MOFA confirms submitting an official note to Turkish and Iranian embassies regarding crossing borders and trade exchange with Kurdistan

6th October, 2017 12:40 PM | Written by |




The Iraq ministry of foreign affairs confirms the submission of an official note to the Turkish and Iranian Embassies more than a week ago, included an official request by the Iraqi government to both friendly countries with the following:

1-      Both countries must exclusively deal with the federal government on regard to the border crossing and closing all access sites with Kurdistan until the federal government takes control.

2-      All business dealings especially those concern with oil exporting and sale with Kurdistan must be stopped. This matter has to be dealt with the federal government exclusively.

The Iraqi government works with both countries to cooperate implementing all taken procedures to save the constitution and the law and to deal with the Iraqi federal authorities according to good neighboring countries  and respect Iraq's sovereignty and enhance bilateral cooperation and face common dangers.

Dr. Ahmed Mahgoob

The official spokesman of the ministry of foreign affairs