A press conference of Iraqi foreign minister and his Turkish counterpart and his accompanied delegation.

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Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ja'afari : In the name of God the most merciful the most gracious.

I would like to welcome my brother his Excellency minister of foreign affairs of the republic of Turkey here in Baghdad, his visit coincided with the victories by liberating the city of Mosul and how the Iraqi people stood together (parliament, government political powers, fans and people).

We have talked with his Excellency in various portfolios (security, economy and politics) concerning both countries. We had talked in details after reviewing the achieved victories by the Iraq armed forces with all its apparatus, we also talked about the necessity of accelerating the withdrawal of the Turkish troops from Bashaiqa   who been there since 2015/12/3, and stressed on the necessity of providing economic opportunities and activating reconstruction and building files especially the cities left by Daesh with destruction which will take time, effort and funds, so we hoped the Turkish government to stand aside other countries to support Iraq's economy and facilitate reconstruction and building and activate foreign trade between Iraq and Turkey to achieve common interests. Unfortunately the exchange trade rate between Iraq and Turkey was decreased from 18 billion dollars to 12 billion. We hope it grows up back.

Meanwhile, we also talked about the Arabic region and the middle east in general and what Iraq and Turkey can play an important role to set security and overcome crises that gulf countries and Syria  and other states going through. Iraq and Turkey hope a better economic situation and peace to be prevailed. 

Once again I welcome his Excellency Mr. Jawesh Ughlo for visiting Iraq and wish him a successful task. Thank you very much.


Turkish foreign minister: peace be upon you my dear brothers, members of media and journalist, im very happy to visit Baghdad and meet my brother Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ja'afari today as we clearly talked about the relations and mutual interests of both countries.

We passed our happiness and gratitude and blessed the achieved victories by Iraqi forces against Daesh especially in Mosul after a tough battle against Daesh, we welcome the operations in Talaafar to liberate it from the terrorist gangs of Daesh as we hope these battles to help liberating all cities and areas where Daesh exist. We agreed about preserving Talafar Turkoman identity. We are also going to support Iraqi national unity and to reconstruct liberated areas and to keep standing aside with Iraq as we did in its war against Daesh and we will be with our Iraqi brothers everywhere.

Today, I came to confirm our support to Iraq's unity and to preserve the safety of its territories and to work constantly to combat all armed groups and terrorists. The presence of PKK in Iraq poses a danger to Iraq's territories. We will support the Iraqi government with all capabilities to eliminate PKK entirely from Iraq through communicating with the Iraqi government.

We hope to increase economic cooperation and trade between both countries as we should take advantage of the available capabilities and to increase official visits to Iraq and Turkey. I will be very happy to see my brother Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jafari and PM Haider Al-Abbadi in my country, and I will pass the Turkish PM Mr. Bin Ali Yaldirim and President Erdogan to PM Abbadi.

We split the same geography as Iraq and Turkey have the same destiny. According to these facts, we are going to increase and strength relations between both countries.

 I would like to present my gratitude to my brother and friend Mr. Al-Ja'afari for his great hospitality and I would like to say that he is one of the wise politicians.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ja'afari: Thank you very much.


Question to Turkish foreign minister: how would see the current discussions between Baghdad and Erbil?

Answer: we hope to solve all these issues between Baghdad and Erbil within the Iraq's borders and the unity and safety of its territories. From other side, the demanded rights by Erbil are important and I would repeat again that Erbil should take advantage from these demands within the Iraqi borders. We have always supported Kurdistan and trained and supplied Peshmerga against Daesh but the moves taken by Erbil as we clearly and honestly said before are wrong, and the lifting of Kurdish flag on top of local institutes in Kirkuk is violating Iraq's constitution and a wrong step, even the referendum resolution is a wrong one. I will repeat to say this when I visit Erbil today to resolve issues between Baghdad and Erbil as we are ready to play a role if we asked for to finish these issues.

Question to Turkish FM : you have passed greetings to the Iraqi government regarding the victories in Mosul. Have you set up yet a time to withdraw Turkish troops in Bashiqa camp and will you participate in reconstructing the city of Mosul?


Answer: I have discussed Bashika camp with my brother Dr. Ibrahim in details. The camp wasn't created to breach Iraq's unity or to threat its sovereignty. Iraq's sons were trained and supplied in this camp to fight Daesh as we managed to kill 700 Daesh fighters within this area and these trained people had the favor to help liberating Mosul and now they are implementing the Iraqi government orders in Mosul. On other side, we are aware of the side of embarrassment to the internal policy of Iraq, this issue was discussed during the previous visit of our PM Mr. Ali Yaldirim to Iraq. A decision will be considered together regarding the camp's strategy and we special representatives discussing the technical issues of this camp. 

Question to Turkish FM: you have stressed that the referendum is a wrong decision and the Kurdish government would not give up this step. How would you evaluate this move while you visiting Erbil today? What is the mutual mechanism with the Iraqi government to eliminate the PKK in Iraq?

Answer: Daesh and the PKK is a mutual enemy for Turkey and Iraq as well as other terrorist organizations. These terrorist organizations must be expelled to achieve security and stability in Iraq first, and as I said recently that we can deter these organization together with Iraq and to reconstruct and develop it. What we are looking from Erbil is to retreat their referendum decision and cancel it clearly and honestly. Diplomacy and discussion between Baghdad and Erbil are ongoing and we support them and happy for this move. The interest of our Kurdish brothers will always remain with the unity of Iraq.

   Question to Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ja'afari: when the Turkish president visited Jordan two days ago, he had stated that the Turkish government agreed with the Iranian government to conduct joint military operations to eliminate PKK in the Iraqi territories especially in Sinjar. Have you talked to Turkish FM to coordinate this issue or the Iraqi government has no clue?  Iraqi government must be informed when a military assault conducted.


Dr. Ibrahim answers: regarding PKK and the possibility of international and regional cooperation, we believe that PKK is consider a security crisis exist in Iraq before the great victories achieved by our heroic forces in Iraq, therefore this phenomenon of PKK expanded to other areas. Iraq didn't bring them over but there have been confused security situation helped them.

We believe that good neighboring relations' standards between us and neighboring countries are not to offend any neighbor country. We don't accept Iraq to be a zone of conflict for regional and international axis. 

A question to Turkish FM : have there been developments regarding relations in all fields especially economic and trade relations?

Answer: we will be happy to see PM Abbadi in our country when we hold the cooperation and coordination council meeting in Turkey. And hope to hold a business forum for Turkish and Iraqi businessmen on the sidelines of the council meeting. PM Abbadi had met with Turkish businessmen when he visited Turkey, it was an excellent meeting and we are working on periodical meeting for the joint economic committee and other committee in order to develop relations and strengthen relations and to encourage Turkish businessmen and investors to reconstruct liberated areas and provinces, Mosul to be on top of the list. We thank the Iraq for the support to our businessmen and we will overcome the obstacle together.

Dr. Ibrahim: At the end of the conference, I would like to present my gratitude and appreciation to my brother Mr. Maulod Jawesh Uglo for his visit and participation. As I'm looking for more economic cooperation between us and Turkey because it is the essential nerve and the infrastructure of the political relations. We are also looking from Turkey to take its role in the next phase over reconstruction and building after Iraq finished defeating Daesh in Mosul.