Iraqi Ambassador to Cairo the permanent representative to the Arab league meets Shiekh Al-Azhar

5th October, 2017 1:19 AM | Written by |



The ambassador of the republic of Iraq to Cairo and the permanent representative to the Arab league Mr. Habeeb Al-Sadr met his eminence the Sheikh of AL-Azhar Dr. Ahmed AL-Taib visiting his office in Cairo.

His Excellency ambassador Habeeb reviewed the victories achieved by the Armed forces and the popular mobilization against the terrorist gangs of Daesh in Hawija and the other areas in Anbar as well as the unconstitutional referendum consequences that conducted in Kurdistan.

From his side, his eminence Sheikh Al-Azhar expressed his surprise of the coincidence of Kurdish calls to separate and the liberation battles against the gangs of Daesh in some of the Iraqi cities, expressing the Azhar rejection to the referendum and the independency attempts and dividing the area.

His eminence stressed on supporting Iraq and its territorial integrity and to resolve debates between the central government and Kurdish region with accordance to the constitution.