Foreign Minister Meets the Transported Staff to Iraq Missions Abroad

2nd September, 2015 7:15 AM | Written by |

Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. AL-Jaafari, met diplomats, administratorsand technicians of the ministry who have been transported into Iraq missions and consulates abroad at the ministry Headquarter, prior to assuming their new posts.

 During this meeting, the minister stressed on the importance of:"professionalism must be prevailed in Foreign Service, we have missions abroad not tourist offices. When choosing you, emphasis was placed on controls of mobility and the Committee was too accurate, introduced the most efficient and didn't depend on mediation or kinship."

 "Thousands are fighting under the scorching heat of the sun, defending Iraq's dignity and producing several martyrs from time to time. Beside the military ditch there is the diplomatic ditch and they are both of an equal importance. That's way we have to promote the diplomatic service, press ahead and make the world see that Iraq is fighting on behalf of them", the minister added, calling on the ministry's staff to speak out without being shy.


 Regarding the mechanism of choosing the staff transported abroad, the minister assured that the ministry took into account the right controls of transporting the staff.