Iraqi permanent representative to UN opens meetings of first committee concerns disarmament and national security

4th October, 2017 3:46 AM | Written by |



The permanent representative of the republic of Iraq to the United Nations Mohammed Hussein Bahr Al-Eloum opened the meetings of the first committee concern with disarmament and national security, attended by the head of the general assembly and the high commissioner of the secretary General of disarmament affairs.

the permanent representative presented his speech in capacity as head of the first committee in which he expressed the adoption of nuclear weapons prohibition treaty as a historical achievement because it is the first multilateral treaty of nuclear weapon disarmament that was negotiated for the last 20 years, stressing on the importance of continue working to enhance international conventions and treaties concern nuclear weapons and to ensure not to be used or to threat with.

His Excellency expressed the concerns of such cases in the Korean peninsula that dominated the international attention and brought more concentration on the risk of nuclear weapons and the need to commit with the standards of nuclear weapon prohibition, pointing out  the urgent need to accelerate the penetration of mass prohibition of nuclear tests as soon as possible.