Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari delivers a speech in the remembering ceremony for the martyrs of the terroristic attack on 2009

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Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

(30) We are your parents in this life and in the Hereafter, and in you, what you desire in yourselves and in you, what is there in you? You call {} separated: 30 {31-

On this day and eight years ago, the bombing shook here in the building of the State Department to undermine the safe haven representing the face of Iraq abroad and represent the mind of Iraq with political thinking and represent the profession is the closest to the profession of the prophets and the righteous is the Iraqi diplomacy .. Thus revealed the process of the real evil face Which has been involved since then and repeated the process in this trench and trench and was the share of the Iraqi Foreign and was estimated to provide pure blood and bleeding continued throughout this period and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with her sisters from other ministries to make more sacrifices and giving, but To the day that reveals terrorism from the face of the global criminal, where the assault on a group of our brothers and sisters in Kabul in Afghanistan, meaning that this terrorism insists on committing crimes and praise all the scourge of the world in any region ..

The eighth anniversary has a special taste that may differ from the rest of the memories in the years preceding it because it was accompanied by victory and if we should and should be dated to the makers of this victory are the martyrs these soldiers are unknown to us but they are known to God and history ..
 History will write pages of light that these heroes And what they have done so that many countries of the world and the organizations of the world stand in front of them, but the high standards of the Iraqis and the wombs of Iraqs gave birth to a generation had a date with him to provide this blood flowing and provide these generations that rolled and took Ttra on the fronts of the fighting can not even human images, theaters and companies The TV that imagine the imagination of what made these were the latest epic martyr Hussein Kifah of Diwaniyah, who refused to be martyred in Mosul, and you may have seen the short film in his time and small in the words that were said but the great in its meaning and wonderful in its content .. All of you heard that ..

I should first open my words by thanking and appreciating the religious authority for its honorable position when it initiated and mobilized the Iraqi people to be intimidated and to engage in a heroic, historic and fateful battle in which blood is best prized. I also thank the United Nations and the diplomatic corps and not exclude any of you as moral bodies that have settled in your capitals And there are representatives came here and settled in our capital in Baghdad ..

I am sure that between you initiated your work and that our armed forces achieved victories, you took great lessons here that are not reflected in the military science or diplomacy in the world except what you have witnessed on this blessed land. You have seen how the Iraqis have achieved victory, Evil against him and his exceptional circumstances.

The Great Revolutions in History 6 Revolutions .. The British, American, French, Russian, Chinese and Islamic revolutions in Iran. 6 revolutions rocked the world since the middle of the seventeenth century .. These are called major revolutions in history because they have made radical and fundamental changes in the course of nations and peoples. Fuel .. The fuel of the revolution is the blood, therefore, provided victims and provided large numbers of martyrs and provided cities and destroyed and drowned according to the nature of weapons used in time until it reached the shore of the dictatorships that lived and moved to the shore of victory .. 
The revolution here is not a pretense to say is also subject to the same Laws of Tho And tried a lot to stand and put the sticks in the wheel of the revolution of the rising in Iraq and tried the fingers of evil to impede the march of this revolution, but our people insisted despite the exceptional circumstances in which he continues to revolution and continue to climb on the mountain of glory and feet to reach the summit .. We have no problems, but we say that the will of our people and our people is stronger than all these attempts.

Today, Iraq is making victory and going one step after another and continues to build the political entity stone over stone and cement above the compass will not stand .. Blood is the real fuel that the wheel of reform.

Do not deliver the high honor and harm until it sheds blood on its sides

There is no revolution except by sacrifice and no sacrifice except with blood. Those who spent their time here in the ditch of diplomacy, may Allah bless and exalted their love for the honor of martyrdom, must stand up for glory, honor and respect for all those who have fallen in the fields of freedom in the face of dictatorships.

And because we live in the land of Iraq, the land of civilization, thought, history, love, diversity, land of production and creativity .. the land that has stopped in its bids throughout history and offers new after new .. small in geography .. and great in history .. Small may be in the resources but huge and gazelle and giving In the field of enriching the human march .. We are in front of this Iraq ..

Iraq is not for Iraqis only and we do not want to reduce the world in Iraq, but we have the right to say that Iraq has expanded to all countries of the world with his love and thought and self-confidence and historic rise .. Betting elements of the bad working Bats in the darkness bet on the destruction of Iraq and sabotage and what has been done in Iraq and did its best And stood by its side of the States from here and there and many bad forces tried to impede the process of construction and insisted Iraq to go on his march upward towards building a new civilized state and exploited the exceptional circumstances experienced by Iraq because of the decline of the economic budget for global reasons and the low price of oil .. The rates are terrible and Iraq's budget depends on more than 90% to about 95% of oil and directed these strikes and They worked to sabotage the economy and spread the phenomenon of corruption as an attempt to stand in front of the process of building the new Iraqi civilizational state. The Iraqis refused but to insist on building the state and overcome these problems and tribulations and organize their ranks Sunnis and Shiites .. Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen .. Muslims, Christians, Izdis and Sabians. And the world has not responded to it and stands by its side and is supported by excellent support in the military support and confrontation and support the armed forces and ensure the air cover and training on weapons and the provision of materials this..

Now we have finished and left just after the liberation of the city of Mosul .. We are addressing you through you through your nations, governments and rulers .. The building of the country that comes out of this battle triumphant glare after a long time and terrorists use this enormous destructive ability crazy can not alone to rebuild completely .. super powers in history when it was exposed to less than this destructive ability stood all the peoples and countries of the world sighed and stood by her side to help rebuild them .. What would have been for Germany to rebuild simply without the Marshall Plan and without the support extended by the West .. Building cities express Accumulations of decades if not centuries Of time and millions .. If not billions of hard currency to build, but when you destroy no government, no matter how strong economy to rebuild overnight, so through you send a message to the world and all international organizations that they rise to the level of responsibility, especially that The enemy faced by the Iraqis was an enemy who came from different nationalities and arrived in recent months in Mosul to more than 120 nationalities in Iraq .. We do not judge your countries through these spray, but we judge your countries through our sons and brothers ambassadors, what they did and what they interacted and sympathized with With Iraq and we judge Through your parliaments and your honorable positions in the United Nations, which supported Iraq through your financial, moral, media and political support and through your understanding of us through the diplomatic missions that have converged on the capital Baghdad and through invitations to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs once interrupted from a trip and resume another trip not for tourist reasons but to deliver the voice of Iraq resonant to all people, especially that there are many who try to silence this voice ..

Greetings to all your governments and to all your leaders and to all the organizations that you represent. I invite you and all of these organizations from now on to seriously consider a new battle, but it is not a conventional battle of another kind, the battle of reconstruction and reconstruction.

We lost a lot in the war We lost money and buildings and more expensive than all that We lost Iraqi blood dear .. But I tell you we have won something is not a little win victory .. Victory did not win the size of Iraq We have won the world and what would have come to us if Iraqis had not stuck their political row And unite the speech and this victory as well .. And the unity of the Iraqi armed forces in all its forms, the army, police and anti-terrorism forces and the popular crowd and the Peshmerga .. I salute each soldier and salute each of the leaders in the fields of confrontation .. I greet them all and feel and feel that they did this victory Lula Their true belief in the legitimacy of defense and To preserve Iraq's unity and the dignity of Iraq and the people of Iraq.

I hope that you will continue your efforts with the Iraqis, both militarily and militarily, while at the same time chasing terrorism with every ditch of trenches and giving a lesson to them that terrorism and intimidation are when you are in a country not They should feel that they are weakening the people and that government, but they will find all governments and all peoples stand by their side. This is an eloquent lesson that the world for the first time unites its ranks.

I have not read in the history of the United Nations nor the League of Nations as I have read in the history of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation did not read in their history lined up uniformly what happened in Iraq ..

Thanks to his civilization and the legitimacy of his war against Da'ash, Iraq has been able to bring all the factions of all nationalities, religions and geographies together to unite them in Iraq with one word:

Greetings to all of you and peace, mercy and blessings of God ..