Iraqi foreign minister holds a press conference with his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Al-Safadi.

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Iraqi foreign minister holds a press conference with his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Al-Safadi.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ja'afari:

In the name of God the most merciful the most gracious

We receive our brother his Excellency minister of foreign affairs of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan with pride and appreciation while he is playing an important role in the Arab league and a close friend of mine for a long time, he began as a journalist and intellectual before he involve in politics, he has left his stamp and legacies in the fields he was involved in, he is active and a professional dialoguer as we are extremely need foreign ministry, governments, presidents and kings with culture because our problem is with uneducated people, so he is a dear brother. Today he responds to the invitation and visiting Iraq, we welcome him as a dear guest and representative of the Jordanian government and his highness the king in Iraq.

  He has come to Iraq at a time the country is recording great achievements against Daesh. Daesh is not a local or regional phenomenon anymore, but it became an international, so Iraq has recorded its victories as much as Daesh spread its horror in the entire world and made the world listening to Iraqi people's voice who strove to conquer against these fragmented odd groups.

  We thank Jordan for its support to Iraq. It has stood to Iraq's side in many fields and voted for us in the Arab league. Mr. Ayman and his previous colleagues were on the same path in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. Once we finished this challenge, we moved to the second phase of building and reconstruction as I said in September 2014 that we had a battle of three phases, first is humanitarian and dealing with displaced people, second is to defeat Daesh and Third is building and reconstruction, thus the normal answer would be to move on with building and reconstruction now.

  We hope Jordan to play an important role to support Iraq in building and reconstruction as they did in supporting Iraq against Daesh.


I and Mr. Ayman have talked about the environment around Iraq and the next phase and the required efforts to promote Iraq-Jordan relations and to be exceeded to include all Arab countries until these states takes its required position in the Arab world.

We still in need to the military coordination and to sign and activate a security memorandum of understanding, we commended on Jordan's stance and asked for more efforts to look after our sons and daughters in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, there is a big number of them (130) thousands.

Iraqi people is the non official ambassadors represent Iraq in the world, we would look after them and recommend them wherever they go.

We thank the Jordanian government for its efforts. We had also discussed simple issues and the same time, we are looking to achieve more achievements.

 Iraq worn the membership of 16 international organization and we are looking to move forward as Jordan continue its support to Iraq.

We have clarified Iraq's stance toward Syria before, we are not moving to aggravate relations with the area's countries, we want a balanced relation without intervening in the internal affairs nor differentiate between Arabic shapes, we hope from Jordan to be move in this path.

Balance policy and median position make the relation with the countries symbiotic and solidarity relations, this relation would serve Iraq and Jordan and other countries.

Once again, we welcome our dear brother his Excellency Ayman Al-SAfadi in his second country, you are welcome.


  Mr. Ayman Al-Safi: Thank you your Excellency for the great hospitality and the best words that reflects the excellent foreign relations between the two fraternal countries and reflects the personal relations that I'm proud of.


Your Excellency, thank you again for the kind words, it is an honor to visit Iraq as I was honor to meet the president Dr. Fuad Masoum , PM Haider AL-Abbadi and the parliament speaker and I passed his majesty king Abdullah Al-Thani Bin AL-Hussein's greetings and congratulations for the great victory achieved by our brother Iraq in its war against terrorism and liberating Mosul.

I mentioned to his Excellency brother Ibrahim AL-Jaafari that the war against terror is our war in which we are all involved to defend our homes, people, traditions, morals and our common humanity.

Jordan is proud to be on top of countries faced terrorism militarily, security ideology and faced its darkness.

The victory of Iraq against terror is part of our war and tackling such pest, and we are determined with the common effort within the frame of our international relations, international coalition and Arabic effort in order to eliminate this pest and liberate our people and areas.

We are proud of our relations with Iraq, and we are seeking to develop it in all levels.

Today, I have discussed with his Excellency the way to interpret such credit of love and pride links both countries and nations into practical steps can be clearly toughed by our people.

We also talked about reopening Baghdad-Amman road and reopening Tribeel border crossing as it will directly affect our economic and trade relations. We won't let a group of terrorist to close the road and the borders between both fraternal countries; this is our message to them.

Once again, I confirm that Jordan with its Hashemite leadership was and still a pulpit of moderation and neutrality and a stage of united Arabic team work and keen to serve our Arabic and Islamic issues and to be on top of those calling for reunification and face the common challenges.

 Jordan was and will remain on this policy, a voice of wise and rationalism and a power to unify our word and efforts and face challenges and achieve stability and security in the area to live in dignity and safety.

Regarding the Iraqi brothers in Jordan, there are tens of thousands of Iraqis living in Jordan now, and there were hundreds of Thousands of those we were proud to host them and lived peacefully with their families and enjoying full care they deserve as it is obligated toward our Arabic brothers, we should not forget the common history that unite us. We will work together to build a future guarantees good for us and them.

Once again your Excellency, we are looking to build on the historical relations and looking to interpret them in a better way, and working together to block terrorism and build a future of security and safety and to reunifying our area to tackle all crisis to achieve freedom, dignity, stability and safety for all nations.

We stand aside with Iraq as we are proud to support him in the war against terrorism, and to be in its side in the war of restoring the important role.

Iraq's stability and security in the eyes' of his majesty the king and Jordan is an important corner for the area. To stand with Iraq is a stand with security and stability of the area.

 We support our Iraqi brothers in the political process that aim to dedicate the state of citizenship that provide and allow all Iraqi people to build their state, the essential state in the Arabic and regional systems.

Your Excellency, Thank you again and hope you visit Jordan soon.


  Question to Jordanian foreign minister: is there a mechanism to control the borders between Iraq and Jordan by deploying patrols or there is a security intelligence agreement? How would it be secured to block terrorist attacks if happened?


The border protection from the Iraq side is responsible by the Iraqi state, Iraq a sovereign country and vice versa, Jordan is also a sovereign country and has the ability and knowledge to control its borders, therefore we both cooperate to preserve our borders from breaches.

There is cooperation between both countries in away assuring security and stability.

What we have signed today is a memorandum of political consultation and we are proud of it, it is an introduction for more cooperation, God willing.


Question to Jordanian foreign minister: Iraq has good relations with Jordan but Jordan embraces wanted names to Iraqi justice. Can Jordan cooperate with Iraq to arrest them and deliver them to Iraq?

Mr. Ayman: Jordan is a committed state to the law and keen on its relations with Iraq. We don't have security wanted names in Jordan.  Both countries have good relation and can collaborate in any urgent issue.

I remember the Jordanian- Iraqi committee met months ago, and the communication between both states is ongoing and we are certainly cooperative to resolve what could achieve safety for both fraternal states.

Dr Ibrahim Al-Ja'afari: the concept of good neighboring relations in the Iraqi foreign affairs involves more facts and not to allow any citizen from neighboring countries to offend our land, we consider this a contrary to the good neighboring relations' concept, therefore Iraq embraces all those who want to live in, and not to hand them out to his country in condition not to offend that county. I think Jordan is not away from this policy as I have once complained to the Jordanian PM over media hostile activity in Jordan, the PM told that agency whether to choose Jordan without offending Iraq or tl leave Jordan, so I think we are not far and together in the same concept. 

Question to Mr. Ayman Al-Safadi: Iraq has beaten terrorism in many fronts, and now the battle of reconstruction and building cities that have destroyed by Daesh has just started.. Iraq needs Arabic and international resolutions to help like Marshal project that repaired Europe after the World War 2. Is it possible that Jordan can play a role in this field especially Jordan hosted the last Arab summit?

 Mr. Ayman Al-Safadi: we are proud that the Kingdom has stood to Iraq side and standing too in its war against terrorism and ready to stand with Iraq in the reconstruction phase.

All Jordanian available capabilities are under control of our Iraqi brothers to help in the reconstruction, so our talks were concentrated to find out ways to cooperate in reconstruction as soon as possible hopefully.


Has it been agreed to set opening date of Tribeel border crossing which consider the only trading port between Iraq and the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan?

Mr. Ayman: It's up to our Iraqi brothers, we ready for it.

The Iraq brothers are doing what needs to be done to open the border crossing fast.

We are looking to open the border as soon as possible so that we can interpret what we have said of good relations and a practical step reflects positively on all, we are waiting to set the time as we are ready at any moment.

Question to Jordanian foreign minister: Iraqi people still suffer harassment when they get to Jordan airport and subject to some sort of sectarian phrases. Does the Jordanian government moving to stop such issues?

Mr. Ayman: Moderation, neutrality and respect the others is a Jordanian Hashemite identity.



Tens of thousands of Iraqis are living in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan among their families safely and respectfully, Jordan has no discriminative policy with the Iraqis.

Any Iraqi citizen who enters Jordan is welcomed, and please let us know if there is any individual cases.

Jordan will remain the country of love and respect the other.

Iraqi people are entering Jordan with honor and dignity, we are proud of our Iraqi brothers and respect them all regardless the sects, but the Jordanian government is not accepting these individual practices, we are against it and its not representing the Jordanian government.


Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ja'afari adds: I commend on what his Excellency said, I called him personally to complain for ill-treatment to an Iraqi specialized doctor at Hariri airport two days ago. We differentiate between the government and the Jordanian people views as we do differentiate between our government and the people's view. Mr. Safadi takes my calls in consideration whenever I call him.

We don't want hesitated relations between Iraq and Jordan, but we want to develop and tighten it to exchange interests but this would not stop us to mention committed lapses.

Iraqi people are dear to us as well as the Jordanian, we are responsible on them whether in Iraq or in any other country and call for their rights.

Question to Mr. Ayman:

You just finished a series of important meetings, how did you find Iraqi side response over these files?

Mr. Ayman: there is a clear political will between both governments to develop this relation and to take to wider possible range and to cooperate economically, trade, security, militarily and whatever serves the common interest of both countries and whatever participates in building needed environment to move forward. This relation moves statically ahead, and there are parts against it but as his Excellency mentioned that we are going to tackle it.

Question to Mr. Ayman: Has there been any coordination between both countries over securing the road connects Baghdad and Amman, especially there are information indicates that an American security company will secure it?

Mr. Ayman: Iraq is responsible to protect its territories and vice versa. We respect any decision taken by the Iraqi government to achieve its security and stability and we support it.

From our side and regarding protecting the road inside Jordan, Jordan is a safe state and permanently stable and able to protect the road.

Dr. Ibrahim adds: it's time to activate common security doctrine as we deal with the common geographic fact. There is a common geography as there is a common history and a converging society. We have to improve faster in order to preserve common security as we preserve the common interests.



Question to Dr. Ibrahim: you mentioned the Jordanian stance to support Iraq in its war against terrorism, what it Iraq's initiative to support Jordan's economy?

Dr. Ibrahim: regarding the security cooperation, I heard his majesty Abdullah expressing their readiness to cooperate many times, and talked in the logistic procedures deeply. He has expressed his readiness to cooperate and coordinate on the ground in order to surround the danger threatens Iraq.

Regarding the economic support to Jordan, I'd heard this in 2005 and passed this feeling to the Iraqi government saying "what can we do If the oil levels went down, or the international markets decrease oil prices just like what's happening now, why don't initiate to help Jordan with reduced oil prices? All the brothers responded and it took place. 


Question to Mr. Ayman: what do you think of the Kurdish referendum to be carried out next month and how would you deal with its results?

Mr. Ayman: we are dealing with Iraq as a state and respect its resolutions and not intervening in its internal affairs. We say: we are supporting the Iraqi brothers in what serves their interests and achieving security and stability.




Question to Mr. Ayman: did the closer of the Syrian- Iraqi crossing borders influinced Jordan's economy? has there agreements suspended with Iraq after closer Tribeel border?

Mr. Ayman: Jordan and Iraq want to dedicate cooperation among them and calling for Arabic and regional wider cooperation.

We are part of the region; any kind of cooperation would serves us all. There haven't been suspended agreements. We both look to improve our relations in all levels. My visit to Iraq reflects the political will to move forward to enhance and develop relations in all levels and looking and hope to interpret this will into practical quick steps.

Question to Mr. Ayman: how would Jordan deal with Daesh members after eliminating Daesh?

Mr. Ayman: Jordan is always on top of the countries fighting terror and we have paid the cost.

Terror has neither identity nor religion and is not belonging to our religion or civilization.

Jordan is on top list of the countries fighting terror in all fronts. We are a state of law and will impose it in all levels. We have a white record in combating terror and will continue fighting it in all available means.