supporting Iraq.