Iraqi permanent representative to UN: the Non Aligned movement supports Iraq's unity and rejects Kurdish referendum

7th October, 2017 1:10 AM | Written by |


The Iraqi permanent representative to the United Nations in New York Dr. Mohammed Bahr AL-Eloum said that the Non Aligned movement released a statement to support Iraq's unity and its territorial integrity and asserting on respecting its sovereignty.

The statement stated that the NAM confirms its rejection to the referendum on secession that was carried out on the 25 of September, and described it as an unconstitutional matter which could set a new fire in the area.

The statement called Kurdistan to go back to negotiate and talks with the central government within the constitution frame as the NAM strongly support Iraq's efforts in fighting terror, pointing out that such internationally refused referendum will disperse the efforts in the region, noting that the battle against terror is not over yet.

The statement stated that the NAM is supporting federal, democratic, prosperity unified Iraq and will spend all efforts to help Iraqis to achieve their aspirations according to the constitution.