FM speech in the meeting of the international coalition against Da'esh in New York

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In the name of of Allah the Merciful


Peace be upon you all and God's mercy.


I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State of the United States of America for inviting him to this meeting and to attend.


Between the ninth month of 2014 and now, the events that have taken place on Iraqi soil can be a great victory for all the countries of the world, not only for Iraq, because it is a battlefield, but for the international will that has decided to achieve what has achieved it. .


The beginning of let's see between three years ago when the formation of the International Alliance and so far was the artillery on the gates of Baghdad, and the three provinces in the hands of Daqash: (Salahuddin, Anbar and Mosul), and increased extremist attacks in other areas, such as Qdaly, Hamrin and many areas.


All posed a real challenge to a sprawling extension to the region, killing innocent children, women and the elderly, and violating freedom.


The day after this trip, especially in the last months of this particular year in 2017 witnessed a sharp rise in events, a state of ascension, and the heroism of the Iraqi armed forces; it would achieve what I achieved in a way that I can say: The experience that happened in Iraq is A pioneering experience that works in every hotbed of tension The terrorist enemy is trying to spread the phenomenon of terror. This way, it has become a logic of confrontation, not just a battle inside Iraq.


Dear brothers..


Massacres of the Yazidis, the killing of Turkmen, the expulsion of Christians from a city inhabited for more than a thousand years in Iraq, the destruction of places of worship, the destruction of monuments and the displacement of more than five million Iraqis. All these crimes were committed by the Iraqi people. We are now at the gates of a new situation after historic military victories, in which all the factions of the Iraqi forces were sacrificed. With the support and support of the coalition forces, the Iraqi forces regained their reputation and popularity and worked together side by side. From Mosul after the fiercest battles, and the Iraqi authorities, backed by international organizations, began to provide humanitarian assistance.


I know that the city of Mosul is an exceptional city. I am not from Mosul, but I am a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine from Mosul University. I lived there for eight and a half years. I know it very well. It is a historical city built over hundreds of years since the time of Noordin Zanki. Year, and now turned into destruction.


Mosul is the city of merchants, the city of doctors, the city of Hadba, the city of the military, the city of the specialists was smiling, called Umm al-Rubayn; because the spring of the year is now destructive; so we need as much as we thought how to free Mosul to work after liberation.


All the countries of the world that were destroyed in history were destroyed quickly and rebuilt in a long time. It is not easy to return every city. So we have to think a lot about what after the liberation of Mosul along with Anbar and Salahuddin.


The cost of liberation was expensive and very high. It cost a large number of martyrs from various factions of the army, the police, the popular crowd, the Peshmerga, and the counter-terrorism forces, all of them together, for the liberation of Mosul.


I do not forget to emphasize the role of the international coalition in supporting Iraq, providing us with air cover, and more than once assisting us in the issue of logistical support and providing information, and this is an honor for us that not only the forces within Iraq have agreed, united, agreed, And this is the first battle in which the word of all the parties from all countries of the world to battle in Iraq has achieved what they achieved, and this would not have been for the unity of the Iraqi class at home and the unity of the international situation in all countries.

This should be recorded through my follow-up, and my culture in view of the Encyclopedia of Wars.


On our part, we affirm that we will liberate our lands after Mosul, Tal Afar now the role of Hawija, and soon the successor will follow - God willing - and we will continue the humanitarian work to stabilize; so that every displaced person can return to his home.


There is no better than the displaced when they return to their city and rebuild, and there is no better than Iraqi in the construction of Iraqi cities, but the Iraqi when he returns to Iraq wants a hospital for his patients, and wants schools for children, and wants a market for shopping;


There is a historic precedent in America after the Second World War. Truman presented a principle, but his foreign minister presented something more important than the Truman principle, which reduced the distance. Germany rebuilt Germany, which caused the Second World War. The world is fifty-five million; however, the Marshall Plan targeted Germany, rebuilt it, and now all our efforts must be combined to build Iraq.


Without a doubt, this work will take a little time, especially since we must deal with several levels: security, political, social, economic and legal.


Iraq is now half-cut, and this will take time, and I - frankly - I say to you: Just as you have struck a wonderful example of cooperation with Iraq to save it, and to overcome the preacher, and you have scored a victory you have to strike another example, the second wing, the economy, Otherwise, Iraq will suffer, and will continue to benefit from this experience.


The international community has unanimously adopted a resolution to support us in enforcing the law, prosecuting and prosecuting the worst crimes of the 21st century. Without a doubt, political action will require the participation of all parties concerned. You will see this when Iraqis To elect their representatives in free elections held despite difficulties in their constitutional date.


It is one of the keys to national reconciliation, but here I would like to focus on the process of reconstruction and the economic work required. Iraq may have a heavy military burden on behalf of the whole world and pay a heavy price for humanitarian losses. We can not compensate for the humanitarian losses, and how to compensate for our civilized features, which were destroyed by the mosque. I mention only two of them, the tomb of the prophet Yunus, and the nearly 900-year-old al-Hadbaa that symbolized the city of Mosul.


We are in New York City, and its people know very well what I am talking about, but we must build upon what it destroyed and the war against it from the role of housing, bridges, roads, hospitals, schools and universities. I assure you that we will rebuild the University of Mosul. In which universities from all other Iraqi provinces.


I can only stress that the role the Alliance can play in supporting the reconstruction of liberated areas is equally important in supporting our armed forces.


I refer here to the conferences held in support of Iraq after the emergence of a supporter in Paris three years ago, thanking all those who contributed to it, and I would like to draw your attention to the conference which will be held at the hospitality of the State of Kuwait early next year to support the reconstruction of liberated areas in Iraq. I am confident of this participation because you understand that Iraq's support in this area will prevent the conditions that led to the emergence of a supporter, which contributes to the establishment of peace in the region.


In conclusion, I would like to express my optimism about the joint work I have seen and the clear agreement among all other peace-loving countries to support Iraq in its war against Da'ash.


Consensus is important, and if we did not agree, and what we combined it, we could not achieve our victories.


There is another international consensus that I would like to emphasize. It is the position of the world countries on the referendum scheduled for September 25 in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. It is a conservative position, but it rejects it because this non-constitutional action will negatively affect the battle against Da'ash.


Our position is that we reject this action because it affects our unity and our territorial integrity and threatens the stability of the region. It contradicts the constitution we voted for, the supreme law of the country. At the same time, such steps would give our enemies even more chance. And they are trying to tamper with Iraq.


Once again, I thank you for this initiative, and wish you success. I thank the Foreign Minister for this kind invitation, Mr. Rex Tillerson.


Thank you very much for this initiative ..


Peace, mercy and blessings of God